Round Snake Plant | Accidental Sansevieria Cylindrica (snake Plant) Propagation!

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Accidental Sansevieria Cylindrica (snake Plant) Propagation!


Hey, what’s going on guys, my name? Is you logic and welcome back to yet another video now before we begin. I want to let you guys know that. This video is being filmed in 4k 60 frames per second. So if you have a display that outputs 4k make sure that you turn the dial up to 4k so you can see all of the sharp goodness and whatnot. And then comment down below whether or not it makes a difference. And how much you like it. I was that out of the way guys was. Jump straight into this, okay, So this video is going to be a follow-up to my previous sense of various cylindrical video in which I demonstrated to you guys. The growth that was happening as well as some of the questions that I have regarding the Sansevieria cylindrical. So I have an update on what I want for us to call the OG. So this is the original plant, But as you guys can see, we also have a on the side project. Going on which? I’ll explain to you guys a bit more later, but all you guys really need to know is that this is what we’re gonna call the accidental propagation experiment. I get more into that later so first things first. Let’s cover the new updates. That have happened in the OG. Now, the first thing that I want to show you guys is that I actually ended up. Double layering this terracotta pot. If you guys remember from the previous videos. I expressed some of my concerns regarding how the plant was leaning and how I believe that some of the leaves were actually going to snap my solution to. That was a quick! DIY of putting a nursery pot or a plastic pot within this terracotta pot. So we have two layers going on and this helps in a few ways. The first way that this helps is that we no longer have any of them leaning nonsense that we had going on in the previous video. Now we have a more bunched up plant that looks much more uniform and doesn’t look like it’s about to lose its life as you guys can see when I take a little bit, It just stays there, which is really good, and it really helped me feel much more secure about this plan The second way that I hope is that this actually helps a lot we’re for watering now for those who don’t know the stands are very cylindrical or just snake plants in general, they are notorious for not needing as much water other plants. They can actually go for a week or two without water. Now you don’t want to make it a regular thing like you. Don’t don’t just want to completely neglect the plant now. What happens when you have a clay pot or a terra cotta pot like this is that because it’s made out of clay, A lot of the moisture is want to evaporate out of the pot as opposed to when you have a plastic pot because it’s a plastic pot. The water is actually going to sit in the pot for a longer duration than it would in a clay pot. So what this funny experiment tells is me combining the qualities of a terracotta pot or if the qualities of a plastic pot and what we have here is a snake plant that needs even less watering that it normally would now. I’m gonna show you guys some of the progress that have happened and the what I like to call the babies from the previous video. But not if you look at them, they’re actually not, baby. So this one, for example, was one of the shoots that was coming out in the original video back then. I was on shortened when I was a little junior. Here’s a quick view of some of the new pups. I have been emerging out of the soil. We have this guy here. We have this little fella. We also have one. That’s kind of creeping in between the leaves right here. We also have a funny one, which has two different shoots and then one right behind it. Now here’s a quick 360 view of the Og fig as to see for yourself, so we’re gonna go ahead and step that one down and talk about what really is the update in this video, Besides the new growth that has been happening Not to be honest with you guys. I actually wasn’t planning on doing a follow-up video for that video. I felt like there wasn’t anything else to be told, but going back a bit. Remember before when I told you guys that I had fears that the plant was eventually going to snap because of how much it was leaning in. Well not know, guess what ended up happening ended up snapping. This is the leaf that snapped, and I was absolutely heartbroken. This happened when I was transplanting it into the double layered pot and I was just shook because the double-layer pot was my way of preventing it and in transferring it. I ended up causing it not at this point. I had no idea what to do with the plant. However, I did have an extra clay pot laying around, and it was pretty small, and I decided you know what, let’s go ahead and stick it in there. I wasn’t expecting for anything to come out of it. I actually was expecting for it to like, dry out or something. The root system in this leaf, in particular, was just very small. It wasn’t anything significant and in my mind. I was like it’s not anywhere, but I I’d rather experiment and fit than throw it away and it was all fine and dandy and whatnot until I’ve sort of seen this shoe, possibly about a week ago. This shoe actually gives me very positive science for this experiment. It demonstrates to me that you can’t propagate a sense of various cylindrical by removing one of the leaves now. I’m not sure if I can replicate that, and I’m not sure if I want to even risk replicating it just for the sake of proving that, however, it doesn’t give me a very positive science and in the future If I ever have the will to do so, I will experiment this again just to confirm that so there we go. That is my update for the Sansa berry cylindrical. I really hope you guys enjoyed that video. If you did make sure that you leave a thumbs up down below, also make sure to leave a comment down below whether or not you want to see future updates of this propagation project. I definitely won’t be bringing about it. I’m just really interested to see what you guys want to see also. If you have any questions regarding the stands, the various cylindrical do not feel afraid to let me know down below. I am by no means an expert on everything, but I will try my best to answer it all so stay tuned because I have a future video on a much larger center very cylindrical that I actually have in my collection that I haven’t shown you guys yet, so I’m very excited to show you guys, so make sure that you subscribe if you’re not subscribed already to see that as well as more packed content, I also have plant content down in my channel so you can check that out. There’s a bunch of waiting there for you. And if you’re already subscribed to my channel, thank you so much. Stay tuned for more videos. That was it for me. Guys, hope you enjoyed the video until next time. .