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Succulent Rock Garden


Regarding friends today, I’ll be making a round circular arrangement and this poor old hypertufa planters that I made about. Gosh, I want to say four years ago and it is following up on. You know, I have to be super gentle with it. I just I just need a plant in it until it dies. Actually, the fall apart, Because I just love it so much. I can’t let it go, but I’ll show you the plants that I have. This is gonna be a super simple arrangement. This is an active area, blueprints looking a little more green than blue right now. I have four clusters of Turkish hens and chicks. These are fun succulents, they’re miniature succulents, but they can take up a lot of space. If you give me time since they’re so small, but they just tend to just kind of stem out super beautiful and you can see those red margins. Oh, I just love them and I have four of these simple Vibrams. I don’t know the variety of these. EM provide them, so I’m just gonna call them super vibes just like that, but you really hard to find the actual like variety of these plants. It’s like super hard, so that’s all it is, so I’m gonna grab some soil and fill this planter All the way to the top, and I’ll show you what I have planned for. This arrangement, just my favorite type of planting style. Oh, look! I will put that on this side. Cut it into garden bed. It’ll be happier there than in this tiny little arrangement. Okay, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to create a pattern with them, hens and chicks and the Semper virus, and then I’ll cut the Echeveria blueprints right in the center, and that’s where I’m going to start. I’m going to start off. This arrangement ran in the center and I work around the blueprints so super super simple. I love the way this type of arranging looks and I’m gonna start with the hens and chicks so one on this side. One on this side, the side and this side, very shallow roots on these. And I’ve got a little baby hair hanging out. I’m gonna grab that one nikka shallow well there and just gently tuck it in and now the opposite side over here, grab another cluster, gently tuck it in and when they start growing, they will most likely just take over, and I thought that the Semper Vibrams would be a good combination. Tuck those rigs in. I was looking at its wig. There we go and now. I decide the last one just like that. Check it in press that soil around it. Nice and flat now. I’ll be doing the center. Vibrance, one, two, three, four, easy, right, so one here, and I just watered so pretty. Just tuck that in. You see how they match just perfectly. They were going over here, therefore effect. And the last one right over here then. I’ll go to my stones. Took those roots in. I’m gonna just personally That soil sits, stay nice and flat and leveled, so I can just lay some stones right on top. Oh, this is gonna be so pretty when it starts to actually grow in right now. I look, it looks a little like skimpy, but it’ll look great, like in Fremont sized a twig in there gonna have to be a little rough, simplify bones. There’s a mom. Thank okay, now for the stones gonna get some smaller ones. Just go around and press on them. You should definitely try this type of arranging its. Bieber, super Simple. You don’t need a lot of plants, a lot of different variety of place, an awesome English world pretty windy out today. Still nice, though. You know, wake up new fun, look so beautiful already. This is what I do when I’m running out of ideas or plants a very simple pattern like this here. See a little little chick, there we go. It was buried there. This turned out so beautiful. I love it And even though the stones I’ve laid stones That clusters will still get bigger, they still will grow. It’s not like I’m like stopping them from growing from, like laying the stone down. If any of you out, there are wondering that turned out just perfect exactly how I imagined it and that hardly ever happens around here. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Just a simple, simple pattern. It’s still a lot of fun to create, and, of course, watching it. Gray and I will give you updates on how this ends up looking in a few months. Have a nice day. Thank you regarding friends.