Rooting Succulents In Water | Fast And Easy Succulent Water Propagation | Grow Succulents Fast With This Method

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Fast And Easy Succulent Water Propagation | Grow Succulents Fast With This Method


Hello, everyone, welcome to another episode of succulent house and for today’s video. Kagawa Thanh Nien step-by-step guide for our water propagation, Gu Moana Tainan first video before, But that was more on Pagina. Go on, water propagation. But this time we will start from scratch Similars cuttings. Sepang air dries up a water propagate and at the same time Malala Medina tan companion, a bonnet in a prepare new Ottoman, a succulent regarding the water propagation for soil propagation again, so let’s start now. We have actually three main reasons. Composite panagra water propagate the first one is because it’s low maintenance device. So once you set your succulent over the water and you’ll again, you just a bright, shaded area with indirect sunlight. You can just live it for a couple of days or weeks and my no surprise kind of like. I said if we’re gonna check it, may your roots not shop? And the second reason Khan Bhai in Agra, water propagate is because you can witness the results and as you can see, for example, I thought you would really notice. Not human growth, mankind, young roots and everyday. You can actually check the improvement. Unlike if not a soil propagate Ko in the u-, my roots, naba or bloom Allahabad roots or Nama-hatta bio in young, succulent, the third reason is because faster you can young results, compare settings or propagation it as an example, we have several cuttings, people and a water propagate and at the same time we have one succulent Da Nakka air dry Danza so for example, as you can see. After 20 days, similar Nuna be had not in Cha Hwa-jung growth non roots. There’s no any sign roots, but if you will compare, it’s adding manga among Succulents. Anindita, the Hudson. Ah, my roots, now in just 20 days. And Cara. Mia nila, ready. Not to be transferred. Suhani, lon Suhani, long pot. And now that we know the reasons combined ago, water propagate and next time on, I think I go in is to prepare and in your mana, succulent cuttings and we already me. We already made a video about beheading succulents. You can just check the description box below virus a link, but once you already have new in young, succulent cuttings. You have to make sure yum cuttings will kalos over for three to five days before died. You mug water propagate as you can see. This cutting is not completely palace NASA for a couple of days and II. Nomina is you’re gonna pick your glass or you are container. Okay, so in my case, I use this one. You wanna glass as nothing and at the same time? Go, mama, trina! Hona’m acting disposable cups. Nah, Hagane talked about Edie. You have to make sure not clear young in Newman about those. Okay, any talked about? Yes, so clear Glass, clear glass, clear glass and even this disposable cup is clear passing a table. We need to see the progress than adding litang amass maganda come transparent so that we can see you progress. None groups at all another reason. Come back at the but clear you adding container. It’s because we are trying to allow you like to pass through load Non-canon routes device. So if this one is blocked, there’s no point behind, imagine successful on adding water propagation does in a block young source of light. The third one now is we are ready to set it up. So when Iona, you need to gather or you need to get your unknown container. So for this video, I will be using this disposable cups. Casio, you won’t get a gamete for most of my succulent cutting standard, Vinson. Because as you can see the Axilla alguien amid :. Is it on disposable cups? Cassie, I don’t have enough Glass bottles or glasses, paracetamol, succulent cuttings and I am just using plain tap water so garden, just a faucet. There’s no extra additives. Well, a committed against adding water. Yeah, yeah, so. I’m gonna sell the had. Just just fill it up again. During that incident could be just enough by restarting succulent cuttings and definitely sometimes Mahira a balance. You know in your mama? Succulent cuttings, make sure in the pock melodica and succulent cutting. You lives near the patentee. Multi-touch saw water bottom. It was a nothing new bug, rot or Puff. Daddy Kane. Don’t eat not even a deep. So, for example, I have you here. Golden sedum Sun and it’ll just adding water propagation for the past 15 days, and we will check the roots as you can see. Yeah, so my roots, Nasha. Okay, my resolution actually ready. NASA for for transfer sad thing, sad thing so granular. Anya, all you need to do as an example. For example, if you add in cutting all you need to do is just again, So if I don’t like Natisha, so as you can see, young lives neon, that helps her to Angkor young main, succulent, nothing and young stem lung. I think succulent and a submerged completely do onething water. I am so gonna eat sure. Anya, and for example, my heat up. Shang, I balance Kaze, technically speaking you. A bang-bang Jacqueline’s not a Latina Mansilla pantai coca eaten Golden Sea to my partner, Masma be God and Hindi Neelam, a balancing Canada surreal day on top of this of this continues engine Agua, who is technology. Knockin on toothpick Just to help anchor them, for example. Marin Tyonne. Yeah, so as an example we have. I an see a teen banana as you can see negligent toothpick just to help it encore and this one mer identity. Chinese cabbage, my toothpick, The entire and as you can see, my roots not insured on, Alfred. Odd, Kalin, you Iligan, your mama. Succulent cuttings, so bright, shaded area away from direct sunlight and number four. It’s all about growing time again, so we just need to wait for a couple of days and weeks before you can see results. I ended in kind young roots. Kiba. Yeah, murder the entire date. Aussie Golden and they see ghost plan and so make it any No and Kenyan roots behind a behind a Shia. And of course, Lastly, we have see. Fred, Eyes show you on my pea Nahama dubbing of God in just 20 days as you can see. Piranhas are no nutshell, almost 2 to 3 inches Na-young Canyon Gross and I just observed Na Bong Hyung Dama dama young conn-young roots Auntie Auntie Ding and I kept a content eating like the decaying, lower part, maintaining the most succulent cuttings to be transferred. Suhani, lung, main Patna, my soil, and I’m gonna pinch a me prepare. Hindi, nothing’s be big enough from water. It’ll again 8 inches of soil casts a as we know that water propagate pirates. Nia is no Mahesh. A toothache, Hindi sauce, oil kya! We need some transition, paladin. And I’m gotta win, not Dania. We need some tray. This tray has the tissue paper. Not so tray with tissue paper. All we need to do is kohonen attenuata. Misaki Lane and in Allegan initially told that it air dry for one to two days before another insight transfers us. So if I’m not in Milan demand congressional Atomos Ocula to be transferred soil Suhani, long, permanent party bus, so very, very simple done. All you need to do is check the route, Stiva. So how my kitten in know my roots. NASA and at the same time you can young roots is one-inch. I am a so one inch or more means. Now ready NASA to be transferred and Union Gotta be nothing little transferring and not in shock. It was adding drying drying tray and next time on nothing is equal, then see, doom again, Thank Garden area, not interested – a big one interested in your hand, young route sky already, NASA for transfer and we have ghost plant and Uncle Yang routes so very fragile. You add among our roots, kya! We have to be extra careful in Deepa Machado, Madam. You can young root sparrow. Ohanian pudding re not even a team on Sakhalin. So for example, this is bashful, Echeverria, bashful and holding boots ready, Nisha. And we also have see banana, so make it a new final routes reading readiness. Another banana made a low bow tie on banana cuttings before you have this one in Chinese cabbage, Nothing in deeper one inch in Canaan roots, Kirinda potential, honey choco, moonstone. Yeah, so you would snitch off moonstone S Canyon. No more one inch already, Noreen. And for for transfer for the rest Okay, longer, nothing. Hinton Macgraw pie in Canada, mammography forgotten transfer in another tapas on adding episode for today and after one or two days and air drying conn-young roots readiness, a transfers, a hiding soil And gotta in another video company on got go in. Thank you, guys for watching this video. Don’t forget to Like and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more updates and more tips about Succulents .