Rooting Cactus Pads | Checking Rooting Cactus Pads

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Checking Rooting Cactus Pads


All right, I have someone gave me. Some paddles off of a cactus. Probably about five months ago. I’m five to six months ago, and I was really sick and also not uber excited about them. I’ll be honest. They had kind of baked in the mail and yeah, there’s a whole story behind that, but they ended up. I had this this metal thing that had some leftover dirt that I had dumped out. And so as you can see, this is how they were arranged. This guy was partially rotten and I didn’t assume he would survive, but I stuck him there anyways. And then these two guys just had their ends in. I haven’t touched them. I haven’t pulled them out. I haven’t watered them. My husband may have watered them when they were outside once, but I kind of doubt it because he’s pretty pretty good about not watering anything without asking so what I’m gonna do is just pull these guys out and see if there’s any roots on them and let you guys see while I have a look and I’m just, I have gloves and leather gloves, but a lot of people like I don’t have gloves. How do you? How do you plant a cactus and using just an old towel or rag? And then these? These don’t have enough needles on them to matter, but if they’re really pokey using a trash bag or something on the outside of that can help so that the needles don’t all go into here so that you’re actually grabbing with the plastic, and then this is on the outside if that makes sense, but these don’t have much on them. We’re just gonna see if we got any roots here. Oh, well, it’s not coming up, so pull. This guy out? He’s done is yeah, surprisingly, as Brown as he is, he’s quite firm and not very rotten, but he is definitely not not gonna be doing anything here, so we’re just gonna pull him out. I’m going hard me. I am going to grab this water meter just because it will help me. Alright, let’s see towels, cot and there. We have it, see what an amazing a holy cow. Let’s just go into town, so I’m gonna plant this in a pot upright and it will branch off. You know, and and have more more guys from the top here. I’m I’m assuming this is a prickly pear, but honestly, I. I think the needles are a little bit wrong. I haven’t even attempted to look it up. They didn’t know either. See what this guy is doing not quite as big but still great. And I wondered if it’d pull this out and show you guys because cactus take forever to show growth a lot of times when you’re abusing when you’re going from cuttings and so you might stick them in and think. Okay, what’s wrong? Why isn’t it growing, is it? Does it have roots? And it’s so hard to not pull them out and look, you know, especially. Simon, this has been six months and and you can see there’s. No, there’s no new growth at all. It’s just been laying here. You know, and it would have been easy to be like well. I guess that’s but but as long as they’re green and you know, and not rotten, Just let them be, and I think this may actually be a cold hardy variety, which I’m kind of excited about, and it might be able to go outside, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to leave these outside until for sure. They got a great root system, but I’ll probably put both of these in a pot together just because they love company, and yeah, I have another another few cactus cuttings That have been actually rooting even longer, But I’m not gonna do that on this same video, but I might do a video and show you guys, It’s a euphorbia and so those are a little bit different, but that’s it for today. If you guys have cactus pieces and parts fall off of you know, if another cactus or someone you know, gives you something like this or you see? You know, a smaller variety on the on the ground somewhere, you know? F that is broken off of a plant. And you wonder if you can root it. The answer is yes, absolutely, unless, um, the unless they’re broken off. You kind of need where they attach to the plant that that’s that is without getting all technical there is. There is a lovely little brain right in here that that is helping make roots. And you kind of need that. And if it’s if it’s napped off, you won’t, you won’t get the same the same effect? Sometimes they will still root amazingly enough different varieties, even if they’re broken off, but a lot of them won’t. So it’s a great idea. If possible to get a really good clean break from the mother plant. Alrighty, that’s it for today. Guys and happy growing.