Rock Looking Succulent | Split Rock! A Must Watch On How To Know If They Are Doing Ok? Easy Indoor & Outdoor Plant.

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Split Rock! A Must Watch On How To Know If They Are Doing Ok? Easy Indoor & Outdoor Plant.


It’s the Northern planter here today, and I’m just going to do a video on split rocks here real quick and the reason being is someone left comment in the comment section about their split rock, and they were concerned as to why it got. Its split farther apart after they had watered it after they’d brought Broughton at home. So just go over this again. This right here is the lift up. Lift up and as you can see. These don’t need to be watered, like we said before, because there’s no wrinkles on the side. They’re nice and plump and more or less ups up here. These were the sick ones. I had shown you before update on those guys. They’re actually firmer than they were before. And which is weird, so I may have saved them. Knock on wood, but we might be okay there. And then these are just succulents, which you may have seen in the videos before they’re maybe a little bit bigger, a little bit bigger than they were in the previous videos. There’s getting a little bit more fuller and stuff, and just because they’re fuller doesn’t mean they need to be transplanted. I won’t be doing that so yeah, but what I’m going to do is remove these lifts up. Sauveur to my banana plant here and I will bring out the split rocks for you. Okay, so put these down here. So the person was asking after they’d water it water that this, what’s right here seem to gotten larger than it was prior to them having it. Um, they’re asking face because of too much water or too much. Sun so no, you didn’t over water and no, you did give it too much Sun. And if you give it too much Sun, actually, it’s going to look like this, that’s. The sunburn on a split rock or a let-up, for that matter, it’ll look very so much that any plant really is going to have something very similar to this white scabbing situation on the leaf. Remember, these are the leaves of the plant. So no, you did over water or you didn’t give it too much. Sun, you can never give a slit Rock or less up too much Sun. Unless if you’re transferring it from a greenhouse directly outdoors. Then you’re there’s a potential that you’re running into giving them too much Sun, but if you harden them off properly after bringing them home and you have them in full thermal Sun Sun all summer. They should be perfectly fine. I didn’t harden mine out off at all. I put them directly outside and this is what happened and that will stay there. It’s not going to heal thatll. Stay there until new leaves are generated. Now your split rock splitting further apart. This is a big split, this one. I got it was completely closed more so than in this one. So this is huge. This is them! Natalija input it’s two-finger with at the top there. So, um, what happened is you filled it up and there is slight swelling down here now. If you fill fuel your split rock and you run your finger. There’ll be a hump right in this section when it gets watered after not being watered in a while, this will swell and it’ll cause it to split, and that did happen with this one as well when I when I first got it and I decided to water it. So yes, it’s because you watered it, but no, it’s not because you over, watered it, it’ll be fine. It’s not going to split on the actual leaf itself, so that’s okay, and this guy has some new leaves coming. I can get him to focus. Nope, um, you can kind of see them in here in the center. This little bubble here. That is a new leaf coming now. This split rock is going to split even farther in that case. So with that being said this, this rock here should no longer be watered. Um, nearly as much as what it was. This one does the one. I was telling you about I’m trying to get it to do. It’s normal life cycle. Um, it’s not working as well as I had planned, but we’ll keep on trying, but this gives me hope that these two are almost on the same cycle, so hopefully if we can get this guy on board as well, then this whole pot will be kind of in this thing. Same life cycle now with that being said, if this guy that you can see, he’s wilting here, and he’s also wilting here, so it’s kind of working, but these two here technically shouldn’t be watered and longer on this tight can kind of be watered a little bit, but really, these two should no longer receive water. This one here hasn’t nothing’s happening inside of it yet. So he technically still needs water, but when it rains out that it’s a really good idea to actually.