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Sedum Pachyclados - Revitalizando - Fran Natura


Hello, guys today. I came clean this void here. He is the early one Pacheco sides. She even left a little identification that I did for him here because all the life, I forget nothing, but I think this year I do not forget, but no, and then he already spent two winters here with me. Is they get pink? He stays in that window in one of my windows beyond, so he stays out all winter. This emptiness gets covered with snow and this tip. They resisted. Well, it’’s me last year. I didn’’t clean it. I let it grow all over all right again because he is almost dead during the winter and in spring and spring again this year, it got uglier and now that he started to loosen his little faces. Here you can see, they are beautiful. I’ll bring one here so you can see. It looks like one is that the old lady tiny? Look, just the size of my nail size of the rose had is, but it is a cdo, ok, and usually more and they are not very resistant. There is me with a whole revitalized general here. I decide to revitalize this vase, but I will not remove it from the earth or anything. I’ll just remove the drier part. That really looks like it’s dead for this. I will use scissors here. I will try to cut part only dry part, even one because these dry leaves these dry branches. I do not remove because helps to protect from the cold, the part of the earth in the pot, but this is this part of this year. This year. Here, this part. It really is very ugly and then. I want to take it out to see. If the earth breathe a little bit more here and it springs up because what has interesting in this, the CDU is that it springs from the earth. It is as if it was a Matosa review plant. And so that’s why I decided to take these dry lines parts here. I had even said that in some video that I don’t would remove. But as I am doing the revitalization here, I have been observing well, and then I decided to remove it so I could help it sprout. Maybe the sun hitting here in the land sharing, encourage it to sprout a little more because it is sprouting on one side, only only donor as you are seeing another one taking advantage since I’m showing him here for you and talking about this revitalization. I will tell you what care I have with him. Is this early here as his joints right in the window? The other amounts are the tips, which is one that. I -! I’’m careful or that. I’’m careful with him is practically zero is watering the poor thing. He gets more rules only in summer, even the return of plants in summer, but for the rest of the year it, it only takes water when it rains and snow when it melts. Thank God, I never had a problem with him with a cochineal problem. Don’t even show the sun like. I told you it’s a plant very resistant. He lives in the sun all day. When time of the year here that gets a lot of sun right during the fall, but only always on the wall that lowers the sun he takes the afternoon sun Todinha ano past. He gave flowers. I think I recorded video. I recorded of the flower was not a flowering to solve before, but it it blossomed is. I think it must be amazing. When Flower F is quite right, because since they are very good and each rosinda had a floral Chinese and that the rule. I told you about the low one. I don’’t do is exposure to the sun. Look at this little chicken here. He was his own mother too wrong because I’m going to enter it through here in the middle and left the next one here for you to see the streets and trees that are already sprouting there that are so green. I I will not touch them. For example, here you can see that the little chicken. It is completely full of leaves and pink also region points these dry leaf that I will not remove because they protect the chicken right against the cold, but the ones I’m removing because they were dry until then at the root, but the root, I do not remove what, as I said it springs from the earth you can see here. Look, it starts sprouting out of the ground new streets and had it as if it were a little plant. Laugh, Tosa! I don’t know if she prayed Matosa, but it’s like it was, and that’s it his time out. You will be more or less now. It’s the end of I think in the spring or in the summer, I will continue here looking for kinda these chickens. I am removing was accumulating them here. Look, then throw it away and I’’m going to go back to the same place to see if he it will. Spring up again is more towards the end of spring the summer, or if he gives flowers. I will show you again for us to see if this part here filled it out, right if it sprouted again. Todinha again. And I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the particulate seducer here. I told you how my cultivation is. I don’t take care of him practically, and that’s it. I leave a big hug for you. Goodbye.