Rhipsalis Types | Rhipsalis Varieties & Care Tips | Come See My Rhipsalis Houseplants | 10k Giveaway Winner

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Rhipsalis Varieties & Care Tips | Come See My Rhipsalis Houseplants | 10k Giveaway Winner


Hey, guys, thanks for stopping by so today! I wanted to take you on a tour of the rhipsali’s that I have accrued as of late. I wanted to tell you a little bit about each variety. I have how I take care of them where I keep them. And then at the end of this video. I’m going to be announcing the winner of our 10,000 K giveaway and also announcing the name of our third bird. And I just want to say. Thank you, guys, my! Gosh, you guys came up with the best names me and my husband are like. Maybe we should just rename all of them because I mean, really, your names we’re so much better than the ones that we’ve chosen already, but we decided this stick with Sid Allen and then we’ll announce the third Bird’s name at the end. So let’s do it Alright guys, so here. We are at my back window that faces towards the south, and all of my rhipsali’s are up on that new shelf that I put right above the window. I thought they would look really nice up here because a lot of them are trailing plants and so that’ll look great hanging down off that shelf, and I know you can’t see him, but don’t worry, I’m gonna bring him down because I need to water them today anyways. I’m going to move my euphorbias for a minute and I’ll just sit him on this shelf and I’ll show you each one and tell you a little bit about it. Alright, so let me show you guys these up. Close here, the first one. I’ve got here is the rhipsali’s. Pocky Tara. This one’s really cool. When it gets big, you can kind of see what’s gonna happen here on these leaves in the middle. They’re scalloped and round, and they get red and huge and like. I’ll show you I’ll insert some pictures of the mature plant. Just so you can get an idea. This thing is beautiful. I’m really excited to have it some of these. I still need to repot them. I haven’t done that yet. I usually do it immediately, but I’ve just been kind of busy. This one’s called the Hoya The Rhipsali’s crib, Rara! This one’s really cool looking. I liked it because it’s kind of a lighter color of green. A lot of the rhipsali’s look very similar, and so it’s hard to tell them apart, and this one kind of looks like some of my other rhipsali’s that I have, but it is a lighter green, and I don’t know if it’ll stay that way. And it also is more smooth where the other ones kind of have like little. They’re kind of porous looking, so I don’t know, we’ll see if that changes as this guy grows, there are a lot of planes flying overhead today, like jet planes, and they’re loud, so Im. Sorry about that. There’s really nothing I can do about it so okay. The next one is called the Hattie or Sally sore knee iti’s sore knee. Oh, sore knee. Otis Sallet, sore knee. Otis and this one’s also referred to as dancing bones. I really like this one a lot. This probably is one of my favorite. I like the shape of the leaves on this one, and they’re like little segments segments that look like you know, your bones. How they like your leg, bones. How they’re skinny in the middle, and then they get thicker on the ends. I recently saw life in Zone 10 She has a Youtube channel and she has one of these and it just flowered and the flowers are yellow and super cute and she’s on Instagram, too. So that’s where I saw. The pictures Were on the Instagram. You should go check out her dancing bones. You are rhipsali’s because it’s really cute in flower. So yeah, loving that one. All right, This one is my rhipsalis ramlosa. This one is super cool. This one’s the one that turns bright red when it gets enough. Sun and right now it really doesn’t because it doesn’t hang down far enough yet, but when it does, it’s gonna be really pretty, and it gets those little white pearly looking flowers, so I’ll insert an image here for you of what all of these look like when they’re grown up. This one’s got some new little growth coming in here. So I guess it must like it where I have it. Yeah, very pretty. You can see some of the Reds coming in, but it gets really red like red red like pure red. The leaves are yeah. I’m excited, okay. This one is called D Rhipsali’s. Tom du Zi. And this was one of the more expensive ones, and it’s it’s neat. I want to bite it. I don’t like licorice, but this looks like licorice. Only maybe, like a lemon. Eli, me one. And I might like lemony limey licorice. I don’t know, I don’t know if they even make that, but if they did. I try it, Yeah, but anyway, this one’s really quite cool-looking, and I’m sure once it gets larger, it’ll. I don’t know, it seems pretty stiff right now. Then I guess eventually it would get heavy enough and it would trowel too. But I could be wrong on that, so I’ll have to insert a picture here, but yeah, there’s that one. Okay, let’s see. This was a little extra one that I got with an order that I made and it’s called Serie Sulla Rhipsali’s area. Sulla, It’s a cute little fellow. It’s kind of got. The segments are kind of more rounded and kind of furry on the ends. It’s cute so well. See what how what happens with this one and you know, this one is called the rhipsalis and Wild. Jana, love the looks of this one. This one’s also kind of more lime green and it definitely stands out from a lot of the other euphorbias. It’s a little furry on the ends. That little segments are a cute little shape, kind of like triangular. Yeah, so cute, okay, so this one is probably my favorite at the moment, but it’s probably just because it’s big and the reason it’s big is because I put three of them together and this is one. We also had in our shop at one time. These ones sold out pretty fast. Cuz they’re just cute and they’re soft. They’re fun to pet. They make the great hair for a head pot. They look so cute in this pot. I think and this is like the middle of my shelf up there. So I think it’ll look so cute. When there’s just all trails down. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, that’s gonna look so good, no? I’ve got these all kind of crammed up there. So when they do reach their maturity. I’m gonna have to move some of them, and I think. I’ll put some shelves above these little west windows. I have over here and just move them there. As far as care goes. I’m really not like an expert. I haven’t kept these for a long time. I’ve had them for the shop, but they sell out pretty fast so and I’ve only had a couple varieties of my own for a while. And this is a recent a more recent obsession obsession. But I will say so far what I’ve learned Well, what I’ve read is that they don’t they like to stay moist and that is false. They do not like to stay moist in my experience, any plant that likes to stay moist at my house would die because I pretty much let every single one of my plants dry out before I water it again. Boom so anyway. I let these dry out before I water them. It also says that they don’t like direct. Sun and I think that’s false because I’ve had a couple growing right next to a South window in the sunroom and they’ve done great. You wouldn’t walk the Sun like beating right on them directly, but direct light from the window is fine. Does that make sense? Although some of them probably can take direct sunlight, these ones that if a plant will turn red, that means it can deal with the Sun. It’s taking its dust stress it out, and it turns it red, and it’s pretty so that means they can take it. Just like this. Humans Turn red when we go out in the Sun. We can take it -, so what else? Oh, fertilizing. I actually fertilize. You can fertilize whenever you want. I’m starting to fertilize again in the this week. Actually, I’ve started watering some of my plants and I use Miracle. Grow, I add it a weaker, like 1/4 of the amount to my watering can, and I just water him with it every time. So in the winter, I don’t, but I think he can okay guys well. I think that’s about it, and these ones propagate by their succulent so and they grow a little air roots on their on themselves. So you could just cut off a piece and stick it right in the soil, and it will grow roots on it for you. What else. I’ll keep you posted on them. Because these are ones that grow long, and they get cooler and cooler with age, so just like as people. So thank you guys for watching. If you have any questions about rhipsali’s, then let me know in the comments if there’s something. I missed and let me know what would tell us. You have just any cool ones that I should add to the collection. I really don’t have room up here, but I could buy some more shelves and we can make it happen. Hey, guys, we’ll remember to stick around. If you want to see the winner of the 10,000 and to see what the name of our little birdie is. Thank you guys for watching. I hope you have the best day of your life and remember to plant on the name that we chose for out of all your awesome names. There were so many. Oh, My heck, we have the hardest time, but we decided on. Oh, yeah, we needed a girl name because we’re pretty sure one of our birds is a girl, and so we thought. Hawaii would be a great one and because we only have one girl bird and – boy birds. You guys have told us that we might need to get another girl bird or else The boys will fight and I was thinking. If we get another girl bird, then we’re totally naming her euphorbia. How cute it’s the winner of our 10k contest. And thank you. Thank you guys so much. I know I tell ya. I just feel like words are so weak, but I appreciate you guys so much. You, you guys have made my life really great. Thank you, thank you so much. And the winner of our 10k contest is Justin Jensen. And if I pronounce your last name wrong, I’m so sorry, Justin. Don’t get or get just so send me an email to the plant aisle at Gmailcom. And I hope you guys have a great day and we’ll talk to you later.