Rare Cactuses | Rare Succulent & Cacti Nursery Tour In Tokyo | Japan Series | Ep 91

Legends Of Monstera

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Rare Succulent & Cacti Nursery Tour In Tokyo | Japan Series | Ep 91


Hello, plant friends. So succulents and cacti are huge in Japan in the depths of Tokyo on top of a mall, I was able to hunt down a succulent nursery or garden or like store selling place, lets. See what we find? Look at this! Look at this crazy, crazy, succulent nursery guys. See if you guys can see the prices here, guys. So 100 yen is one. US dollar! I try to do this as wiggle free as I can again, guys. I’m not a succulent expert. I probably can’t even spell the word succulent, so Im. Just gonna let you guys peruse. I’m looking at the prices and it seems like most of our 2000 yen, and that seems to be about $20 You know, I know these are pretty popular in the US. This is 150 100 $150 I mean, I can’t really say anything. Because people who collect a roid’s are spending way way more than that I didn’t. I just didn’t realize that they were this expensive lots of different sizes. It seems like that small one is $50 that in the valley that’s $300 Oh, look at it’s very good in 350 bucks. Oh, the one in the back right behind it $400 Okay, so these does these these we see in the? US comment that. Okay, we’re talking about this. This big onion thing here, Okay, the double head. How much is it $1,800 for that thing? Do you just grow it outside? Oh, yeah, yeah, the way the we go. So how much it’s up for only one head much cheaper than what she just the one that’s sides. Yeah, okay, but you said. How much is that? How much is that, okay. I like this one, this little, uh, little tortoise guy. Whatever, yes, you just like that you thought of yet. Yeah, you like for you. Oh, Oh, how’s this one in the corner here? A codex codex Tanzanian Tarzan Ian Codex. It does look like a potato guy’s, guys. I’m just going to, yeah, ignore the comments in the background. I really have no idea anything about these plans. So I hope you guys enjoy. Oh, I know nothing’s crazy. The spent variegated. Yeah, it’s for four hundred and fifty dollars. There’s a white one right, Isn’t it the white one? The white ones more expensive. Yeah, oh, right here here. This that’s different, that’s different. Oh, okay, nevermind guys. Same species just just an. FYI, these okay, these are these guys are 250 these common succulents down here 250 Okay, yeah, yeah. I think it’s good to see what the cheaper ones are in terms of affordability 250 This is pretty! This is pretty us prices. I think oh yeah. This is like a whole a whole different world. These are these are popular. These are very popular on Instagram. You don’t like him? These are cheap. You’re like, 7 bucks. Oh, say some of these are only this one. That’s $25 forgetting like it’s like a bunch of beans or something. All right, okay, you got to show me which one’s like, like, like, important or rare, cuz? These all kind of look. Okay, okay, okay, So this is just a. This is the cactus, the cacti room, the things, then like Southern California. We have we have a lot of this, but I just don’t know what you know like. I just don’t know what school I guess. Whatever is cool is whatever speaks to people. Oh, my gosh! Lou, this fuzzy 150 bucks. Oh, my gosh, this is like this is like fur, right. If you water it decent cactus from the top. Yeah, and then the hair gets away uh-huh like this, But if you water them like water from that. Oh, yeah, and it keeps like this. So oh. Oh, you’re talking about this thing. This is when it’s watered. This is when it’s water from the top. Oh, so to make it stay fluffy. You have to water it from the bottom. This is impressive! This fluffiness That’s a very, very cool So, Luci. This plan is this plan is a hundred and fifty, okay. I think I got of these. Prices are really reasonable, but for the common with a more common stuff that I see that, yeah. These are kind of rare, but you know, I think when you. When you’re visiting like a nursery or a new place, that’s always good to see. You know, if the cheap stuff really is cheap, right, this isn’t to know that the price is between sign, which ones like, catch your eye. Oh, okay, the one in the center. Okay, tell me what’s so special about that. That’s see. Sorry you’re fighting tonight. Accept it, that’s us. Oh, okay, yeah. 2005 Is pretty intensive, right. Oh, my god, yes, this thing. $2,500 Is this plate next to it expensive one. No, Oh, Wow, really, I like this one a lot. The worst length, the tortoiseshell. How much is the tortoise like? How much is the size of a tortoise shell? Yeah, mm mm mm, $500 us. Wow, that’s a good size. Yeah, yeah. I like the sort of shell. I like I like their setup, don’t. You like their setup like that? They have the yeah. The structure to hold the leaves. Yeah, it’s the black spikes. Yes, okay, so that’s like 1200 This ain’t the one in, like a small one in front of it. Yeah, that is same, but the okay, oh-ho $1,000 It’s like a sea urchin! Uh yeah. I wish I knew more about this. Like, you know, all right, guys. That’s it for this episode. Thanks so much for joining us. Tell next time happy planting.