Rare Air Plants | My Visit To See The Tillandsia ‘air Plants’ Collection At The National Botanic Gardens Of Ireland

Desert Plants of Avalon

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My Visit To See The Tillandsia 'air Plants' Collection At The National Botanic Gardens Of Ireland


Hi guys, it’s Leonie. I hope you haven’t an incredible day no today. I’m at the National Bow Tanic Gardens of islands here in Dublin in Glasnevin. And this is an incredible place and I’ve made multiple videos arm the Botanic Gardens here in in Dublin, so links of above to a couple of them videos and the links also down below at the Cactus House and other parts here. So I regularly come here regularly and today. I’m going to be doing a video on their incredible tillandsia, commonly known as the air plant’s collection. They have a wonderful collection here of tea. Lancia’s and I’ve never done a video on them here. Even though have incredible, very large plants as well here and today. I’m going to share with you. The incredible, um, -. Lancia air plant collection of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. And we start off with this This beauty here. A lot of them are label, which is good to see. This is Tillandsia struktur by Allure and it’s mounted on a beautiful piece of bark where beautiful, large specimen Absolutely gorgeous and I’ll show you here. They have more look at these guys. This is so beautiful! This one is we have a little one of these at home. Our selves and this one is a large one. I’ll just check the name. I cut them. Promote begins with the tea salon. Ceatec tourim. Yep, tectum. Ours is a tiny little one, but as you can see here this. I just put my hands to show you the the size against my hand to show you how large this tech to room is. It is beautiful and it’s one of the most beautiful of the talansky as it has the lovely little frayed almost lace, like, um, edging to the fronds. Absolutely beautiful, No, some another one. Where that Santa Lancia. This is actually Rocco. There’s a team or kid out. Jawas down is awkward, but I think that’s more austerity. Lancia, lots of the labels are sort of wrong on here. That’s lovely flower there as well. I think that’s also a definitely the same same variety there with a lovely, fully lacy edge of it’s not gorgeous, and as you can see there, It’s a stunning day sunny day here, the most remarkable summer ever so far and all we have here have some Spanish Moss here, which I’m just going to show you here. Some of the Spanish moss here. Hang them, it’s more tea. Lancias air plants here for more Spanish moss and here. The lot of these are in flower. It’s also gorgeous there, another little tiny flower on that one there. Beautifully man too, and we have some more tea. Lancia’s here too. This is almost like grass, absolutely incredible here. Another big, large one there to look at. That’s gorgeous here. Look at that one! That is a lovely, curly, curly one. Wow, really, curly. Hahaha, that is gorgeous! We have another question. What type that is? It looks like it possibly could be is a Virgo Africa, but I think it’s more curlier than that because we have one. It’s definitely not as curly. This one’s not labeled, but it’s amazing almost looks like ribbons. You get on a birthday present or something like that. It’s been credible, beautifully mounted and here more Spanish Moss as well loads of it. Hahahaha and here. Morty lunches there. Look at them, gorgeous, feigning flower and a big flower bird there and the pups growing at the base wonderful. Look at that, that’s! Some lovely walk is here in flower. Absolutely incredible. No more to show you here yet. We have some here, hahaha. And then this is a till Lancia simulator to auntie simulator. And that will knows till aunty A tricolor gorgeous one here to Lancia side Own Bailey. I very large of a beautifully balanced. Eat some more Spanish moss over there and here, look at that if ever lovely, beautifully melted steel and C is their lovely big. What a big flower slightly. But the kind of a girl, lovely red when they’re ready to fire absolutely. Yeah, as you say, this loads of beautiful plants here in the Botanic Gardens up soccer spent hours as back. I spend all day here regularly. Uh-huh here. This is to Lancia, Japan. See, that is Incred with a very large plants here. I have to say very beautiful specimen. Oh, it’s just gorgeous! Yeah, we have more. This is talent, Seer. Rocky colo’s beautiful there. Some more to Lancias. They are not quite sure that is it, and then we have this large one here. This is two Lancia Daisy with, but only our isn’t that huge that was two together, absolutely massive, beautiful, deep red coloration to thee to the leaves on that beautiful this one here to Lancia, but by the name of that place, which is a speciality, that’s beautiful, 200 Spanish muffs and more Spanish Moss. He’s a bunch of them to Lancias here all growing together. See Lancia, Chien Dena, Lovely and this one, he was incredible. This possibly is what the other one was. That’s very, very curly t. Lancia stripped. Oh, filer absolutely amazing the way it’s all really. Curly, look at that. I do think actually, they could do with a really good soaking with water because I could tell by looking at a lot of these till answers. They’re desperate for drink. It’s extremely hot whether we have in here in Ireland and the UK and they, I can just tell that they’ve desperate to be sprayed or at least soaked through some rainwater because they go very silvery and curly and dry when they need a drink at the end of it there they are air plants. They can go a long time without water but definitely need to be watered here and some more Spanish moss there and then we have here last, but not least we have another T. Lancia, the very large, very large specimen there. And then as you can see, it’s got it, Sir. Lovely, lovely sort of flower pods that have fallen off. They’re absolutely gorgeous, and that’s pretty much it so guys. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Ireland, and as I say, if you’re ever in everything, Dublin do go up to the Botanic Gardens here. They’ve got so many beautiful plants of so many times. They have an amazing cactus house as well and then. I’m here regularly updated and doing video is so we’ll. Always keep a lookout for them so guys. Thanks so much for watching. I don’t want to send you loads of peeps. Our happiness and tons and tons of plant power as always from Islands .