Raindrop Succulent | #279 How To Take Care Of Echeveria Raindrops Succulents | Rare Succulents [subtitles]

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#279 How To Take Care Of Echeveria Raindrops Succulents | Rare Succulents [subtitles]


Hello, everyone! I would like to share how to take care of Echeveria, Raindrops And timeline of my 2 years old Echeveria Raindrop Advertising online picture. I received it 4/2018 This is over 1 year old on 11/2019 1 year old. And she didn’t have any babies, so I beheaded? She has so many beautiful bumps on the leaves when the weather is cooler. On 1/2020 On 5/2020. The bumps are gone and this time don’’t keep it in full hot sun 8/2020 at this time. It looks like Echeveria Imbricata with no bumps. This one has tiny bumps on the new leaves. From August and September, the new leaves starting to have bumps on it. On November and December, The bumps will be big and beautiful. They love cool weather and the bumps show more. I propagate it by beheaded. I bought only one. This is the one I bought the mother. I cut it from this one. You can see the old stem here. Old stem growing 2 more babies. This is the baby I separated from the mother. And one more on this side Total. I have 4 pots. This is the one I bought at the beginning $30 When they have bumps on new leaves, you should give it more sun. The bumps will grow big and nice when it has enough sun. Less sunlight, it won’’t have the bumps. Today I will change 2 of them to the new, bigger pots and new soil. Before I used only regular soil and steer manure. For me, Echeveria is easy to take care. This is the mother. It is not really healthy. I will change the new pot. And new soil. Also, I change new soil: succulent soil mix with steer manure. The leaves of Echeveria Raindrops are thick. But I cannot propagate from Leaves. They have roots, but no babies coming. And sometimes the leaves have the bumps that bumps have roots, but 95% no babies. I never gotten any babies from leaves propagation. Water twice a week for them 9/2020 New leaves coming and more bumps. Old leaves don’’t have bumps. They need more sun at this time. More sun, more nice bumps. Some of them haven’t had bumps. My backyard doesn’’t have enough sun for this year. Because I have chayote on the top. So my succulents have less sun. This one has no bumps. I tried to propagate from Leaves. But no babies. No babies, no roots. I have this raindrops over 2 years, but wouldn’’t propagate any babies from leaves. This one still has no bumps. And this one too Unsuccessful this year. 😂😂😂, I tried to give them sunlight, but they still have no bumps 11/2020. This Echeveria is so beautiful! It was raining last night, so they enjoined the shower. 🚿 😆! So cool And these other pots. I keep them under the chayote vine, So they have less sun and less bumps. No sun, no bumps. This one has no bumps. I just move it to this place. This place has more sun. So you can see the leaves. Turn more pink. I don’t water for it at this time because it’’s raining. If it’’s not raining, you should water every 10 days. This is Haworthia Coarctata. I want to move them to single pots. So many nice roots. Thank you for watching. See you next video.