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Echeveria Purpusorum


Today. I’m going to show you an absolute, stunning, succulent called the Hechavarria purpose Orem. So what makes this plant absolutely stunning is the color contrast between the green and kind of the red purple. It’s got the speckling underneath the leaf and as well as on the edging and just an absolutely beautiful plant just like with every succulent, they prefer bright sunlight right now. I have it in my self facing window, kind of what the rest of my succulents and my Desert Rose, and it gets full Sun throughout the day. When you first buy this plant whether it’s from a greenhouse or a store in most cases, they probably weren’t sitting in full Sun throughout the day, so just make sure to slowly introduce them to full Sun, so maybe have it on a table kind of push back from a south-facing window and just over the couple of weeks. Kind of thing, just work, its way closer to direct sunlight, so the other thing to consider is. If you take this plant outside for the summer, same thing goes for sunlight. Just make sure it doesn’t get any direct sunlight at the start. Otherwise, you probably will get some leaf burn on the plants, so just maybe slowly give us some sunlight in the morning and then pull in the shade for the afternoon and just kind of work. It’s way into more direct sunlight kind of throughout the day for winter sunlight, just like with mine. Just make sure that you have it in the brightest window in your house. Ideally, that would be a south facing window, But if you don’t, probably a west facing window would be sufficient as well. Probably a big misconception about succulents is that they don’t require a lot of water. That’s not the case, they just don’t like to sit in wet soil. I did recently make a video on how and when to water our succulents, so go check that out. I’ll leave the car Just up above. Does some of the things that you want to look for is like I said, Just make sure that the soil is dry it out. You’ll want to check the leaves. If they’re kind of droopy or a little bit wrinkly, it may be time to give it a good, thorough watering now on the other hand. One of the biggest problems people face with succulents is over watering so again. Just make sure that the soils are completely if you start to notice. Kind of drooping and wrinkly leaves, but the soil is still damp. It’s probably because you are over watering or because the soil is retaining too much moisture and it’s causing root rot. Another important thing, especially with these echeverrias is that you don’t want to put any water on the leaf, so just make sure you water around the soil and not the actual plant. It doesn’t absorb any water through its leaves. It does it all through the roots. So if you place water on the plant itself, it can get fungus and a little bit of rot there, so you want to keep these leaves looking really nice and green now for soil. You want to use a quick draining soil, so I use the American Rose cactus and succulent. I’ll show that in my reporting video, But that provides a good draining soil so that water doesn’t sit in the soil, causing root rot. Another important thing is the type of pot that you use, so I always use clay pots as opposed to say plastic or porcelain with my succulents, just because it this is quite porous, so it pulls a lot of the moisture out If you were to actually feel this pot like. I said I gave it a pretty good watering. It is quite damp, so the water from the pot and the soil will kind of be evaporated on its own and help control the moisture content within the pot. This plant, in particular has not flowered, But when they do flower, they’ll get kind of flower stock out of the center here. Some of the pictures that I’ve seen of these flowers, They’re absolutely beautiful, kind of red and yellowish flower Succulents themselves are not typically heavy feeders, But I will give them a little bit of fertilizer kind of throughout the summer months. Maybe once a month or so I will use a balanced 20 20 20 I might cut that in half, depending on the plant and just give it a good, thorough watering after fertilizing, just like hens and chicks succulent. It will get kind of new growth, little rosettes from around the base of the plant one way to propagate these as well with most succulents. Is you can actually just kind of wiggle. These little leaves off. They will break off and you can just place it. In some soil, about 24 hours after the the end has kind of calloused over and then just put it in. Just lay it down in some soil and it will start to root a new plant. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pot That’s in between these two sizes, but this is one. I’ll be using It’s got a good drainage hole in it, so I’ll be using miracle. Grows, cactus and succulent! Mix, it’s a fast ring formula, so it’s made specifically for these plants. The one problem with using these smaller little pots is that it’s pretty difficult to actually remove the plan once it’s kind of outgrown the pots. You don’t want to just pull on the plant because you can break the leaves or you can damage the roots, so what you can do and what I did is to just stick a little knife and just in the side and just kind of jiggle it around a little bit and it should pop out lets. See your hand there, just like that. So we’ll put this in some new soil, so I filled the pot with soil. Just made a small little hole there, and I’m just gonna remove that again and just place it in the soil. I thought we’re trying to make a big, huge mess and just pack it down lightly, And then I can backfill with some soil if needed, which I might actually do so that ain’t going anywhere. What an absolute stunning plant you come across one at your local store or greenhouse. Be sure to pick one up. You will not be disappointed. That’s pretty much it for this video. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comment section. Otherwise, things again for watching bye.