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Purple Prickly Pear


Hey, welcome back to the cactus orphanage. This is all the cactus farmer out here in partner. Arizona, I wanted to show you a couple of things today. You know, we sell cactus here. It’s part of our business and pads for particular kinds of cactuses. Those is really the way to go. You’ve probably seen me cutting this particular pad off of cactus pretty simple as always. You want a good tool? You want to wear gloves and you can see that that’s a fresh cut right there, now what? I’m going to do is first of all This is a this is a Santa Rosa, prickly pear, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s one of our best-selling cactus, because I think of the color it becomes very vividly purple. You can see the purple in there, especially around the edges, but at times it will just become totally purple and it’s. This is how we sell them, so if you. If you bought a pad from us, it would. It would look something like this, but it’s not gonna look like that, and I’ll tell you why because you never want to plant a cactus that has a fresh cut or like that. So if you read the literature, what they’re going to tell you is you always let a cactus scar. And that means you let it sit for a day or two until this scars over and becomes hard. We always do that, but if one other thing that. I’ve learned about Cactus is they’re. They’re kind of susceptible to rot, so I’ve devised this compound, sulfur and sand, and so when we cut a cactus, we dip it in there and it looks like that. And then what what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna let that set for a day or two, and I have one here that I treated a couple of days ago and you can see that now. That’s all scabbed over. It’s hard. There’s no. There’s no fresh wound there for infection to get into or Rock to start so that’s. What, you want your pad to look like and by the time? If you bought one from us by the time it would arrive. It would already look like that because we we treat them before we send it for you so. I wanted to show you that now. I’ll show you how you you plant. This it’s very, very simple. I’m gonna put it in this size pot, a nice, dark terra cotta pot. And you fill it up just about as high as you want it, so you see, right. There it’s about an inch below the the top of the pot, and then I dig down and make a little valley in there and then you take the scarred pad and you put it down in the soil and then just kind of fill in around it and I’m gonna fill this. Oh, maybe a half an inch below the blow, the top of the pot. So you have some room in there and it’s just that simple, so there is a beautiful what we might do is show you this, maybe in a few months and by then it might even have a baby coming off of it. We can show you, but I’m gonna set this this particular one apart and we’ll show you is on the road. What it looks like after after we planted. Alright, so this is the old cactus farm around the desert, telling you go to our website. Wwwjfncojp/toho .