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How To Prune Succulents To Get More Pups | Succulents For Beginners


In this video, we will demo how to take succulent cuttings to produce more and nothing is wasted. Plan the cut, make sure to leave some leaves still attached to the stem. This will increase their chance of survival. I’ve done some cuttings before without any leaves left all withered. When pulling leaves, take extra care not to damage the leaves. We need to remove the bottom leaves to expose about one fourth inch or 0.6 cm of the bottom stem. This exposed stem is where the roots will come out. This will also help us anchor. The plant in the soil better damaged leaves won’t propagate. Pull the leaves towards the bottom with fingers, pushing the base of the leaves down or simply wiggle it to remove. These leaves can also be propagated. Let’s air dry for 5 days or until cuts are totally healed in dry locations. 2 days might be enough to callus. But if you are not sure 5 – 7 days is the safest pot in soil and place them away from direct sunlight, Direct sunlight will dehydrate them fast, so keep it away from direct sun for now, start misting after a week and keep the soil moist until 4 weeks, this will encourage roots to grow faster. After a month, let’s see their progress. These cuttings are doing well. They have healthy looking roots. Now then let’s see the stump. This one has a tiny bud growing and this one have a shoot and bud, and this one got a tiny bud. Let’s water it and slowly introduce to direct sunlight. If you want to know how to introduce to sun, please click the thumbnail at the end of this video about acclimation. After another 7 months 8 months in total, let’s see how they’ve grown. Look at these cuttings. They are mother plants. Now, which means we can cut them again for propagation and double or triple our collection by getting new plants from cuttings, stumps and leaves. How amazing we can grow so many of these from a single plant in few months. Here are the stumps as we can see, they were encourage to grow more shoots when we cut them when the shoots are long enough as long as the cuttings we show at the beginning of this video, then we can cut it again and propagate more. The stump will then grow more shoots the more we cut them. The more shoots they produce hope. There are new things you learned from this video. We would like to know your thoughts. Was this cutting style beneficial to you and why? Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe like, and share Happy Succulents, gardening.