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How To Propagate Succulents Fast N Easy


Hello, friends! Today we will learn how to propagate succulent from leaves. Propagating succulent from leaves is a simple task that requires few simple tips Which I will tell you in this video. Propagating succulents from leaves can be done all year around, But in colder climate or in winters, it gives much better result today. We will propagate four types of succulent plants. One is echeverria. Second is sedum. Adolphe, a today’s jelly bean, sedum and fourth, a spatula. LM sedum, So let us start first of all. We will take some leaf cutting from the plan. It is better to take leaves from the bottom of the plant and leave the younger and smaller growth near the top. Always shoes have believes as they have a better chance of succeeding. The best way to remove a leaf is to gently. Remove it with your fingers. Pull the leaf by the base to prevent breakage. It is very important that entire base of the leaf must come off the stem. Otherwise it will die so gently twist it from the base and it will come off easily like this. Gently twist it after you remove the leaves from the stem leaves them somewhere in indirect sunlight to drive for two to three days under the leaf form. Calais, or you can say that until the cut heals. If you place the leaves in the soil directly before the cut heats, they will rot and die before they grow into a new plant. I have prepared some leaves, which are drying for the last three days. They have found callus and are ready to be propagated. This these leaves have from Calais and now ready to be propagated. Take a shallow tray with drainage hole in the bottom and fill it with cactus mix or you can make your mix by yourself by adding sin, Coco Peat and perlite in equal proportions, But I have got better result in pure Coco Peat, so I am using only Coco Peat as a propagating media, make a even layer surface in my previous videos. I have got 100% Success rate by using only co copied place orally, the leaves on the bed of coco Peat and gently push push the bottom part of the leaves in the Coco Peat. You can place them, according to your wish. I will try to make a symmetry design so that it looks good in the video, but this is not necessary. place this tray in indirect sunlight until the new plants are established, do not put it in direct sunlight as it will cause leaves. One rooting succulents needs a bit more water than adult plants, but too much water will cause them to rot, and eventually they will die instead of watering. Use a spray bottle to miss the soil every day, but you just won the top of the soil them. After 45 to 60 days. This tray will look like this. At this point, you can transplant them to individual pots like this, so that’s all for now. Guys have a happy experience and grow more and more circulant from this easy, simple way Algal Garden, no signing of happy. Make me !