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Planting & Watering Succulents In Pots With No Drain Holes / Joy Us Garden


Hi, it’s now, and I’m standing against the backdrop of my Bougainville opera because it has finally come to life. After a very hot summer, it is now. November 2nd. I believe it’s been looking good for about a month and a half. So I just wanted you to see it, but that’s not what this video is about. I have my haughty aura here, and I have an echo area and I have a pot and this pot has no three hole in it. So today I am going to show you how to plant succulents in a pot with no drain hole, and I’m actually going to show you how to water them or how. I water them and I think it’s a good way, so come on over to my work table and we’ll start on the project. So the hottie! Ora is going in the red pot by itself. And then I have this rustic cement sort of log planter here, and I’m gonna do some assortment of these succulents. I’m not quite sure yet, and those are the jelly beans, and those are cuttings. Sooo time to get into the mix and I just love this plant. It’s also called dancing, bones or drunkard’s dream over it, which is a really funny name, too, but it gets to be about a foot and a half to two feet tall, and it does just sort of flippy. Flop it’s, you know, starts to trail a bit, and I guess that’s why it’s called dancing, bones or drunkard’s dream. I guess because it’s kind of spilling and falling all over the place. I’m not quite sure, but this is an epithet Ik cactus, and I just love it and it’s just been plopped in this pot for a while, and I want to directly plant it in for now anyway, until I transplanted, and probably you’re into a bigger pot, but this is a really beautiful pot. I love this pot. I got it at Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach and it has a very thick bottom, so I don’t want to drill into this because I don’t want to crack this. I drill a lot of pots. I drill plastic pots the, UM, plastic blend ones like resin and fiberglass. I have drilled some ceramics and some terracotta, But they’ve had a much thinner bottom. And I’m just afraid this it’s gonna crack. I thought it’s also a good reason to do a video for you about this. So when you’re planting a succulent directly into a pot with no drain hole, It’s very important to do a few things in order for it to be successful. Because if you’ve seen any of my videos, it is very important that succulents drain really well that the water drains right out of the pot, and I’ve been watering this one by taking it to the sink. I just let the water drain through, And then I put it back in the pot, but now I just wanted to give it a little extra room in this pot, and I just think it’s going to be a great look, so it is important when you’re doing this, too to also use succulent and cactus mix because it has, it has things in it to amend the drainage so that it doesn’t stay heavy. It’s not a heavy mix. It doesn’t stay really, really wet. So that is something that you need to use. Potting soil is not the best you can plant succulents and potting soil. If there’s a drain hole. I don’t recommend it. If there is no drain hole. Okay, so the first thing I do Besides cleaning off the pot is I put in some pebble as drainage and it’s about? I think this is about an eighth of an inch. It’s very fine, let’s see. I’ll just put salt so you can see the size. I’m using you can always so use bigger two, but for a small pot. I just like to use smaller, smaller rock, and I’m gonna put it into about an inch an inch inch layer in this in this pot here. I’m not gonna overdo it because I wanted to have. I’m actually gonna take a little bit out because that’s a little more than an inch. And how much how much you used? It depends on the size of the pot you’re doing to, so if it’s a bigger pot, you might want to put a bigger layer down because you’re obviously going to be watering the plant more if it’s a bigger plant, and now what I also like to use, which is optional is charcoal and charcoal is a natural sweetener it, um, it absorbs odors and it tends to make things smell better and right on the package. It says it’s a material for absorbing and sweetening odors in the soil, it can be used in potting soils to act as a filter to improve drainage, then because charcoal does tend to break down. These are pretty fine. You know, it’s not gonna break down for a while. I do I do the pebble, you know? I do the rock and the charcoal and I’m gonna put in about half an inch to an inch of the charcoal. So if there’s any stagnant water that happens to be in there or if the soil does fit a to it, it is going to. Um, help it to smell, and it’s a better and the charcoal looks like that. Just like, really, really fine charcoal, okay. I’ve got enough of that in there to sweeten things up now. I’m with planting, okay, So this is the succulent cactus mix that I use at the local one as you can see. It’s really Chunky. It’s got coconut Quoi called cocoa quad chips in it. It’s also got big hunks of humus in there and it’s got a little bit of compost already in, so I’m gonna get the bones out. Let’s see here we go. It had a lot of rock on the top, but it looks like it is planted in potting soil. So it’s down just a little bit, so I have to get a little bit on the base here on the bottom to raise it up a bit, and I usually plant succulents up a little bit because their weight will bring them down and this really light mix that they do tend to sink so diesel it up a bit and that looks like it’s gonna do it. I’m going to put in a little more there. We go there. We go there and now. I’m just gonna go in and I’m gonna fill in around Just the same that do with other succulents. I’m planting. Okay, so I’m just gonna. Whoops, oops, a bone, You know, a bone fell off this you can propagate actually, like with all succulents, they are easy to propagate. Mmm, not too complicated at all. Alright, just gonna put it over there and that is done with these circulant mix. I don’t know, which is, you know, the bitter side here. It’s going to start to. It’s starting to trail here as you can say, but this plant gets such a fun form, and then it also has beautiful yellow flowers, Okay, so these are worm castings here also called Worm Compost. You know, it’s one of my favorite amendments. I’m just gonna put a very fine layer on the top because this actually grows indoors, so I don’t want to use too much worm compost indoors because it’s pretty strong stuff. It’s just it’s just a little bit concentrated in. It just breaks down slower indoors, so you don’t want to give too too much at all, and these these little trowels are really handy to have for these kind of jobs, actually, we’re putting together a gift guide for the beginning House plant gardener. If you know someone who’s a getting enthusiastic about house plants and they want some and they might appreciate a gift or well. You can check that out. That blog post is coming up, right. After this one, it’s not gonna have a video, though. It, you know it just gonna be a blog post, so you’ll have to head over to joyous garden to see that, but this is handy for outside it. You know, it’s especially handy for succulents and cactus. These small things. So I have this cool little faux log planter here, and I’m actually going to stain it with a little bit of brown colors just to make it look a little bit more like a log. I’m crazy over grey. It’s just a color. I don’t really love, but I am going to actually plant small cactus in here too, but I thought for the sake of the video, I would do one more one more example for you, so I can show you and again. This one is a little bit more shallow, so I’m actually just barely covering the bottom. Um, this one, okay, and the charcoal. I’m just gonna do a thin layer. Especially, uh, on the next round when I’m planting cacti In here, I will water them even less than the foot. You know, the fleshy succulents, so I’m not gonna do too much okay there. I just have a layer of the of the odor. Absorbing charcoal in there. And let’s see these are the little succulents. I used for the fall arrangement. I just did, so I don’t need much mixing there at all, so I’ve covered up the charcoal with the succulent and cactus mix, and obviously it doesn’t hurt the plant at all. If the roots eventually touched the charcoal and the and the pebbles. Oops, this one had it really small, small root ball to it, but that’s okay, there’s a little bit in here. I can just, you know. Raise it up a little bit this one. I’m gonna put back here, so I’m just gonna filling around with the jellybeans. See Dumbs? I love this pink one. You know, the variety is actually. Aurora, so pretty. Oops, let me turn it that way. I think that’s a better side. It has a natural curve going that way and they’ll all settle in. Here’s the sweet little, succulent planting here. There’s this side and let me see. And there is that side now. I’m gonna show you how to water them, okay. Here are my two fabulous planters. Here that don’t have any drainage and I know how much to water. Because I just do it by instinct. I’ve been doing it for a while. I’m gonna move that one over, cuz. I’m gonna show you on this one here, But if you’re unsure, you could take like a quarter of a cup of water or an eighth of a cup of water or a cup of water, depending on how big the pot is and you just want to go around and see how it absorbs really fast. It goes down in. That’s because this and mix is so chunky and you just go around and you would want to water all the way around. I would probably do almost half a cup, but probably every two weeks. I’m here in the desert and this. It’s in a window. Its East exposure, but it gets a lot of light and it’s still warm in in the winter. I will probably back off to every three to four weeks, depending on how it’s going, temperature-wise and light. But you might want to do yours. Every four weeks, it’s just again, depending on the temperature. Your home, your light and also the size of the pot, so that is how to plant succulents in a pot with no drain hole. It’s easy as can be. You just have to remember to use a very well draining. Mix you want a succulent and cactus mix, get some pebbles in the bottom and the charcoal for odor control. If you choose, it also helps to add to to the drainage, too, and in terms of the watering. I would recommend if you’re new to this. Use a set measuring device. I mean, even if even if it’s a turkey baster like, fill the turkey baster up a quarter or a half and then just water it that way, actually, a turkey baster would be a great way to water a planter like this, where it’s a little more crowded and it’s. It could all run off so that would be a good a good way to water that as usual, there will be a blog post to go along with this in case they’ve forgotten to say anything, or I want to add anything anything in the link to that will be down below. Oh, I love my succulents, and I know you do too, so I hope you have found this video to be helpful. And I thank you for all your likes and your subscribes. I really appreciate them. I have a lot more videos coming your way, so stay tuned for those. Now, Let’s get out into our fall. Gardens or into our indoor gardens and make our world a more beautiful place as always. I thank you so much for watching Ill. Catch you in the next video. Bye you!