Portulacaria Variegata | Portulacaria Afra Variegata: Budget Bonsai And Basic Care

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Portulacaria Afra Variegata: Budget Bonsai And Basic Care


Hey, Peeps. Were back again with another video and yet we’re outside. Cuz You know, it’s cold as hell, but it’s a beautiful winter’s day. So why not anyway? I thought I’d make a quick video cuz, And this came through the post the other day. Yeah, I started tested out buying some succulents online, and I’ve bought two so far and I’ll make another video on my other one, which is, um, they’re the Crassula Gollum hobbits or whatever, namely they call it, but yeah, this one is the elephant Bush, the the portal, a Arya afro. I think it’s called if I’m pronouncing it wrong, please correct me. The Elephant Bush. It’s also commonly known as the dwarf Jade, but it’s not actually a member of the Crassula family. It’s so yeah, a completely different genus, but I forget which no, but so, yeah, so this little guy is the Vario garter, and he’s got the two-tone leaves. He’s a little dirty where I reported him, so he’s like got that It’s a dark green, and we like green and I just think it. It looks a little prettier. So this is the size He was when I got him because I thought I’m the other day and to my surprise. The Salah. Thank you very much. I forget what eBay? Shop it was now, but it was just a small dude in Spain, selling his cuttings and they were rooted and he sent me to, and I spent about nine euros on these. Maybe a little more than I should have paid for them that I’m happy. Nonetheless, so this guy, I’m good, I actually make into a bonsai and I’ll show you what I plan to do and with it. I just wanted to show you this guy that I actually have planted up. His little is so important. It’s got a little drainage hole there, and hopefully he’ll grow and I’ll update you will need. Is something exciting because I hope these guys grow quite fast. It’s General Normal circulan’t care of, you know, just give it water, give it some light, but like not scorching midday bright Sun, but some indirect bright lights and let the the soil dry out in between waterings for a couple of days and yeah, it should be good. Obviously, yeah, use a well draining soil, a succulent cactus mix or grits or whatever whatever you prefer, but just just be aware that it’s acceptable to root. What rocks so, and don’t really get too wet. So yeah, moving on so here you can see here. This is one of my drip shades that I started in my, um, propagation video and you can see. He’s in a little shallow tray resting in a plastic dish. It’s got some drainage holes that I drilled in there and it seems to be working. Okay with how I’ve done it. So I thought I’m going to try this with the port carrier offer as well as you can see. This guy is still, uh, still winter, but he’s just starting to grow again, so I’m hoping the next time you guys see this guy with the other two. There’s something a little bit more exciting, happening, growing flowers, but, yeah, this is basically what? I’m going to do with the with the other guy and we’ll, just kind of video showing, look at them. So this is their dish that I’ve already prepared, but wonder how long here I just used a normal stone. Mason bits, my drill some water and I just put it through such a terracotta, So it’s stone and I can. I can do it with the bits that I have, but I still need to get the glass in the ceramic ones, and this is what it looks like before it’s some. Yeah, it’s something like a little oven dish that you you get with them. Pre-made meals in it them in the oven. It’s like a meal for one, and it comes with a pretty stone dish. So that’s what it looks like before you drive it so over here. I’ve got some rocks and I’ve got a pot of soil. Well, cactus and succulent bricks! It’s got a little bit of bird light in there. So what we’re going to do? I don’t have any special grits or gravel. I do have these stones. I’m doing this budget bonsai if you become. I think it should work just as well, you know, soil, it’s plenty of drainage won’t be too wet. It doesn’t have a lot of roots so it can grow in this tray. I think it’ll be fine. I’m just good money. Actually, yeah, pre-moistened it a little bit, so it’s nice and even very skillfully do it. Um, yeah, if it doesn’t stand up, no. I’m gonna have to pause the video and do this so back inside. Okay, so I understand, you know, so I’m just taking this box and filling it in, so it’s it’s got quite enough soil, so it’s not like it’s sir, and too little of in amounts, the same it would put in a normal box just in US, but there’s a little leaf there, just for the Lols there, but I think should be okay like this, and obviously if it’s not, then I can always change it, but for now work with what we got because not, everyone has access or a big budget to get all the proper things that you need quotation marks. So there he is. I mean his because it’s pre-moistened, and I’ve already gave him the drink when he got here. I’m just gonna wait for the the moistened soil to to dry out before I give him some water, but yeah, there he is. Well snack. I’m ready to grow And so Pierre turns into a beautiful little ER. I’m sorry, yeah, aren’t they cute so yeah? I’ll keep you updated. Yeah, as always guys, thanks for watching much love much appreciated. And I will see you in the next video bye.