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Cactus Polaskia Chichipe / Polaskia Chip Chip


hello! How are you welcome to my channel? My garden in today’s video. I’m going to show you another cactus due to the A lot of comments that they have left me. Want me to show them more. Cactus varieties. There is a huge amount of variety in cacti in colors in sizes that flourish that we bloom from the sun of the shade, etc. This one that I have here fascinates me. It is one of the most common cacti and like me. I have already told you before. They are super easy to grow. This cactus is known commonly like balls that chinchipe or poles that chips, and if you know in some other way because it usually happens that in Mexico, we know some plants, some cases, some shrubs or trees with some names and outside of Mexico, they are known by different names. Then it would be great that you will leave it to me in the comments. They are very simple, super basic and super simple. That’s why I I love cacti. That’s why I love cacti because they need very little irrigation. Do not need care very. Rarely they come in pests, decorate any space decorate any environment. So that’s why I love Saleh, not me, I like to have my plants or cacti or some kind of trees that are very delicate or requiring. A lot of attention, then cacti are perfect for have in any garden on any terrace and in any space in the inside and outside there, they care for the cacti. I have already said in other videos, but I repeat them again In this video for those of us who they are seeing for the first time the cactus, they are of little irrigation. It is done a lot heat. You have to add water twice a month and it gets very little heat. As in winter, for example, only once a month perfect, they do not need much water. They already contain a lot of moisture in their stems. So add water. If you overdo it with excess watering what you are going to do is make the cactus rot and die. Another important thing is that if it is small and the cactus must be kept in semi shade or in shade completely, they do not resist many times the direct sun when they are little, you have to wait to reach a more adult age or be a little stronger to put them in direct sun. The cacti are in direct sun, but they are also very young is usually suddenly very aggressive, so they have to have a old enough to put them directly under the sun’s rays is worth. If you put them in the rays of the sun and it is still small, what will happen is that you can get burned or you can get stain. Then it does not support direct light, many times, one of the pests that very these cacti rarely get the white mealybug or aphids. But it is very, very rare, OK? The cacti are very strong, they can be indoor or. They can be outdoor. You can adapt us in the space and in the area that you normally have many of the births that I have, I placed them. I have some in the bathroom. I got some in the living room, suddenly pulled asses. I put on the kitchen or suddenly in the patio or in the garden is valid. Then it is valid that I accommodate them in any area of ​​the house. They adapt. They adapt perfectly well, indoors or outdoors. They resist high and low temperatures perfectly well. If you want it to decorate some space and you want to limit its size, then keep it in a pot with a limited amount of soil. If you you want it to take a very large size of 1 or 2 meters then. I suggest you put it on the ground directly in some garden in some bench where you want it to be, but that has a floor of free land where it can be fully developed. But I repeat, if you you want it to be limited in size and not grow big enough, so reduce the amount of soil in a pot and keep it there, okay. This is all for today’s video here. I leave another cactus bass than me. I am also fascinated by. Thanks for watching this video. Thanks for watching this channel. I hope that they subscribe and follow me in the links of the description. Goodbye !