Plant Lights For Succulents | Grow Light Or Sunlight To Color Succulents |vlog #40 Succulents And Coffee W/ Liz

Growing Succulents with LizK

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Grow Light Or Sunlight To Color Succulents |vlog #40 Succulents And Coffee W/ Liz


Grow light, no grow light, grow light, no grow light . Ah, good morning, my lovelies. The first thing we’re going to do is look at updates updates. I’m really curious to see about the Bluebird Bluebird. Where are you? This is now exactly 15 days 15 days since I chopped chop. Chop the head off and I got one two three. The dead leaf is hiding another two babies there, one in the bottom and one next to the dead leaf. Okay, more! Yeah, I can’t see it from that side too. Yeah, so one two, three, four, five five babies. Oh, my goodness, and do you have more on the top? Did I miss one on the top? No, that’s it five. See that is important of removing. See that top on the edge there, removing the top that way. It’ll put out some babies so now. How do I care for this one? I have been watering this as usual. I mean, normal plant. So I’ve been watering it like a normal plant and the head. Let’s check the head, which is all nice and red, now or pink, no roots yet, see, so no roots, no roots, Okay, also update on this Bernie Lansi. Our crested Brenner. Lancy is doing really well here. At least they look really good and pink. So I’m gonna put my finger there. You see the pink, so that’s pink and green, so pastel pink and green and that one. I don’t think that’s got a root yet. No, that one still hasn’t got a root. Look, no root, but this one. Oh, look at that, that’s all. Look how much roots It’s got that one poor things. I kept pulling them out and putting them in pulling them out and more crusted ones, and this is growing so fast. Also, the leaves, Okay, So, the 15th of November. So what is it now? So it’s almost, uh, a month and look at all the pimples. They’re not pimples anymore. They turn into acne. They’re all gone big with roots. They got roots. Now, see, look, uh, ever that. One’s got root. No one’s got roots, so they do grow fast in comparison to the ones outside, so remember. I put one outside, I got. I made two trays. This one see, look compared to the other ones. This is far behind so this has been left outside and the bumps or the pimples. It’s still pimples. They got roots that one there. I actually, uh, push them into the soil because they’re not, uh, it’s not doing it any favor. Hang on, see, uh. The roots is probably grainy now so you can see roots now, but the plant. Okay, I’ll pick the biggest one. Uh, that is the biggest one, so on that one, too, but hang on, that’s the biggest one here. Do you have roots? Yes, okay, so this is the biggest bump compared to that one. See, even the small ones. This is just a weaker plant, so it pays to have a grow light. And if you haven’t got a grow light, then you just have to put it somewhere where it’s nice and warm and also plenty of light and also keep it watered up. So this one’s, I actually watered them up almost every day. Also, speaking of the grow light while we’re here on the grow. Light, this grow light. I am really, really really happy with it so as you can see. The plants has changed. My achievia! Black Rose has gone. Really, really big. Look at that. It’s really, really big and yet so I already separated the tiny one that’s growing in there, so the other one is soaking somewhere because it’s fairly dry soaking. I soaked it overnight and the ioniu’m this aeonium. I have I am finished torturing this one. Now I’m going to take this off in here now. And the other one that I put in the fridge. It did not make any difference whether it’s in the fridge or not. It wants to go to sleep. It goes to sleep so you can’t help it So now I’m gonna actually take this outside. Now where it can grow Naturally, my subsist. This was my smallest one. It has shoot off now. This is the variegated one, and I’m going to show you two sub C lists. So this is an achivitia morning, beauty or sub Sicilia, so the same. What did they change the name, anyway? And this is the variegated one. There is a difference. Even though I can’t see variegation. But it’s just like beautiful pink. That’s all, and can I say cotton candy pink? Now this one here is so different compared to that one. So the variegated subsystems make a difference in shape and form and color, so it’s much prettier and compact. Now this one this I haven’t, Uh, It’s fairly dry. I haven’t ordered it for two days now. If I tell you that this plant is the same age as those ones there, you’re not going to believe me. Aren’t you see that spot that empty spot on the left? That’s where it came from. So now the difference of the growth look at that. Oh, so oh, okay, I’ll move it back because it’s not fair there. You go over everything, okay, so there you go, You can see that so that one there is just some coconut coir, and this one is now in my master. Succulent salt mix. I still put core on top, just so I can tell if it dries up. Then I can water it because, uh, sometimes the master soil mix looks like that. It’s a bit difficult to tell, so I have to keep picking it up, so that one is light as well one of me, So that one is one two, three four. I only got four plants in four years really slow growing and the rest of the gang is doing really well, so those ones it pays now to really transplant it, so plants reach a certain size or a certain growth and then, after that you have to transplant it to a much healthier soil or else it will stunt the growth and you’re wondering it’s not growing, it’s not growing because it’s time for them to go into, uh, gear of kindergarten and go to grade school. See, and same as this one’s here, So I’ve got my khani color here. These are all kind of color and being covered by this tortured. Um, turtle back. My peperomia prostrata. Anyway, this one’s now, so that one is already eaten itself to death, and this is what they’re doing. They eat themselves because this one two, they’re all the same size as this one, so it seems to me that the center or these ones here are getting more nutrients, but it’s starting to show some look. It’s got a mark, so that tells me I’m going to die soon. I’m getting deceased here. I’m getting some deficiency. I need some food and they’re not even getting enough light. Look, at least the other ones getting light. Look, so that’s. What it’s saying to you, so they talk to you? The plants talk to you and tell you things. Then you’re going to listen so now. I need to transplant them, but I got some people coming over again so anyway, and I got things to do, but okay, so I’ll see ill. Try and squeeze this in today now. This is a variegated, or should I say monstrose? It’s not variegated. It’s a monstrous black prince and what I’ve noticed. So they all came from one plant that one is black. That means it’s just needed needs water and those two are growing very healthy, but the colors are all different, So that one is like black and green. This one is more yellow. It’s got more yellow and this one’s got more pink, and this one’s got more whitish green. So I wonder and that one in the center that should really keep watering this. I wonder if they’re actually sort of, um, variegating. So that’s really interesting to know and okay. The pizza reso stones. This is now the last bit. This is actually a strawberry ice strawberry ice. Okay, so I believe it’s a Hercules hybrid now. This strawberry ice used to grow outside and I thought for the last month, so it’s almost a month only one month since I brought it in just to see how it will color up under the grow light and I left most. Well, all my strawberry eyes outside, so I’m gonna compare. Now, let’s compare it so I brought one here. Okay, let’s do, I’ll move you out of the way for now. That’s in the grow light or grown under the gorilla for a month And I’ll even do even look. Even Stevens got a baby now. The one I’m showing, you also has a baby look at the suspense. Okay, take it away. Take it away! Okay, there you go there. That is the difference of grown in the grow light on the left and the other one on the right that’s grown outside in full sun in full sun. That is the difference of the color. So if ever you buy something that’s all colored up. Sometimes online, you have to watch out because I have experience from friends of mine who bought plants online and the minute they take it home and they even expose it to the sun. A lot of them got burned and also the color changes, so you’re. Wondering how come it faded, So the one I bought faded is because maybe maybe I’m just saying. Maybe they are grown under a grow light same plant. Look at that, huh, One with the same baby, Except they were they used to be. I actually picked this one. This was the biggest one before, and then now this one caught up because it’s grown outside, and it’s getting a lot of rain, or we’ve had a lot of rain and the baby just popped out of nowhere, so I don’t know under under ground from the soil. I didn’t even see. I didn’t put a baby or anything there. It just sort of pop itself so on the side, so they have pups of both of them. So now! Which one are you gonna pick? Are you gonna if you’re growing them inside? I don’t I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t. I would grow them under the grow light. They go under the grow light. So there you go or any light? I don’t know if it works on ordinary light, But this is the result there. You go beautiful, beautiful. Just a teaser. Look at the beautiful ozzy ozzy as he are beautiful. Look at the pink. Have you seen a more delicious pink? Look at that? Isn’t that beautiful, beautiful Echeveria asi. If I’m careful, hang on, I can turn it around there you go. You can see the babies hiding in the bottom and camouflage with the granite. That beautiful, beautiful plant. Oh, so cute, okay, you can go back outside now and you can go back here and that one can go back here.