Pink Vygie | 44/100 Pink Ice Plant • Pink Vygie Oscularia Deltoides Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭

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44/100 Pink Ice Plant • Pink Vygie Oscularia Deltoides Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert succulent. And today we will be featuring Australia deltoides. It is also known as the Lampranthus deltoides, the pink iceplant, the pink VG and the deltoid leaved do plant Jung plant’s name Nathan originated from the Latin word osculum, which means little mouth. This now refers to the mouth-like appearance, Nankanyang leaves with this button, tiny red teeth saganya. We call that as the teeth. In young specific species named deltoids, it means triangular in Latin and that now, referring a at the triangular shape niton canyon leaves as you would see here if you can imagine that these kind of ice plants are considered low growing, so between six to twelve inches long young canelon maximum height, but they can actually spread from two to three feet, so their growth is really more on sidewalls because these are now perfect as you add them. The color of the reliefs are also very unique. It’s in the shade of blue green, and it’s one of those succulents. Look at its appearance. It’s not that soft, and it’s not that hard, so just in the middle and leaves are now growing. Dark pink or pinkish stems like what you can see here. I will also be giving us. These pretty lavender or pink flowers and Sagittana is color Yelosha. Yunkanilang Flower also has the tendency to remain close or during the morning hours, but if they will be soaked under the sunlight, then young canyon flowers would tend to open up until in the afternoon. Then the same process would happen until early morning location wise. They can appreciate you adding full sun exposure, but they can also tolerate light shade. Although in my case, I notice and I would see a lot of Ganito. Parang dried leaves and Indian, it will turn into this brownish color that would now indicate leaves, and therefore I decided to put it in a bright, shaded area and this is now the result improve quality leaves and even the color must mean as compared before Nakaful young watering needs would now depend on exposure to the sun. If you will be putting them under full sun then naturally, it would now require more watering, and if, for example, that’s a low light area. Then we should also limit Young Pug water, the more that I would water this succulent the plumper or must thicker young canyon leaves and bettering up young appearance. So if you won’t be watering them more often, then you would be expecting the thinner. Young Kanyon leaves the soil mixed Nagina because it’s just a typical lom soil that is readily available at email garden shops. You can make use of any soil that you have as long as they are, well draining. Some of its stems are actually growing upwards, but the Ashan Ghanian. But most nankanyang stems are actually growing sidewards. I and you will see here. Pagmalayo talagang. It’s really spreading out of the pot. Periodic trimming is also very important, especially if this would not take over. You know, smaller garden plants like, for example here. I cannot put any plant detox apartment. This one is continuously growing and it can really cover or destroy young acting plants. So usually I don’t put anything. I think. Pink ice plant would take over young space. So that’s something that you need to consider if you are trying to look for a location, no adding pink ice plant because of that, I decided not to create, uh, whole Dito Zakanya. And I’m planning it on plant NATO in the future and also Kailangan tangalyn young manga. Then we will allow it to overflow if we will be doing like this just to clean the best way for us to propagate. This is through stem cuttings. I haven’t tried Young Canyon Leaf propagation, But I guess it’s gonna be difficult to propagate this using their leaves. Yeah, so Mejo. Woody Nasha. I can actually make a lot of cuttings, but I really wanted to preserve young ganitong appearance. You can air dry this if you wish, but if your soil mix is dry, then put the luncheon then on its own. Yeah, I will just be using. This is problem free as long as it has good drainage. It has plenty of ventilation and another thing is plenty of sunlight. You also need to consider that. This is subject to rot or milibug infestation if we allow them to become water law due to over watering, and that’s all for our deltoid plant. Thank you guys for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You may also visit our Facebook page at desert. Succulent Ph.