Pink Butterlies | Butterlies, Swans, Hells Angels And A Great Find


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Butterlies, Swans, Hells Angels And A Great Find


Oh, I like that. There are a lot further aware today, but there were right next to us yesterday. We thought there were geese. Actually, this one’s look at that lords and come on, We’re either color. I love to zoom out again. Wish they were a bit closer. None of them is stretching their feathers this morning. What they were yesterday? I’ve never seen so many swans in one place before. I’m your life. Look at the mall. I can’t even better get out with a car, but I had to get out of the car. Police think that’s it. Yeah, that’s it. This was a quiet boys. You drop me on my God, So look at these cute cook here, kisses. I found you know, years ago when I was looking for stuff like this. You literally couldn’t find them anywhere. Look at the price of them, excellent price. And these. Obviously I’m not going to start using these for a range, but they’ll do for a limited edition, a range of something and they’ve got two different style. Rappers right up my street right up my street. So I love the ditzy look as well as the stylish look and I can never choose between the Tier 1 Sometimes I’m where on one side and sometimes on way on the other so 1 49 H. And they are from a shop called Yorkshire trading and it’s a new shot. We’ve just got in town, It’s not great, and but I was in looking for a sweeping brush and pan so that you don’t have to bend right down and to sweep up and I found these, and I thought, yeah, I’m going to share those with everyone. So if you can, if you’ve got a York to trade in anywhere near you, you might find some uses for these. OK, sorry about my throat. I don’t know what’s going on with it.