Pink Blush Aloe | Plant Unboxing | Aloe ‘pink Blush’


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Plant Unboxing | Aloe 'pink Blush'


But how’s it going, guys? Welcome back to another video. I’ve got a really quick unboxing video today and this wasn’t really planned, but I recently found on eBay. I was looking at some Alo different Hallows varieties, and I came across the pink blush, and I’m not sure about its long scientific name. That’s all I have for at the moment is a low pink blush, and they’re really quite small types of aloes and I was following one for quite a while, and it was going for 10 pounds, which is not like extensively expensive as far as I’m aware there was only a couple well. That was the only one I could find online that was in the country, so I have nothing to price. Guide the price on. But I managed to. I missed that one. I didn’t get home and then I managed to find another one recently and it was on. It was up for $2.99 plus postage, which was about four pound ish. I think, but I sent an offer for two pounds I think, and they accepted, so it was kind of an accident to buy and with a class as an accidental buy because I wasn’t expecting that to be accepted, but this it’s coming this little package here. And as far as I’m aware, this is the plan, but I don’t know what else. I’ve ordered so because it said I got anything else today, saying it just shipped like what I got. The email confirmation today that it was shipped so hopefully this is the plan. Otherwise this won’t be uploaded, obviously, but it feels quite heavy like it might come in a pot which I wasn’t expecting, but hopefully it does. They’re with me, so if I want to bring something up in one of my previous videos, I mentioned that not many people like cacti, and I completely retract that statement. What, I don’t really know what I meant by it. I just mean a lot of people that I know of aren’t that keen on cacti and succulents, they’re more into, like the larger tropical large leaves and foliage sort of plants, But I completely retract that statement because I myself. Don’t believe it. Um, so it’s been putting this reused box, which is always nice. Oh, yes, it is okay, so I’m not opening something wrong. Focus, but a low pink blush that says it’s nicely. It came with a label because a lot of plants do not come with labels, especially when you buy them online, so I don’t have any space to do this video because my room is absolutely It’s just so dark in here. I was, I was tempted to come to this in the garden, so it’s just packed with some newspaper, and then here we are, so it’s quite small, but but that includes the pot, which means it’s very small, actually, but two pounds anyway. I think there’s four pound postage. I think I already said that, but I’m really getting more into my aloes like I’ve been looking on ebay quite a lot, and actually, they’ve got some really nice varieties on there, but I might wait because I’ve spent quite a bit of money on plants recently. I’m not sure if this is a pot. If it’s not, it’s gonna go everywhere. Oh, it isn’t. Oh, my god is tiny! I was not thinking it’s gonna be this. Small 1/2 is done, so it’s got some tissue around it. Oh, it’s this is gonna make a mess but never mind. I’ve been tied in my room all day, so just this is so small, just a quick focus. Focus can’t really see it, but it’s really tiny. Let me just cut the styler take off so. I’ll get open it more, so I was hoping that it would be a bit a little bit bigger, but I can’t complain for two pounds, but I want this to kind of spread as quick as possible, so I can get some little pops off of it and get more plants Propagator. Basically sorry the angle of this video. I’m sure I’ll edit it to make it a bit shorter, but it looks like your sense of nice compost like this nice characters mix. Wow, it’s so small, so I’m gonna focus so Ill. Turn the camera around and we’ll get a better picture of it. But look how tied you that is, so he’s guys. Little label looks like he did lose a bit of compost in the shipping, but yeah. I’ll quickly turn the camera around and we’ll have a better. Look, alright, so here you can see a better close up of the kacct and of the aloe here and you can see the colour, so it’s really vibrant like, yeah. I suppose it’s quite pinky. It looks a little bit orange E on camera, but it is quite pink and, like pale, pale, yellow ey’t sort of tone in person, but that is such a sweet little plant, isn’t it? I’ll probably keep it in this part. Oh, it’s got a lot of soil and like stones on its leaves there so. I’ll have to sort that out a little bit, but I’m gonna expect this guy to grow very slowly. I’ll probably put it under my propagate a light with my other plants, and hopefully it will grow a little quicker under there. But if you keep one of these yourself a low pink blush. If you have one, well, you have any tips on how to look after it, obviously. I’m going to do my research as well, but just let me know if there’s any little tricks, tips and stuff that you know of, but yeah, it’s really sweet. I’m quite happy with that. It’s a lot smaller than I was expecting. I was expecting maybe double that size, but I can’t complain for two pounds, so it’s really nice, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see you in my next One. Definitely leave comments in the comment section about this little guy, and if you like it and yeah, thank you guys for Tchen.