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Cactus Pin Cushion: Step-by-step Diy


And I won my names Italia. And today I’m gonna show you how to make a cactus pincushion like this one here. If you sell a lot or a friend or family member does, but don’t really have a place to cut them. This is a very great option to do so because it’s a cactus and a cactus needs, needles and or pins and this is so cute to have a display and very available, so they don’t have to look or all around for their pins or needles. It’s right there, and it’s an everlasting plant. It’s a cactus, looks like one. Yeah, and you don’t have to water it ever, and so it’s a win-win situation. I mean, what’s not to like so? If you want to see how this is made, stick around, let’s just get started First. Make a stencil that looks like an arch door. The size of the stencil and cactus is really up to you and then cut it out, then place. The stencil on some green colored felt and then draw around it and to get the proper cactus shape. You need to repeat this six times when you have all the six pieces. Cut them out now. Gather the pieces into pairs because we need to show the pairs together and you can secure the pass with a pin needle. Now we need to fit our needle and make a knot in the end and what I always do is take the end of the fret and then make a loop around my two fingers and then trying to slide my fingers out by rubbing my three fingers together and then making a knot. You can repeat this once or twice to make a bigger nut. Now make the first stitch in between the two layers, so they’re not remains inside. Then continue sewing the pair together all around the edge. When you reach the end, make another stitch in between layers, so you can make the lock, then make another stitch in between the layers in the surface of the fabric, but I’m pulled too hard on the thread because you need the loop to make the lock, so twist the thread around the needle and then pull, then cut the remaining thread off and repeat this with the other two pairs now. I should have three pieces, so gather them all like a day of cards, so threaten you and make a knot because we need to show all these pieces together. Start in the center and in between the layers who do not won’t be visible now? We need to stir them together in the center all the way to the top and back. If it’s hard to get through all the layers, you can use a thimble to make it a little bit easier when you’ve sewn back and forth. You need to make a knot like before, so make a stitch in between the layers and then make another stitch and then keep the loop because you need to thread the needle around it and then pull. And then you got your knot. Then cut the remaining thread off. Now this is what it should look like before filling it with cotton now open up one of the pockets and then start filling it with cotton and you can use one of your pins to push it down and continue filling it until it’s full and then continue on to fill the other pockets now. This cactus is almost finished. We just need to add some more details. Before it’s done so frightened needle without a knot in the end and then make a single stitch with a single loop, then cut the remaining string off, then cut off a small piece of yarn and then place it in the loop when in place, pull the two strings and then make some knots to secure it and then cut the remaining thread off and then try to fluff the yarn to make it more like spikes now can continue making these spikes all the way up the edges of the cactus. One final thing is the flower on top, so make a flower on the pink felt and then cut it out and then glue it on top of it. That’s one down and one to go now to make these round cactuses. You need a circle like object like a glass or a bowl and yet again you decide the size. The cactus you just saw was made of this glass, then draw around your circle object on some other shade of green felt, then cut it out, thread the needle and then make a knot, then start sewing around the edges on the side with the pin markings are visible and then make an up-and-down motion onto the needle to sew it much faster and continue this method Until you reach the knot before closing it up. We need to fill it up with some cotton. When you’re happy with the fillings, pull the attached, fret to close it. Then make a stitch on some of the folds or ruching in the bottom to give it all in place. Then take a needle and then poke it through the center of your ball to make a stitch, then put on the fret to make a crease and continue the same process all around the edge of the bowl and again you can use a symbol. It is too hard to poke through, and you continue doing this until you have eight or sixteen kind of love handles when you’re happy with the amount of love handles, make a stitch in the bottom and then make another stitch to make the lock, then cut the excess off, and you can, of course, make as many as you want to in any size when you’re done making your cactuses, it’s time to work with the dirt, so then take a terra cotta pot and then place on the dirt like felt and then draw around it. Then cut the circle out now. This circle is more like a lid, but we need to cut the edges to make it fit inside it, but don’t cut too much off. Start with few millimeters. At first, it needs to fit right below the edge that sticks out of the terra cotta pot when the felf fits. We need to work with a foam cone. If the foam cone doesn’t fit, you need to trim the top of it but cut off small amounts, so don’t make it too small and this again needs to fit right below the edge that we talked about earlier. Now that everything fits, we need to glue the pieces together, so take a glue gun and then glue the bottom of the cone onto the felt piece right in the center. Then turn the cone around and then put a generous amount of glue on the cactus and then glue it onto the film. You can glue as many cactus. You want on the film now? When everything is dried, we need to glue the terra cotta pot and the cone piece together, so put some glue on the cut piece of the cone, and the place is right in the middle of the terra cotta pot and then press down to make the pieces stick together now when everything is assembled and dried, it’s done so place the news on it or give it away as a gift. I hope you enjoy watching. That’s the end giving like I really appreciate it. And if you’re any idea suggestions or questions, you want, ask me your cover? The comment section down below and I will surely path towards, and if you want to see that conveniently, you subscriber be a part of a lovely. DIY family here at the blue toolbox. So subscribe. And I will see you soon with my ideas bye.