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Cactus Propagation - Pilosocereus


Okay, today! I’m going to show you how to take cuttings from a palace. Eri’s cactus. It’s pretty straightforward, or you only need a few simple things. You need a knife? You need some good quality gloves because a cactus is quite sharp, and you’d only get spike by the spines, and I also like to use. I’m just an old rag just to give you that added protection from the spines. So what we’re going to do now is we’re just going to take some cuttings and I’ll show you how to do that, so we’ve already cut the the piece of cactus off the main mother plant. Now we’re going to take the cutting, so what you’re aiming to do is just to take pieces off the main bottom section like this and what we’re aiming to do is increase the surface area so that when you plant these, the roots will be able to grow from the cut sections so this will just increase the root growing area by doing this, so as you can see, we’ve taken all these little cuttings off here cut sections and now we’re going to cut the main stem, so what you’re aiming to do now is to leave enough area here, so when you put it into a pot, you want, you want at least that amount to put into the soil, so we want to cut a little bit above that for the new growth to take place, so we’re going to cut approximately here, so you’re just cutting through there like that, and there you have cutting and what we aim to do is is to leave these cuttings for about one to two weeks to allow the newly cut section to dry out so that when you plant it, it’s not going to rot, so this is going. All this section here is going to kill us over. It’s going to dry out, so we want to leave that for at least one to two weeks, so I’m just going to put it with the other pieces. I’ve already cut over here and you can see those. Try and get the or your cuttings. Approximately the same same size. If you can so that they’re all even so, we’re going to do the same thing again. We just take the little pieces off the edge like that. This will increase the surface area for the roots to grow, so it’s pretty straightforward, so now that we have the newly cut section there, so we’re going to leave. We’re just going to put that piece beside it, so we know how much to cut, and then we’re just going to cut straight through like that. So now we’ve got a couple of isn’t even pieces to put into the pot as you can see, and we just keep doing the same thing along here, so we’re just taking these little increasing the surface area again, so all the roots will start to grow from here here and all around here. Just be very careful because the spines are very sharp, and you don’t want to get any spines in your fingers. So there we go there. We have another one and I want to match it up. You don’t have to do this, but I like to keep them all the same size, and then we just cut straight through there again, so we have another even two even pieces, and then we continue all the way to the end, decreasing the surface area, so we have sort of a style shape there you can see that, and we’re just cutting down through it like that, so you have your piece there, and that’s all you really do, and you just keep doing that cutting along the main section until you get to the end, so we’ll get at least another two pieces out of this. I’ll just cut straight down through there. So we’re just increasing the surface area for the roots to grow by doing this. So you can see we’ve done that, and then we end up with another piece. Then we have the final section, which is the growing point, which is this, and we’re just go into also cutting cutting the the bottom section like this will actually give us make us aware that. When we’re finished with the with the pieces we will know, which is the bottom, and which is the top because we don’t want to have a piece like this that we’ve already cut, and we don’t know, of course, if you plant it upside down, it’s not going to take root so by cutting it like this, we know, which is the bottom, and which is the top so now that we’ve cut the final piece, that is the growing point and we’re going to leave this for one to two weeks so that the the bottom section we’ve cut has time to to dry and to callus, so we want that nice scabbing effect, and then after about two weeks, putting it putting it into a nice, cool dark area, then we can go and put it into the into a good cactus mix and then just wait for it to to set root. We don’t want to give it too much water because the the cactus has enough water in it. So just just give it a very light watering after maybe two up to two weeks when you planted it up, and that’s all you need to do and so there we can see all the pieces that we’ve cut from the main section and that’s. All you really need to do. Thank you for watching my video.