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Wow My Pilocereus Plachycladus Cactus Is In Bud And In The Middle Of My Kitchen


Hi guys, it’s Lynn! Hey, I hope you’re having an amazing day now today, guys, I’ve got something rather unusual and certainly wacky and bizarre to show you and talk to you about today now. This might not look the most aesthetically pleasing here. This is a collection of our serious cacti, mostly pylo’s areas and then actually overwinter in here in our kitchen and the reason why they’re actually standing here against the wall in our kitchen is because we haven’t really got anywhere to actually overwinter them because the polytunnel is kept at a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius, about 41 degrees Fahrenheit because these pylos Arius cacti need to be kept at a minimum of about 50 degrees Fahrenheit 10 Celsius and to heat up polytunnel at that temperature would just be too costly for us. So we’ve decided to bring these inside the house previous to moving here. We had a conservatory where we used to have. Everything keaney’s have lots of light, so we have no really option to have them here. So the most important thing when it comes to overwintering is to make sure that they kept dry and as much light as possible and these are actually probably about a meter or two bobeat and a half away from a very sunny south-facing window here as you can see, there’s our polytunnel there and plenty of sunshine comes across onto this back wall and onto these plants, but obviously these were kept here permanently. They’d grow Attali ated and stretched out because they need much more fall intense sunshine, but their overwintering here only, and that’s the good news. These plants are normally outside during the summer from the spring of some of their in our yard. They get plenty of sunshine from then, and then it is overwintering here, but anyway, the reason why. I have to explain all this is because they are normally rested at this time of year. And pilo. So is this ticular cactus here have to have bright, intense sunshine, direct sunshine and plenty of fresh air to normally flower this flowers for me every year, usually when we have the outside and previous that we just have it in the conserved. It used to flower always doing the spring of summer, but what is remarkable guys as I say, it’s winter now and the only Sun it gets is coming across from the window here over a meat and a half away, and I always say when it comes to growing cacti, don’t keep them any further than a meter away from a south-facing window or east, or or any window that gets Sun further away than that. They’ll tend to grow, stretched out unless you’ll go in there, epiphytes, but what is remarkable is? This is actually, despite being that far away from the window. Despite the fact it should be overwintering. Now it’s actually coming into bird, and what is even more remarkable. Is it’s actually very hard to get. Pylo’s arias to flower in cultivation, even in a greenhouse, even in a sunny sunny garden for the summer. But this is what is remarkable. This is definitely a flower bird guys, and I’m not going to press so hard because I don’t want to cause any damage, but I don’t know whether you can see there. It’s actually a deep plum color underneath the hair, and you might say well. What are these this? This is actually part of like a they form a wali safley and when they’re mature and the flowers emerge from here and these are all soft just feels very much like wall soft but soft wall, and you know, when they form in a flower, a flower bud, because it forms a little very tight-knit of a wall and its firm and it would have a deep plum, a purple color don’t know whether you can see there, but I know what I wanted to say is. That is actually a flower bud that it’s just appeared within the past couple of days and we’ve had a spell of very sunny weather here coming right across these gets our Sun pretty much all day here and Venom ideas winter, so the days are short and obviously, but it’s way too far away from the window at this time of year to really form Flower buds. So I just to show that because he’s really remarkable. I don’t know whether this buddy’s going to go into flour long term, or it’s going to drop off or what I really don’t know, but I wanted to make that video because it’s hard to get Pilar serious to flour in cultivation anyway, and especially when it’s not outside or in a greenhouse or conservative, this is actually indoors in our kitchen as I say, that’s far away from the window there, which is you can see pretty amazing, so I don’t know how this is going to go, but stay tuned, guys. I’m going to do an update on it and let you know if it flowers when it flowers, and also when he gets a little bit bigger. And if you want to see what this whacky plan looks like when it’s easy flower links up above to a video that I have made on this amazing, beautiful flower. It is quite wacky this. We usually have in my greenhouse when I had the greenhouse at my old house and that use of flower every year out there. A big, huge, big, smelly flower. There smell a little bit like stoop Elia flowers. They have that smell of sort of smelly socks or rotting fish smell, but the flower itself is very beautiful and sort of unusual. So do check out what the flower looks like. See if this flowers here this far away from a window in winter. I will be absolutely amazed because they need. You know, the usually summer intense. Sun directly on them, which they’re normally have if this was outside in here during the summer and it did fly with his shirt flowered in the middle of summer for us. But of course, it was outside getting joined the sunshine in the garden. So it’s going to be interesting to see what happens, but just don’t know whether you can really see there, but some it’s different all these, so this is very soft. That’s very firm and you can see a bit of a but at the purpleness. I’m not quite sure how the camera’s picking that up, but stay tuned, guys, and I’m going to do an update on it so guys. Thanks so much for watching if you want to know bit more about how to grow cacti and succulents. And you’re new to these some amazing, amazing passion, then do check out my website. The desert plants of Avalon calm still in the early stages. I have lots more to do on there, so we’ll do keep checking for regular updates and thanks so much guys until then. You eleven heaps are happiness as always. Macros’s, the Emerald Isle. And until the Next Video Bye-bye look at my speak Harry one .