Pilocereus Cactus | My Pilocereus Pachycladus Cactus Plant From Buds To Wacky Blooms

Desert Plants of Avalon

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My Pilocereus Pachycladus Cactus Plant From Buds To Wacky Blooms


Hi guys, it’s Lin! Hey, I hope everybody is having a fantastic day now today. I’m out in the yard and I’ve got something weird and wacky to show you, and I want to show you before the flowers actually open because the buds itself is pretty wacky now. This is our! We have a pony big. Politan alight there, which is the majority of our cacti circletine. We have a little greenhouse here that houses some of our other ones as well and at the moment, it’s we’ve got a lot of plants that we normally have out in the yard in here because the weather has been very, very wet and we have a few seedlings all on there, but today. I have this to show you, nope. The aliens have not landed guys. This is actually my pile. Oh, serious cactus plant with three huge big birds, big pink birds and look at that guys doesn’t. It look just like well. This cactus sort of looks like a cross between half dog and half cactus. It really does look like a pair of eyes and a strange, evil, strange mouth or strange nose, but it’s very alien like, but I’m very happy to share this with you today because I think the flowers are going to open tonight, and they’re buffin. I have made a few videos of this particular pilot’s areas in flower because it flowers usually every year with the beautiful sort of lovely discs like flowered, but it has a strange smell of so much like smelly socks, but the flower itself is beautiful and the flowers only really lasts a day or two, so it’s good to catch it while you can, but this time I want to show you while it’s in bird, and then I’m going to show you then straight. After this, the flowers open. This is gonna be a bird – bloom video. So these plants these? Pilar, Saras produce very woolly hair and he had you just feel like fur like almost like animal fur quite remarkable, and this is called a so Phillium, and this is when these plants are mature. That is where the buds come out. The flowers come out off, and they onei’s produced in mature plants, so it’s good to say so this flowers over the past few years every year for me, and but he’s never had three big births all at the same time, so I don’t know if all these flowers are gonna open together. If they do, it’s gonna be amazing, but if not, I want to show you how. It looks like in bird. So here we go, guys. This is this weed and wacky alien half animal looking cactus. I did show you here. That’s that’s it and I just it’s probably about four four tights. It’s tall enough, and they got to show you the birds because the birds themselves are just pretty remarkable to show you bud to bloom until the hair whipped around there or whipped around the lovely birds, and when that the bird is getting ready to open, it bursts through the hair as you can see, it comes out like that very lovely sort of deep, plummy color. So there you go now, you see the birds, and now you’re going to see the flowers, so from this -. Dada – this. Isn’t that incredible guys? That lovely, lovely bloom. Now, unfortunately, the one below it actually fell off as you can see. That is the flower bud that fell off on that one. It aborted the one flower at the flower bird, But if this one has opened and this one is going to be opening very, very soon, so they got the one birth there and the other one, a flower and so wonderful to see. I have to say, isn’t it working? Ah, ha ha ha, weird and wacky and the beautiful flower there and then. I’m gonna show you when this one is now a bird and how this looks -. Look at that. That’s the second one open up. This is the next day after, and that’s the second bird opened up, And as I said, that was the other one that was open up earlier that has now closed completely, and the second one has opened that. He’s not just beautiful guys. Look, that wacky and wonderful and all the little pollen inside all the lovely yellow pollen is absolutely beautiful like little stars all the way through, they’re absolutely gorgeous, and that’s the outside. They’re like a lovely, lovely peachy peachy color to the outer petals. I must to say that the flower itself was all lovely and hairy. Look at that guys, isn’t that beautiful? It’s not every day you see pilots serious for hours in cultivation, so this is a little bit extra special. So that’s the the cactus itself. Incredible so guys. I hope you enjoyed the video and the wacky flowers, and they have a smell, a little bit like smelly, dirty socks that good. The flowers look prettier than what they smell. It’s guys, thank you so much for watching. I don’t want to send you loads of love. Heaps of happiness and tons and tons of plant power from across the Emerald Isle and until the next video .