Pig’s Ear Succulent | Propagating Pig’s Ear Succulent With Actual Results

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Propagating Pig's Ear Succulent With Actual Results


Hi, guys, welcome to easy-peasy gardening. I’m your gardener, friend Ruchi. And today we are going to. I go to show you how to propagate pigs here. So pigs here is a suckle, and it has these big leaves we leaves and it has red outline and they grow very fast. They are from the Kalanchoe family, So you know, the propagation works through cuttings or through leaves and you know ventures. We get these winter or early spring. Actually, they get these beautiful flowers shoots on top, and they have these dangling red flash, so they look really beautiful, and they grow nicely, so for your succulent garden, It’s a good choice to have, of course, as most succulents, it requires full. Sun and very little water. Almost no fertilizer at all. So it’s really easy to blow. I had this pig’s ear plant growing happily near my friends, and then, you know, there was some maintenance work going on, and the guys were really struggling to save the plants and they stepped on it and it’s been lying like this there for a few days, and you know, the leaves are all shriveled and you know, one of the branches is broken, so this one has good roots so? I’m not worried about this, actually. I’m not worried about this also. Yeah, easy to grow from the stem, so this. I’m going to plant, you know, look at this. You know, it is so shriveled and these are very. Hardy sucker lines. So I am 100% sure that this will grow. I just want to make sure that all the roots go inside the soil, and I hydrate it properly. And, you know, these are some of the stem growing from the side. I don’t want to bury them so on this side. I’m going to just leave the soil a little bit low. And when these shoots they start to grow, then I will add more soil and for this. I’m going to just stick it in one side and it’s been lying there for a couple of days, so the Callus has formed. It’s not fresh wound. That will be better, so just put it here. Just stick it in nothing special and these are. Hardy plants so they should bounce back to life, so I’m going to water it thoroughly, and then I’m going to just leave it in a shaded area for some time. So if you look at this leaf, the all the leaves, they are all shriveled because it’s been lying there for some time and I’ll report back. Oh, please, -. After some time, it’s been about three weeks, and as you can tell this taller one which had the roots. Also, you know, the leaves are now all hydrated. There are no wrinkles in the leaves, so it’s looking good and the other one, which did not have roots, but we had just planted the setting on the side. Even that one is looking good. It still has some wrinkles. It’s not as bad as it was at that time. It’s been about two months that we planted these, so this one had roots. This one did not have roots and they were all shriveled up and now look at these. You know, they’re growing so well. The leaves are smooth and they’re dark in color, meaning they’re then the color is good and even if you look at this one which did not have root. If you look at this, there is new growth here, so that means even this one is doing well without any root. So basically, you know these pigs here. They are really easy to grow. They’re very Hardy as you saw. They were like in such a bad shape, and I kept them in this planter and this one. If you look at it, you know, it has a lot of new growth here, So although our pixie er is doing great. I want to see if this one has developed any roots or not, and so I’m going to just remove it, and then I’ll put it back and this is a hardy plant, so it will, you know, we’ll have no trouble getting back into good shape, and I’m not going to disturb it too much. So one thing is that you know lot of good roots growing and let’s see look at this. It has so much root growing, you know, in two months from a shriveled stem to such healthy root system. Look at these big roots, So I’m going to just put it back again. So clicks here is really easy to grow. Just stick it in and water it fully and just keep it in partial shade or partial. Sun, depending on where you live, how harsh is the Sun and make sure there is enough drainage in the container because otherwise it will not survive like any other succulent, it needs good drainage and water it when the soil is completely dry, so let it dry between watering and then water it fully and also watch your plant, you know, if the. Sun is too harsh and the leaves are getting scorched. Then maybe you want to move it in partial shade or something like that so. I hope this video was useful to you. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible. If you like this video, press the like button and subscribe to our Channel and I’ll see you next time. Happy gardening bye.