Peperomia Axillaris | How To Grow & Care For Peperomia Gravelones

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How To Grow & Care For Peperomia Gravelones


Hey, guys, and welcome to the channel today. We’re gonna talk about peperomia. Gravelly, honest or ruby glue. This is a small shrub that can reach up to 25 centimeters or 10 inches tall. It is known for its red wine colored stems and extreme succulents leaves. These leaves are also usually in a red wine color, except for the upper parts of the leaf that are usually transparent. V-shaped or green. The flower race meds are simple and resemble a rat tail. It’s stem like powdery lime green in a color to the naked eye can usually grow up to seven point five centimeters or three inches tall. When it flowers, you can expect yellowish white flowers to grow up to 25 centimeters or ten inches, along around the stem. This succulent is perfect for people who enjoy making arrangement as it’s very suitable to be a filler in such arrangements. The plan is in USD hardness Zone, 10 a 211 B That means from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 1.1 Celsius to +10 degrees Celsius When caring for the Ruby glow, it is not particularly hard as their small size and delicate leaves, make them perfect for a desktop and disc garments. They will rarely overtake the neighbors or shade them out. In short, They are perfectly mannered and beautiful little plants. One of the main issues with this succulents is related to water, they like steady, moist soil but can be extremely sensitive to over watering if over watered, it will die. So you need to be careful when watering do not be alarmed if your plant loses a few bottom leaves. But massive leave droppings is usually due to a temperature change or to the fertilizer that you’re using. Lastly, Peperomia are suitable to mealybugs. So you need to be careful and pay attention to your plan so that you don’t get an invitation on your hand. These plants thrive went slightly pot bound. So don’t over pot them. When you repot the plant do so in early spring, you should exchange the soil for a belt, draining succulent soil and make sure that you have a pot with a drainage hole. You can prune the roots or simply put it up one pot size. The largest peperomia remain relatively small, so they will never grow into large specimens plants. Most species are most easily propagated with leaf cuttings, The peperomia gravely anise or Ruby plant. Ruby Glo is native to Ecuador and Peru. Peperomia gets its name from the Greek word that body, which means peppers peperomia resembles black pepper plant. It also pairs well with captive area or Silver Star. Now you should know that these plants are generally non toxic to humans and animals. They are summer, dormant and partial. Sun to partial shade. When you plant your plant, make sure that you do so in a container that can be brought indoors when it gets closer to winter if planting indoors place it in a room that gets filtered sunlight. Think north-facing window that is if you’re in the northern hemisphere, the best way to water, these succulents is to use the soaked and dry method that means you should water the soil until it’s completely drenched, preferably with water coming out from the bottom drainage hole and then wait until the soil has completely dried at the bottom now. If you have enjoyed this video, make sure that you subscribe to our Channel. Have a look at our website and give this video a thumbs up and as always have a good day and see you next time bye you.