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Let's Plant Succulents #5 - New Soil Mix


Hey, guys, how’s going at night? Welcome to this, let’s plant episode number three, the last word of 2017 Anyways, so happy holidays and merry Christmas to all of you. Who are celebrating it. Hopefully you guys had you know something. I could present underneath the tree or on the tree. Whichever one it is, okay, so we’re gonna be planting A four of my beautiful, renew, rare succulents, one, two, three and four right here, and as you can see, there’s a brand new item right here that I’m finished. Okay, So this is from bonsai calm. It is a second soil. Mix a grit so well. Next, so it’s made out of pebbles woodchips. You know, little tiny rocks and all that stuff. So there’s hardly any soil in here versus a cactus soil. Mix right here, which I regularly use so the reason what I want to try. This is there are actually some very great advantages to using a quick mix, persistent soil mix, although a little bit more expensive, and I think it’s worthwhile to use this on my more rare succulents versus my regular seconds, right so anything that’s super rare, like my ex, very nebulae or my very West Rainbow or my extra barrier, rain drops. I’m gonna definitely be using this instead. Okay, so what it be? I’ll talk about, you know, They’re huge more into low selection and another pedo, but the great advantage of using this is that because there’s hardly any soil or soil in here or if anything. Not, there’s no soil in here at all, which means that there is hardly ever gonna have. It’ll never have any mini bugs infestation within the soil, that’s. That house should really good thing, so what we’re gonna do is okay, so I’ve already cut out the fiberglass mesh, which is window mesh and puts them into the pots right here, so that’s what we’re gonna do first number one because there is because seconds themself. You have to remember second. Sim self have very, very, very shallow roots like a very small, tiny root system. Right, so we don’t want to pour all this into our pot, right, you just want to pour it into half right there, so what what? I use is, we’re going to use clay balls as our post bottoms as well. Clay balls will help with the drainage as well and also let the soil also let the roots actually breathe even more so. I’ve already put the clay balls onto water so that they can absorb it. It’s actually page balanced, too acidic water as well. So I’m already good, so I’m gonna put some about that much right, talked about that much. It’s a little bit more up to that much because like when we put our succulents on here, you know, we don’t we. We want some of the mix into there, okay, and now we’re gonna cut our mix right now. Yeah, and now we’re gonna put our mix. Pour our mix in, right. See, ah. I’m pretty gritty mix. Maybe I should use like left table top right there. Maybe this is expensive stuff. I don’t want to use it all at once. So when you put our extra various nebulae later, you can see there’s they’re so tiny. There’s a tiny group right here. I don’t you see right there. There’s a tiny root. It’s already ready to go. So all we do is just kind of nudge it in. That’s pretty much it. We put top dressing on here as well. It’s not a problem, maybe actually, you know. I’m gonna put some more. I’m gonna some more of the quick spin. Okay, Good in, and I’ve actually asked the seller like how big it’s actually going to be like this big when it gets. Ait’s going up, so we’re gonna put. I wouldn’t put some of our top dressing on top. Dressing really does nothing except for the looks and also holds down the soil. If you have, you’re using soil, it holds down the soil. So that way when you’re spraying or watering, the suckers doesn’t go all. Go go go all over the place. My English is so bad I should test it really good. Okay, then do this. You’re gonna have all the tools of all kind of things, you know, and then put that in there. Put that in there and my extra very nebula. It’s all good to go. Yo, all good to go spray bottle. So sorry that. I forgot my spray Balm. My favorite spray water that I bought at the dollar store for super cheap. So once we’re done, We’re just gonna spray water in it because it’s been a few days since this. Oh, my God, see, this thing is superfast drainage. It’s just start started dripping already, and that’s what we want for our succulents, right, Especially on super rare ones like this one. So there’s another thing that you need to know about seconds. When it’s drinking water, it actually drinks water super quick more than what we think that they do, so they don’t actually need time to sit into in the water at all. They just rule, and you’re good to go. Let’s do the next one. I don’t think we need that much and then pour some of our grits in here. Not all the way that’s good. That’s good for you. Spread it out. Yes, yes, girl, spread it out and then we’re gonna put this one in. Oh, this one’s getting tried. But it already has. It already has a rule root system and then we’re just gonna nudge this in there. You go, it’s actually much easier to to. I find that it’s easier to pants stuff in, especially when it’s not compacted soil, so it gets a little dirty. You know what I mean, so so for me? Just get a little dirty, okay. So top dressing is actually really great in this in this scenario because there’s hardly any water retention within the grips. So that way you can top that any color you want or anything with anything you want and so, yeah, because if you top dressed like this with like potting soil, it’s gonna be really horrible because the top dressing actually helps to retain the water because it can’t evaporate faster, right, so that’s there. It won’t allow the soil to evaporate the water faster, especially if you have like regular like potting soil, which is kind of horrible. Yeah, never buy potting soil because it retains too much water. Okay, don’t rotate too much. If you do buy potting soil, buy it with. At least you know, perlite. It makes a lot of perlite in it. Mix a lot of perlite in it. Okay, and then that’s done. See how beautiful that is now and everything fun. Give me a little bit more there. You go and then watch how fast this thing. Oh, D it drains really quick. The drains super quick. So the reason you know what the also reason why? I am doing this is because I’ve been looking at a lot of Korean stuff. When you look at it, right, you can see that a lot of there are the roots have absolutely no soil like hardly any soil at all, and it’s real fascinating, and I see a lot of their their seconds in like a great mix or academic. Forgot how, but there’s hardly any soil on the roof, So I’m gonna try this as well experiment and see how it goes. A lot of my a lot of my succulents. Have we have their color combat already with the lighting that I’ve been using which I’ve already listed in the past video in the last video? Okay, this is gonna be a lot of time. I don’t know, I want to do this. I know I need anymore, a girl. I need more anymore. That’s good enough, that’s good. I think that’s good. This is side right here. Get this here! Put this on you. This might not need top dressing at all. Because there’s a lot, huh? Let me get rid of you guys down here. Thank you guys. You guys always remove dead leaves. You guys always okay because they end up harvesting? You know, pests and all that stuff. If you don’t remove them, okay, always remove them. Don’t be afraid to not remove them. Don’t be afraid, not to okay, because when you when you don’t remove them and pests are gonna come up and I’m gonna eat all your. That’s not good. That’s not what we want. Oh, that’s interesting, a little a little a little pop dressing. Okay, just a little. I don’t really need to, but I just want to never be afraid. Don’t be afraid to like, you know. Push, you’re stuck in. It’s around because they’re very resilient. They’re very, they are super resilient type of plant. I you know I. When I first like, watch like succulent videos, I’ve seen a peep of like this guy. Who is I mention? Oh, you guys are like telling me that. I’m like being harsh with my pants On. On fact, it’s fine to be harsh with them. They’re not, they’re not fragile creature, You know, don’t like, just don’t be afraid. Just do not be afraid. That’s water this. Oh, look, see, it chirps really quick. Super tricky. I’m not afraid to do things. I’m not afraid because for me, It’s a learning lesson, right, It’s it’s very much a learning lesson if I don’t do it. I’ll never understand how things work, You know. That’s how I am, but I think that’s how a lot of people should be -. If you don’t do things, you will never learn how to how they work. You know, you can actually, like, put your seconds into a Styrofoam as well and they’ll still live. I was going to give them water nutrients. Oh, they’re so weird, see? There’s hardly any soil. It’s just pebbles. What are those things called expert on pebbles rocks, you know, and that’s it, that’s pretty much. It, there’s nothing else in here, except for that. There’s no soil or anything for. You know the mini bugs to live on. There’s hardly any soil. No soil at all right girl. Oh, maybe. I should have put them in first before. Jab you in there, okay. This is not working out very well jab you. Whatever, what, oh, you know what, maybe? I should have, maybe maybe maybe I should have. This is, yep. Life is about learning from your mistakes moving forward from it. It’s all there is, how do I think? How are you easy? I use a spoon. I use a spoon, use that you use a spoon, see? This is so much cleaner than soil, right usually. I’d be like dirty. I’d be dirty and messy by this time around by this time to dip the dirty. I mean, it’s still a little messy, but it’s not as messy as like a dirty as like a a soil with with soil. See, that’s it, so I do. Would you let them chop dressing? Of course? I would like some top dressing. I like you know what I like. I like Hawaiian pizzas. People call me crazy. I like Hawaiian pizza because I like the pineapple sweetness, and you know the saltiness. You know, that’s what I like. I’m not into salty food as much as you know, people would think I am because I’m salty alone. I’m very salty. Sometimes here you go see Tada. And now we put some top dressing in solidfire. Solidify these things so that they don’t move around. This is so much easier to clean up so much easier versus dirt dirt. So what do you think? Do you like this kind of stuff? I think I like this kind of stuff. So on the stream, we’re gonna be redoing some of our stuff it into this kind of stuff, yeah? I like our extra very rainbow colubrid bearing bold. You know those ones? I’m gonna be doing them into the soil. Mix right here. I think. I’ll have a lot for like, 20 20 pots of them so before that, I’m gonna clean them out. Take out the soil, clean them out first. And then we’re gonna do them stead of like doing the middle because they dirt and stuff, right, and that is it for this. Let’s plant the video. Hopefully you guys enjoy this, and hopefully you guys learn a little bit more about. You know my decision to do use whit mix instead of, you know, regular cactus our maker. I can just do retro cactus oil, but I don’t want an infestation of Mimi Bugs or stuff like that and this will help to prevent that okay, anyway. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, spray some water on this. Look at that, it’s just dripping. I don’t know you can see that. You can see that they’re just. It’s just drips. It’s just just ruler it fast anyways. Thank you, you guys so much for watching this video. What do you think of my new beauties? I love them so much. I love this! Oh, my god! I’m I can’t wait until this grows into the mother plants. Alright, thank you guys so much for watching again and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Love ya, take care bye. !