Parodia Erubescens | Cactus Unboxing From Solentguy On Ebay | Lobivia & Parodia


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Cactus Unboxing From Solentguy On Ebay | Lobivia & Parodia


Welcome to another video. So I’ve got a couple of plants in here from Solenkai on ebay. Courtesy of my friend. Phil, so thank you again. Phil, I’ve got plants from solent guy in the past and the quality is always fantastic. We’ll see grown plants here in the UK. I’ll put a link to his ebay store In the description below. He does only post within the UK Now, though. Unfortunately, so do bear that in mind. So yeah, let’s get this box open. Yeah, like I said, just two plants in here, but two very nice plants, A Livia and a parodia very excited to see these very nicely packaged. All right, first one already know. It’s the labia in this one. Wow, look at that gorgeous purple color to the epidermis and a larger plant than I was expecting as well. So this is Libivia, Pampana or technically. Econopsis Pampana. Now these get stunning flowers on them. Not sure what color these will be as solid guys said in the listing. These haven’t bloomed yet. What gorgeous, healthy looking plant that is very happy with that, right. The parodia very excited to see this one as well. This one has hooked spine, so need to be a little careful with this one. Wow, that’s stunning as well and again bigger than I thought it would be lovely, glossy, green color, rhodius websiana. This one very unique hooked spines on this way. They curve downwards like that again. Stunning, healthy plant. So as always, I’ll get as much of this soil off the roots as I can before putting them up, so I have used a very peaty mix here, but they’re both nice and dry, which is good, nice, healthy roots on the labia and nice roots on the protea as well. So my soil mix is my regular mix. I use for most of my cacti. The only difference being is that I’ve replaced the horticultural grip for Kyodama. I’ll link a video above and in the description below that goes into a bit more detail about Kyodarma. I just prefer using it to grip now as it has better properties and it’s a nice, lightweight alternative to grit as well. I’m going to use these seven centimeter square pots, a bit of mesh at the bottom over the drainage holes as we’ll make sure we’re nicely centralized, and as always using our trusty skewer to poke the mixture down around the roots. That’s the labia done onto the parodial and to finish them off ill. Add some lava rock for top dressing top dressing really does finish the plants off nicely and using lava rock doesn’t impede how the mixture dries out and actually helps with airflow around the base of the plant as well. And that’s the parodia done. What a great looking plant That is, so cheers again, Phil, for these two and thanks to stolen guy for growing fantastic, healthy plants as he always does. I’ll probably get a few more from him Throughout the year as well. He always lists some interesting and lots of common ones. So thank you all for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please remember to like comment and subscribe hit that notification Bell as well. So, you know, when I upload a new video, you’ll be safe and well and I shall see you next time bye for now. bye bye you?