Painted Succulents Care | Succulent Rescue 4/11/15 (kosmic Kaktus Wtf!!!)


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Succulent Rescue 4/11/15 (kosmic Kaktus Wtf!!!)


That’s right, you seen it cosmic cactus. Well, it’s not even a cactus. It’s succulent, but I am just doing this video to show you guys to trying to bring awareness that this is what they’re doing now. Instead of faith flowers to sell cactus and succulents. Obviously, it’s a succulent. I have zero luck for succulents, guys. So I’m going to try and save this thing. It’s actually purple paint. That’s on this one for some reason to lighten the camera and the viewfinder. Sean Blue. I can’t believe they’re painting, cactus and succulents. That’s pretty bad. I’ve tried when I was in the store. I tried grabbing a little bit of water to see if I can get the pan off to see if it’s like a water base, I had no luck, so I’m going to try here with a q-tip and some water and see if it comes off, but as you can see, it’s pretty, it’s repelling it, and I don’t know if I can get closer, so you can hear it If the microphones can pick that up, but I’m not treading lightly and no paint is coming off. It’s got a shine to it almost like a clear coat. I really hope this company is not using spray paint a quick Google search. Just on my phone. While is at the store showed absolutely nothing. I couldn’t find nothing on them, so I’m going to do a little bit more research. And if I find some more, I’ll put a little annotation in on this company. That’s doing this to the plants on the label you saw at the store showed cactus. I could only find see. I’m not getting any paint with water, and I don’t want to use anything more. I don’t use any kind of chemical to get it all. Because then there goes of the plant. Let’s try a little bit of paper towel. Keep working on the San Juan since its way, forgot where it was sorry. I just want to show you guys that. This is what’s going on now in the box stores they’re painted. I can’t believe it, it’s horrible. Its way worse than fake flowers. At least fake flowers with the spines. You could cut them off. Pull them off or let them grow off. Eventually they fall off but spraying chemicals on the plant. That’s bad and yes, of course, by perching this. I did support the company that’s doing this, but I just purchased it in order to spread the awareness that this is going around and companies are doing this crap. You can see a little bit of green in there. I’m hoping new growth will come out and this will just die off. I’m hoping new growth comes before the plant dies off because it’s got a layer of paint, so it’s obviously not gonna get any sunlight. Cosmic cactus. Guys, please don’t paint this. So yeah, that’s my cactus rescue. Even though it’s not a cactus, succulent, all cacti seconds, but not all succulents are cacti, but this paint is not coming off anywhere, even from underneath with just water. I’m not going to use rubbing alcohol. I’m not going to use hydrogen peroxide. Nothing use any of that on there and I will keep you guys up to date to see what this hat what happens to this. I think of saying, yeah. I did. It’s just dust and dirt on that right there. That’s not even banging so but I’m saying, yeah, I did support these people by buying this, but that’s the sole purpose of trying to spread awareness and see if I can’t save this Booger and see if this paint comes off, it’s not coming off. I’m going to have it in the rain, so hopefully, rain water and time will get it off, but if this disgusts you guys like it, disgust me. Share the video, spread awareness, cactus and succulent awareness. This is crap, you know, if if they were doing this to. Roses rose bushes and and my neck of the woods. The seniors would be rioting right now. So if you’re not going to spray-paint a rose. Why are you going to spray-paint a cactus or a succulent? It’s just not right, It’s just a way of trying to sell, and in fact while. I was in line at the store to buy this thing, Multiple people said. Oh, that’s the coolest thing ever look. How cool is that is? And I’m just thinking my hedge. It’s it’s a plant That’s been spray-painted. How is that cool? I don’t know, just another way to get your average person to buy a plan. I guess I don’t know right here. There’s a little bit of damage. I don’t know if that’s just a dying tip or obviously it’s a dying tip, but I don’t know if it’s paint related or not probably damaged during shipping, but it’s held on by the pain. The pain is horrible. There, let me see if I can. You see that there’s a flake of paint right there, and that’s kind of a good find. Oh, wow, might be able to peel it off. Look at that so! I think I just found a way of getting it. I don’t, it’s not going to peel off of these ones unless you break the tips, and I don’t know if I’m gonna break the tips, but look at that. It might be able to peel it. Who knows good luck, guys. If you see this buy it, um, under little m and a little tab, you’ll see in the beginning video that they are spraying actual cactus with this. I only found one species. They were doing to it and the store I was at, and that was the punches. Micro daisies and they were just sprayed all different colors that those plants are probably done for. This might have some hope because it’s peeling but like. I said the only way to get it appeals to break the tips off, and I’m not going to do that. So hope you guys enjoyed. I just wanted to share this with you that this is going on out there. Cactus awareness, second line awareness. Thanks for watching as always happy growing you.