Painted Echeveria | Echeveria Propagation And My Echeveria Collection Update March 2019

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Echeveria Propagation And My Echeveria Collection Update March 2019


Hi, guys, in this video. I want to give you update on my Chavarria collection and also show you which of areas I have been propagating which propagation methods I have been using and how much progress they have made since I started propagating in the last few months, especially because it has been winter. And if you watch my past videos and you’re not watching first time, then you know that I’m big fan of Stacked-up, Chrysalis and Euphorbias and that the chip areas are not my favorite, so they were not a large part of my collection of succulents, but I can tell you this in the this winter from all of the plants that I bought. I think I bought the most chip areas, so I suppose I got to like them more, and I really enjoy looking at the divide, diversity of shapes and colors that they have. Let me show you what I have and what I have been propagating so guys, I have here a Chavarria topsy turvy, and if you watched my videos from this summer, I had these to achieve areas in and I think I placed them in the in this pot big pot already when I made the summer video. So I noticed that they were growing started rowing pups on the stems when I took them inside. So it was a end of the fall and I decided to behead them, not the best time to behead your plants in December, but I decided to do so, and the main reason is all these pups that we’re growing Now. Guys, these are actually stems where I cut, and I don’t know, this is crazy. There is like a million of them. Look at all these guys and some of them like these here as you can see. This is the size they’re becoming really big almost to the point that they’re going to be able to be separated and be on their own, okay. This one is not topsy turvy. I just stuck this guy in maybe two weeks ago, because I didn’t have an individual pot for it, but I mean, look. At how many these rosettes there is on the stem, you can really not see the spam where cut how many rosettes there is, and I don’t even know if part of this is crested or it’s just a lot of rosettes crawling and these guys rooted really quickly and not only did they rooted. But I noticed that this guy started rowing another rosette here in the bottom. I hope you can see where my finger is. So here, guys. I have one of the most beautiful activity areas. It’s very ole. Ola, I had two little echeverria. Lola’s one of them was order from Mountain Crest Gardens. I think that’s the one and nicely recovered. It was it had a little bit of blackish leaves on the bottom and I received it so looks great, healthy. The other one, even though it was not stretched just had a longer stem but really packed leaves on top. I just still decided to propagate it, which I didn’t have to. So This is the top that rooted really easily, so its firm in the soil already. These are leaves around. This is actually not a Lola. This is some other cutting from a leaf, but look at guys. What happened with beheaded area? I think one of the cutest things to look at. Is these little rosettes when they start growing? And I love how they get tacked around the stamps, so there is like here. There is one two three four. It’s very alawlor rosettes and then two more on top. I think this one is currently the biggest one. It’s kind of like my finger. It’s just so cute to look at them growing, so they have a lot of fabulous. All right here, guys. I have a two various subsets leaf. I hope I’m saying that right, but this is how it’s spelled. I don’t know if you remember. I had a pot with three heads to your sets and they were starting to look cool, crowded and messy, so I decided to behead them when the winter started and they all rooted really easily. I think this was a little leaf that propagated, and then this is what happened with the stems that were left over so there is each stem. I think has about three rosettes growing so there. Is this one here that has two more sets underneath? I think I need to remove some of the leaves, so they can get more light then. There is another rosette underneath here. And then there is more here so you can see so a lot of those that’s growing so. I’m really excited about that what I don’t like about? These two guys is that even though they’re under fluorescent lights, they’re having a little bit smaller. That’s on top instead of like going large, So I don’t know why that happens, did it? They didn’t have maybe enough water or light, but, um, a really pretty type of echeverria that has these pink edges around the blueish leaves, and they’re all a little bit too dry as you can see from the leaves, especially on these that they’re kind of wrinkly. Okay, guys. These are all new additions that I got this winter in the middle of really freezing weather, and I am thankful for the seller from succulent marketplace named Estella Ago. Er, who was very patient coordinate sending, you know, in the right time. You can also find her on a Facebook page. Bellissima, succulent US. And she posts almost every week and sends these cells these beauties for really affordable prices. I mean, four inches to various and some of the Raider ones are four dollars and two inches various are only two dollars. Of course you have to pay Heath back if needed or shipping, but really great price so. I got this guy here. That were girl That has a red tips. I think I think it’s a Chavarria. The way this red lipstick. I’m not hundred percent. Sure it was a little bit darker red more. Maybe doesn’t have enough light right now, this one. I haven’t identified yet, but it’s just beautiful, Pink, Purplish color. Then this one here I have identified as a Chavarria afterglow. Tinner leaves more gentle leaves Jewish, purplish color with reddish edges. This one I don’t know, name of really interesting. Light, greenish yellow radish leaves then. I think maybe this is Queen Violet Echeverria. I’m not kind of percent. Sure, really pretty as well then. This one here was a gift from her. This is! I think corrupted area by Asheville, and it has been blooming. So yeah, that’s something. I didn’t order, but it’s still very cute. This one here. I think it’s a chip area, lime and chili and has quite a bit of heads here, and then this one here I order among the first ones I think it’s very interesting, The texture, shape and colors. I don’t know, name of this one. So those are all new editions. Guys, then here, guys. I have a Chavarria fabula, which I think it’s just such a pretty compacted Echeverria. Kind of reminds me to abort. Yes, a really pretty unique. Look, then this one here wanted to have for a while. It’s echeverria in ricotta blue Rose. I got it from Mountain Crest Gardens As well as this such a area and this one was not when it arrived during the winter time, it didn’t look very well, but it started to recovering really well. These two little guys. I found for $2 at, hmm? Nursery near Chicago. I forgot the name right now, but it’s just so pretty look at these purplish leaves into little pups, so I haven’t removed them to bigger pots yet, and then I have. This is also purchased from Estella from succulent marketplace and Melissa. Melissa Clintus. Um, it’s a rainbow echeverria, really pretty a little bit different than the other one that I already have. It’s a hybrid. This one here was sent by a sailor by mistake and it was very shriveled when it arrived and I almost wanted to treat away It. Was that little and shriveled, but I ended up planting it and recovered, and now I kind of like it to be honest. It has these light, pale blue edges and the leaves. I think it’s really interesting and then these are. The survivors of my echeverria came to the chill area. No Dholusa. Uh, if you remember. I bought one big one last year. Then I ended up taking most of the plan to the conservatory And during the freezing, the plant died just before the freezing. I took some cuttings from that plant and they rooted in the middle of the winter. And so this is what I have. There is one here that has something. Brown on the leaf, but the rest of them look pretty healthy. I think so hopefully it will make it. Alright, guys, so this is my echeverria pool Adonis that I think has done much better at this winter than the last winter, then next to it is actually to marry another chip area. Silverstar. But I thought it’s interesting and I keep it with a chilly. Yes, and then you remember maybe for my past videos that I have propagated Echeverria elegance. This was the spam with the original plant and three little pups that were growing on these stems. And I beheaded it. It true that very easily and it grew Some new leaves looking really pretty. The stem grow new results and you can see. This is the biggest one you can see with my finger. How big it is. There is another rosette on this side and then two more little rosettes one here and one here. Actually, There is a fifth one growing and sixth one and these little branches that grew little heads. Those were these ones. I beheaded them as well a few weeks ago and they rooted and they were doing while they’re a little bit on a dry side because while they were rooting, I was not as watering them much, and and I have some leaves that I’m propagating as well, but they leave Take really a long time. Then here I have Echeverria militina, or goes to chip area. I have probably two or three more of these, so I’m gonna probably give away some of them. They’re doing really good. I had no problems with bad leaves or rot problem. Then here I have Patch Illyria. Powder puffs. Unfortunately, this one leaf has been touched a little bit, but otherwise, just beautiful, beautiful rosette and pretty colors. Then here is my grep top area. Debbie that I also got from Mountain Crest Gardens. I have some dry leaves that I need to remove. And this one here I got I think a year ago from Cat’s Greenhouses It was still in a process of establishing itself from a cutting, but they ended up selling me because I really wanted it and it struggled in the summer. It looked like it was changing colors, and I was wondering if it’s gonna be a gonner and I put it under LED lights and recovered, and I really like how the color is how it looks on the top, so I’ve been considering maybe cutting off the top and letting the stem grow some new results. Um, this one here. I don’t know if I should have done or not. This is my echeverria rainbow that I also got from Ted’s greenhouses and even though it was not stretched, I decided to beheaded, and, uh, and he did root, but it’s pretty dried up. I think it struggled a just. I think it was resting and I cut it when I went. It’s not the right time for it. It does have roots. I checked but, um, and it’s but it’s not being wrong, growing much, and I also noticed that it had some mealy bugs so that may have also played a role, but the stems started growing new rosettes they still don’t. Have these raindrops because they’re too small. But there is two sets on top and then. I think I think I saw something growing more on the wall of the stem, but maybe not anyway. This is just a low on the plant here. Keeping it company. Alright, here are my various gogo. Ita’s this one really big one. You see how big it is? I actually burned up a few spots. I always have kept it at the end of the where the lights are reaching in the past years, and it always preferred that. I don’t know what happened. Why did I on Earth put it under fluorescent lights straight under there was few leaves with these kind of damages, Which is I think burnt, but otherwise it’s alright. This little guy is good as well. And then I have black prints which has been under LED lights. These two little guys. This one Malakko melte’m catch very Morocco and this one. I don’t know if it’s a Jeb area or your pool area. I’m a Toro, nothing. I’m sure it’s been struggling a little bit. I don’t know if it’s stressed out under LED lights and a little bit too dried up. It’s a little bit wrinkly, but I don’t see any rot or any lost leaves, so I suppose it’s okay, and this is my actual. It should be a rainbow if you go back and look at my videos and the feral. I got this baby a rainbow. It was very dried up and then. I left on a vacation same day when I got it and it just went through a lot and I almost lost it after I’d be had a tiny little piece, But it rooted and it’s continuing to grow leaves. It’s pretty tiny still, but but I’m happy I still have it. I’m almost forgot about this guy. I probably have forgotten some severe is that they’re not on the same spot with the rest. This is my big, It’s a very pearl. One n├╝rnberg here is some other, smaller rosettes and one really tiny one, so they’re looking good under LED lights here at the end. I have this one. I had this for a while. I don’t know this is that fully darkness. But I don’t know which one it is as you can see. It’s a little bit dry. Look at these leaves at the bottom, some wrinkly and some dried up, so it needs more water. It did have some mealy bugs, So I was trying not to spray the whole plan not to D. Destroy that fell protective film and weakened the plant. So I’ve been just kind of trying to eliminate some of the past. See, so I think it’s gonna be alright? This one here is called a very Chi. Whoo, when sees, I think strangely. It has like a red tips and has a pup growing. I had had it in a place where he didn’t have a lot of light. So this one was not with the rest of the echeverria. So poor guy. I think it needs some recovery. So that’s it guys. I hope you enjoyed my update and see you in the next video .