Pachyveria Spring Bouquet | Plant Up A Succulent Wheelbarrow With Me!

Sarah Leanne

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Plant Up A Succulent Wheelbarrow With Me!


Hi, everyone, welcome back. My name is Sarah. If you’re new here. Thanks for coming along. So today, we will be planting up a wheelbarrow, so let’s go ahead and get started, so I’m really excited that this thing finally broke. Um, I’ve been having this in the backyard for a while. It already it’s kind of the bottom is cracked, but so it’s going to have good drainage, but basically, the reason we’re doing this is. I wield this and filled up firewood. See, I’m sure this could be fixed. Um, but for right now, I figured instead, we’ll plant this up with a bunch of succulents. I’ve been wanting to do this forever, and finally I have a broken wheelbarrow, so I don’t feel bad about using a good wheelbarrow, so let’s go ahead and stick this in the backyard. Put some soil in it and have some fun. What are you doing? Lucy, are you ready to go Plant some succulents or tear them up one of the two? Okay, so I have a wheelbarrow where I think I want him for the most part. Um, I’m trying to do more stuff in the backyard. Have a little planter box cleaning up some vegetables and whatnots. But I figured I want this place to look kind of more cute because then. I want to be back here, so let’s go ahead. Get some soil in there. Get all the succulents. And we’ll see how this goes. Good for your little garden, lets. Go put him in the garden. Shall up a bunch of stuff we here. I just planted some spinach, and I don’t think these are gonna last. These are, um, Brussels sprouts, which are more of a cold water cold temperature thing, But I already bought them. And so who knows, we’ll see, all right, back we go. Okay, so we have all this nice and mounted, because I do want to have a little mound. Something high up top. Do some little stuff down below. I don’t know if I have any trailing succulents, but we’ll find out what we have, and, um, let’s go see what we got to work with. So over here, we have a panda plant. We have a desert Snow Bush, and then we have just your common aloe vera, which I kind of like on the outside. So if I need to access it, Hey, want it to kind of get a little bit bigger and then B. It’s easy to some easy to access as opposed to being in the back and height wise. I kind of like having something lower on this side. , Um, okay, a little experiment here. I had a really, really sad. Um, string bananas in the front yard and I’m trying to rehab it. It’s not doing so great, but I figured now it’s a good time to eat to see if we can just propagate it and get it to revive itself. So we’re just gonna make a really dense little thing of cuttings here and see what happens So he is a senecio. Roland’s raindrop does look like little raindrops, and that’s so pretty, So I’m gonna leave him here. He’ll definitely get more sun and he’ll be a lot happier. I think it’s a it’s. A new aeonium hybrid called emerald ice lets. See, what else do I have in here so then. We have that nice little dudleya. We have that little. Um, new hybrid of a paddle plant. I have a bunch of little unknown echeveria’s. These are both called Eczeveria Parva. I believe, and this is a graftovaria. I think, uh, Sun California sunset, which I want some extra color. Um, let’s see here. Snow Bush. Some little gollums of some kind. Um, in the back, those will get a little bit higher. Um, but I kind of also wanted to use this as a nice little area. When I have some cuttings, I can just throw it in here and just kind of get this nice and compact and grown together, so I’m just going to go ahead and plant everything up. Maybe put a little bit of top dressing just to kind of keep the soil from spilling out when it rains. Okay, so all done, put down top dressing. Um, I use this Burgundy rock. I’ve been using on almost everything, and then I also use this really cool green. Um, rock that I have that I’ve been collecting for a while. So the one thing I did forget to do. After the fact I thought about this. Um, you do want to pack down your soil A little bit more than I did. I didn’t really pack down much at all. So this whole thing is definitely going to drop quite a bit. Um, so that was that oops on my part, so don’t forget that when you are especially I was trying to do a mound, but then I didn’t realize do a mound pack it down. Do a mountain packet down, so I didn’t do that at all And so really, this is going to end up being a very flat. Non-mounty arrangement probably not very much time at all because it definitely has a mound at the moment. It’s kind of hard to tell on camera, but it probably goes up about that much from the soil wise. But, um, like I said, it’s definitely gonna drop, so that was an oops on my part, but it happens still looks cool. So like I said, I’m all done. I’m quite happy how it turned out. I’ll go ahead and write down below the different plants I use and all their names that I know of. Um, have a bunch of different various. That actually have names for it for once I will say using rock makes so much difference. So top dressing is one of the most important things I think before you put on your top dressing. Things don’t look nearly as good. It’s just a really nice finished product so highly recommend whatever you do, buy some rock, buy some more rock, collect some rock, and it just makes everything look so much better well. Thanks for watching hope. You guys enjoyed, and we will catch you guys again on the next video. Okay, thanks bye. She discovered my catnip didn’t. Take very long. I might have to move it somewhere else, so you.