Pachyveria Scheideckeri | 16년된 입전다육이 Pachyveria Scheideckeri Succulent Plants

kang다육사랑 홍옥사랑

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16년된 입전다육이 Pachyveria Scheideckeri Succulent Plants


Hello, I am a fleshy jade person, I have it. I see it in the video whether I win or not. This is fleshy meat that I have been raising for 16 years. I don’’t know the name of this. Uh, I shortened it to read Echeveria and introduced a lot. But recently, my child’s name. I knew it was wrong. Even before that, no one was an expedition elegance. I said that, uh, uh uh. I was elegance back then because there were times when I said that. So come before that. When they first came to Korea, they called it so many times Nowadays. The most common name in Korea is said to be distributed by Mouth 4 In the same case, the English name is Paki Berryyan Shay De Curry, Paki Bells, Yasha, Day Curry, 2 W. Even in the United States, the English name, Uh, did that and sold it because I searched it all on the Internet. This is a bit more information from Americans than from Koreans For 16 years and 16 years Acquaintances. You gave me this one face like this as a present 16 years ago. But the child breeds very well. And before that, I just got a gift. I don’t know what kind of fleshy things were before that, but I just planted them in pots and almost neglected them and approached the backyard. I was neglected. I cultivated together and reproduced a lot so even when things are accumulated, there are so many things. There are so many. If you look at this face here, this is one from one neck. It’’s so many errors. If you look at the neck, you’’ve always told me. In this one, the rest of the star’s sleep for 3 sections and come out and have his children. Even if you save just one well, that much, it will be good for breeding. Like me, Paki, Best Of B Calcium frappe test! It’s called a hybrid with Mackie Ls Lia 3 Khun, But it’s a hybrid. It’s assigned after being hiveed 5 through Bar Cube. It is said that the Mackie Beria and hybrids were made into a larger hybrid hybrid . Well, when I translated it to see on the website that sells this after, uh. It was like that. In the case of this one, if you look closely, you should take off the white one. Look closely. I’ll never use the yolk of my hand, but I make it with my hand. And the seated part is a little marked. It is unavoidable to grow and touch the fallen leaves. Or this kind of breakage. Because the gap is a little different. I will tell you to take about 5 videos that I subtract 2 When he makes it it’’s a branch school assignment. In order to protect the sun, give me the fishmeal trouble. White 100 pqr wax in the dark turns. So much in spring. It makes a lot of soft, pastel tone. Feel like this. In the spring, the uncles not the entrance to the crab is shaped like a main ball. Growing in the shape of a roof and enjoying growing up like this, It’s like awakening called woody like this. This year is really very old flax. I think it’’s 16 years ago. I cut it into the biggest one and take it to the top. It’’s awkward mocha and I think it’’s easy because I thought about it and bought a crab face like this for the same year. It’’s okay to soak it. So that I’’m growing up like that now. If you show a lot of bright sunlight if you grow it outdoors like me. The entrance is stained a little red with a pink comb. And now, if you look at this side like this, What’s the color? Yeah, this color, Gray and silver 3 If you look at it like this, it gives you a gray and silver color. And when it lit up like this 2 Boss, Wange is now. If you work with a splint or a non-disabled person and later turn red like this. You say that it’s a red rose? It’s so pretty I understand. It’’s easy to raise and it’’s not difficult to have an easy poop. In a case like this, when I search for oysters on the Internet, I know that the water is as much as possible, Just like other fleshy meats are growing here. It says Q and Bungal is Yes. Well, drainage. Even in the case of a child or child First, take a container and choose a flower pot with a large drainage hole in the hole, 50 to 10% of the mineral particles of coarse sand or Gyeongseo. Pearlite branch are mixed and mixed with cultivated soil to ensure good drainage. It is said that if he uses UV soil, it does not bite the silver karma and grows well. The first is to make our drainage. Well, Then when blowing, turn off the fire enough to come out by the time you sing the passphrase. Roll it completely in the soil. Give it until you find it. Next time, you water it until the hunger is completely dry. It’’s said that you can wait and give it Usually. When you’’ve already raised it, you usually do that a lot. And now, in the same case 4 times. When I grow it, I can wear it. But this one has so many self-helps wait a minute, Not me it’s tea. Now the three leaves are three, So I ran away and showed her Rika. Come to breeding because it worked out so well, there was no need to build an entrance. There are so many marks on one row of oysters. It occurs even in the belly band and it is alive in the part underneath it . If you look at it like this, you will see it in 1 I don’’t know. And there are more bits and this stairs keeps appearing. It grows right with the life given so much like this. And when I grow this one, should I have a flower a flower, a flower 2 oranges in the case of flowers. Orange pink, Orange. You orange yellow bloom like that, Archie. I don’’t go down to a movie like that in Korea, so I’’ve never heard of it before and even during the rainy season. Well, I’ve never been in debt. I have never been a road in the family. Even in the flag of the house and it bounced and came after finishing B. I did too Shouldn’t. I say that the kids are getting stronger because they’re so reduced from outside in California and raised so much outside. I know that the kids are a little stronger because they don’’t go indoors. Well, so if you wear it, you can withstand the rainy season in winter. But now it says that those who sell this on the Internet 4 5 log should be careful. Yesterday, it’’s strong against the rain and in the case of Happy. I wore a little burns 100 times this year. If you look at it like this when it goes up to 32 degrees, 32 degrees, or 34 degrees, The upper part of the gown, doesn’’t work well. I get burned on the top like this. But it’’s not like Blz and it’’s not like that. As time passes, the recovery of the large family turns red again. I still don’t understand. Uh, I don’’t have to take the position off the ground, and I don’’t know that it falls naturally, and with ligatures at the bottom of me, I have never completely removed my stance with a slight burn and as it recovers, the stances are red like this. It got water like this. And while I grow it while breeding In the shade side like this, this one boasted in that side like this. Have 100 minutes. The baby brush is silver rice. Yes, that color that color that color. In the case of me, see yes. If you look at platinum like this 1 Like this platinum looks like this. This is why I have 100 swords more like gold because of this, But in the case of proof. Look wherever you look and say that your comments are good. My dream is. It says that the comments are good looking like this. It’’s so pretty in spring too. When It’’s a little bit hot in summer here in California, it’’s very happy. If you are careful not to buy only the nose. Be careful 1 Don’t grow it by integrating this large genealogy with Jecheon like that. Because it is grown in such a large pot without a sticking devil. I don’’t have a choice. So this time this winter I’’ve grown a lot of sweets, so in our case. I got a lot of hard work because it was a little bit. And my husband made me like this. I don’’t know about it. Move it! I’’m so hard I’’m giving it a little bit and my back hurts a little. So I wonder if my husband had his own way to care about it. It’’s said that karma blocks it Now in summer, the car is robbed and it’’s easy to rain in Ueda Jig Today. I bought only the tree and changed the body slightly Now. If you eat plastic, it will block the rain and become a car robber. So broadly, I was here. Heart Today, the day definition, Ga Seonggi’’s homepage, the Wife’’s wife and the Enemy’s 80. It’’s a brush. Blow all 80. Get what you have left. Now buy something and answer it. If you spray 100 of the acid, make it that big. If it’s 100,000 won, I can see that the only thing I got in The middle was 80% of the kills, and there are more trees underneath the worn and worn jaws. Hug Now! There are some things that Satan is quick. After the sun goes down, I’m 80% close to it, but I did something like that. Up there! What else did you get stronger? And Irvine ate harder. That way in winter, I used to say the old saying for some reason. Now I don’’t raise it to the level of neglect, and I have a little ordinance for lunch. Summer is a little shaded by the window, So I won’’t get burned because the kids don’’t get stressed. I’’m doing this to make it pop out like that. If you just become ignorant, then in the long run So today 1 I’m very busy. Today I ate pizza in the morning and went to lunch, ate Vietnamese noodles and didn’’t eat at home. From now on, I will introduce this as a particle-ni, which I grew up with as I read it. In the meantime, yesterday was obtained by Pele. I will dress up as a collector. If you know, so please correct it. I’m sorry like this. Nef Naga Moon! I have ordered a lot of breeding that I will grow for 16 years and I am growing pretty well like this. And he’s got a little bit of a scab while he’s been almost cool for two days. I used it because I didn’t know what it took. That’’s how I smeared it in the spring about a week. So I’m not sure if it’s getting stuck together like this. And the body is so sick like this. This pattern is a pear dream. If you grow your mouth like this today, keep this color. Like this, it grows in the sunlight. And if you bake it in this pretty sunlight with a non-use comb like this. These plastics are good in color. If there is a little more, the cold breeze blows lately in the evening and it’’s a little hot today in the LA Islands. It’’s really hot Now after a while. In the evening, a little chilly wind has been picking up these days. Now he has entered into Paul. He too, has passed all the heat and is now going to fall. In the future, these Z children will be colored more red. In this way, today, I introduced you. Like all sweets, but when poetry and both farewells. More like this mix, a little more pearlite or something like this than the culture soil Mix it with Masato and freeze it and increase the ratio to make the sweetness more beautiful. If you show me that you’re very good and happy when you show me modestly, Let’s give you an erection, so you know that it should be dyed beautifully and drained first. Company like this d. Kel Bonna, who is good at mold, was fleshy, love or love? Thank you, Uh, .