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Planting My Pachyphytum Hookeri Succulent


Hi, everybody, it’s! Cassandra, and today is such a busy day for me, but before I get started on all the cooking and cleaning, I have to do. I wanted to spend a little time with you and I wanted to show you my succulent project. I bought this succulent for my daughter for her birthday. It was a present from me and my grandson and all the other succulents died, so I managed somehow by the grace of God to save this one, and it’s actually grown and she loves it so much. My daughter is a succulent crazy. She’s one of the she’s the succulent, crazy lady! She loves all things succulent. She wants a succulent garden and so. I decided to start making her one and I got this gorgeous. Let me show you this. I’ve got this gorgeous. I’ve been eyeballing this for a while. It’s round and flat. You say that, and it’s just such a beautiful color. It’s self watering so. I don’t have to worry about that there. See that hole right there? With excess water, the water will go in there, and then the plant will take it up as needed. And then I went and purchased some dirt. That’s specially for succulents now. I’m not sure what the difference is between this dirt and any dirt. I think any dirt will do, but they did say that. This was fast! Training because succulents don’t need to be watered, but about once a month. Isn’t that just beautiful? This is one of my favorite succulents, because it kind of looks like a star, and I’m very interested in growing my daughter. The Rose Succulents, the succulents that grow, and they look literally like a green rose well. Get onto that a little bit later and I love this little trinket. It says goodness. I’m gonna put that in here, but my goal is to see if I transplant this succulent into this bigger container. I want it to grow to be the size of this container. Just this one succulent now! I know it’s popular to add a bunch of different succulents together, but I just want to do this project and see if little I would love for this thing to grow massive. I don’t know if it will. I don’t know what kind of succulent This is. Because when I bought it, it didn’t provide me that information, but I thought I would bring you along with me on this project and we can see together and over time if it starts to expand to the size of this beautiful pot that I just purchased then we’ll know together, so let’s get started, but that is my goal is to get this succulent as big as this. Wouldn’t that be glorious, yall and I’m learning about succulents a little at a time. I’m learning as I go. Succulents are really popular with the Millennials, and I just think that’s precious. Because when I was a little girl, growing up, Succulents were popular among the grandmothers and the great grandmothers back. When I was a little girl, They called them hands and biddies. I don’t know where that came from, but it just really put a bright smile on my face when I saw these Millennials really loving succulents. I think that that’s very wise of them. I think that all these Millennials that want to grow organic gardens and plant. I think you’re very wise and whoever your grandparents were and your parents, they must be pretty amazing people because they have taught you will so. I’m kind of really good root system for this going on, but I’m gonna have to break up the root memory a little so that it can have a new root memory. Because I want this baby to get as big as this pot, and I have got a lot of roots for this thing, but that’s okay, we’re just going to break it up and as you can see what? I’ve done here. Now we’re just gonna put this dead in the center, okay. I’m just gonna put it right in the center. Isn’t that just lovely? And I’m actually doing this project for my daughter. She just doesn’t know it. I’ve been really excited about doing this. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. I’ve seen other people with their succulents and they and they just get massive and I’m like. Wow, you’ve got a green thumb, So I wanted to try that, and I wanted to bring all of you awesome, wonderful people along with me and we can see together and I will keep you updated on the progress. Little little stick there. It is use that to scrape off some dirt and then. I’m gonna put my little goodness rock right here, and it looks beautiful. It looks like a fairy. It looks like something you’re just expecting a fairy to pop out of. I love it now. I don’t need to water this just yet. I am going to put just a little water just because we transplanted it. You know, maybe I should do that now. I’ve been watering this plant once a month and yeah so. I’ve already watered this plant for the month of March, So it’s good to go, so I’m not going, so I take that back. I’m not going to water it. I just don’t feel the need, so what I do with my succulent and how I have managed not to kill this One. Is I’ve only been watering it once a month and I don’t overwater it. I just give it a little bit of spring water The beginning of every month so April, the first, which is actually my daughter’s birthday. I will be watering this plant. Well, there it is, guys and gals. Let’s hope and I’m totally gonna pray that it just gets. I wanted the size of this beautiful pot by the way. This pot is also frost free, in other words. If you have a patio, and you love this pot, it it is, it does not freeze. It’s a frost, It said on the when I bought it. It has a sticker on it. That says I’m frost resistant there. We go, that’s the word. I was looking for, yeah. This is a frost resistant pot. All of my pots are, and that’s just. I won’t buy them any other way. So here we go. I’m going to put this in the Sun. I’m also going to get it. Its own plant stand because I have learned that succulents, love, full day Sun and this pot. It’s definitely not going to fit in the window sill. Its way too big, so I’m gonna have to find a place over there in my sunroom where this will continue to get direct sunlight. I’m gonna get it a plant stand next week and I’ll show you that, but for right now. I’ll just have to put it where I can till I get my plant stand and we’re gonna watch the magic. I already I really believe that. This is going to blossom and just fill this entire planter up, and I think that’s gonna be amazing if that works. Oh, if the succulents that I’m going to plant and let you watch and teach you what I’m doing blessings, love and light. Everyone, thank you so very much for being here at Cassandra’s garden. We love you and we are honored that you are here with us on. This journey have a great day, everybody.