Pachyphytum Compactum | Succulent Propagation Harvest–pachyphytum Compactumđź’Ž| Leaf & Cuttings // Angels Grove Co

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Succulent Propagation Harvest--pachyphytum Compactumđź’Ž| Leaf & Cuttings // Angels Grove Co


Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel if you are new here. I am Jess otherwise. Welcome my gardening. Angels back to another video. So it is really nice outside tonight, so I’m actually sitting out on our patio. Um, we have the grill going and the Sun had just set behind the mountain, so it’s like perfect. Um, but I wanted to do a little harvest video for you guys tonight on my little jewel or packed fight, um, and compact them, if that’s not how. I say you guys are more than welcome to try to correct me in the comments, but that’s what I call it. So, um, if you guys are interested in buying one of these? I know ferry blooms does sell them, so I can include a link to them below, but this one I bought from a nursery. That’s actually a local here in South Dakota, and it just had a ton of babies on it, and I think I only spent four dollars on it, so I definitely got it and I wanted to kind of cut those babies off and kind of do a little cutting’s tutorial. I guess for you guys and kind of see. How many babies? This $4 succulent actually does have? So this succulent has actually endured a little turmoil already? It was dropped early on. Um, actually back when I did the plants haul for you guys from this nursery. It was knocked off a table and so. I already lost a bunch of leaves that I have for propagating, but I’m hoping to get a few more today. So I hope you guys enjoy this lets. See how many we get okay so? I’m really sorry, you guys. If it’s really loud out here, we have the grill going, and we live next to a really busy street, so the cars might be coming back. Um, so this is the plant here. It’s really pretty! I really like these geometrical leaves. You can kind of see. They look kind of like a slice was taken out of them. They’re kind of flat edged instead of completely round, like some succulents are so here was where the damage occurred. You can see that it lost a lot of leaves. I had already ripped off a bunch for propagating and then FL, so I see one two, three, four five. Maybe six in here if they’re too small. I’ll leave them for now. I kind of want to leave one and maybe cut this tall one off. I think that would be the most beneficial. Otherwise, If I leave this tall, then it might tip over in the pot. If I just remove all of these, so I think I might leave this middle one and then try to cut around it for these other ones. Okay, so since it is. April, I have a little Easter basket here. I think I bought it from like a grocery store a while ago, but yeah, so I was just taking a knife. It’s kind of clean, it’s not sterile. I’ve never had an issue with that. I know a lot of people say to you Sterilize knife, But I’m gonna be going against the grain and I just wipe it off, but so I’m gonna want to roots to be able to grow out of these notes. Here, these are where Leafs word previously, so I want to leave some of those to make sure that roots can grow out and maybe other leaves, so I’m going to take these. Another good option for cutting would be like shears or something and then once. I’m almost through, I just want to make sure I’m holding on to the actual top part in some capacity with it. Maybe hard so that didn’t quite work out for me, but I only lost one leaf. We’ll, just put it in the basket. I might clean this up a little bit and cut off this thing here. I don’t know if it actually makes a difference or not. Not gonna lie, but I think it looks messy. So there we go and there’s one and then. I’m going to actually remove these just bottom. Whew, I could have probably cut farther down on the actual stem, so you wouldn’t have to remove it, but that’s just more to propagate for me, so I’m going to let this callus over. Since this is such a thick cutting. I would say it’s probably like I don’t know, half an inch. I’m gonna let it callus over for several days. Maybe a couple more than I normally would just because it is so thick. Um, but yeah, so there is one and then. I’m just gonna actually leave this, and hopefully what will happen is therell. Be some pushed off the top here. So I’m gonna get this guy. This guy actually doesn’t look so great right here. I have no idea what’s going on, but I kind of want to remove him, so I’m just gonna go down here at this base right there and kind of cut into the soil a little bit there. We go so yeah. I’m not exactly sure what this brown is. This is kind of new to me, but, um, if you know, let me know at first. I thought it might have been like a scab from mealybugs, but this doesn’t look like mealybugs. So maybe it’s like a fungus or something that I mean, doesn’t it popped off this leaf but otherwise doesn’t seem to be bothering it too much the same thing here. I’m gonna just remove those bottom leaves and then let that one callus over, So I can post it later and then there’s kind of a couple leaves just around in here. This one is dead! Actually, just toss it. Okay, So then there’s the clean cut of that one. I’d to think if I should leave these little two ones on to grow a little bit longer or just remove them and just let that big one grow or leave them on unsure, but lets. Remove this guy for sure. Okay, so back here. Looks like it might be a potentially good cutting spot. There is a leaf in my way, though so. I’m just gonna pop him off, Okay, He’s out of the way, at least so then I’m just gonna get my knife back in there again and cut down kind of a funky. One leaves at the bottom are really small. Okay, get a little extra. So I kind of like to give about you. Know, half an inch to an inch to stick in the ground. But I’ll do okay this guy. I’m gonna leave on, he’s a little small. I kind of want to let him grow, but I might remove this leaf so that he can have kind of a little bit more room. This way, you know what? I’m just gonna end up removing these two because I think they’re gonna have an issue kind of running into this container and they are pretty thick stems. So I’m gonna remove this leaf here and then go in with my knife kind of at this angle, and then I’ll show you kind of how thick they are, so I mean, they’re pretty decent size. I mean, they’re brought the same thickness as like my fingernail. So I think they’ll do just fine producing roots again, just removing these bottom few. I should be fine then. I’m gonna do the same for this guy. I’m gonna come at it from this angle, though, and remove this leaf, and then it looks like there’s another one right here. So I’m going to be careful not to cut him. Okay, so there we go. Okay, So there’s that you guys, um. I’m gonna let this be so long. Ideally, I would have liked to cut it down and it probably would do the same thing, but since this does kind of have that new ish growth and it’s not so scaled over, I’m hoping that that will kind of help promote it to grow. I’m hoping that another one will come out from this callus or from that cut in this one as well and potentially this one, I might have to come in and remove these lower leaves to kind of give them more room to grow, but otherwise I have another three here, so hopefully another four, at least from all the cuttings or five since we removed five of them. So here’s my little basket of leaves. I will be using those to propagate, and then we have some pretty decent-sized cuttings. I mean, this is something you would profit by in, like, a two or three inch pot. This one’s more rough. I might end up removing some more leaves from him. Yeah, let’s just do that, listen. I’m hoping you guys can hear that snap, but I think that will clean him up a little bit and give him a little bit more room to grow some roots and also more Leafs to propagate, so I’m a huge proponent of propagating. You guys so this guy? I’m gonna try to let him do his thing and we’ll see if this stuff kind of I guess resolves itself. Otherwise, that’s a pretty good handful of succulents, all right, So that is it for today’s video, you guys. I hope you enjoyed it. I always find propagating very peaceful and relaxing. Sorry, if I’m moving a lot. I have a little buddy with me. Hey, I couldn’t so don’t. Forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already and give a big thumbs up for either A succulent propagation. Or for my cute puppy. Kona, alright Ill. See you guys later, bye.