Old Jade Plant | Turning An Overgrown Jade Into A Bonsai Tree

Sarah Leanne

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Turning An Overgrown Jade Into A Bonsai Tree


Hello, my peeps. Welcome back so today. We are going to go check out a 50 plus year old. Maybe more like 45 50 year old, Uh, Crassula plant tree. I have in the front yard that I figure has standard test of time, so I don’t want to pull it out, but I also want it to make a little cuter, so I’m going to try bonsaiing it up, giving it some definition and making it look like a nice focal point in the front yard, so lets. Go check out what it looks like, So I’m 54 so I would say this is about three three and a half feet tall. So luckily, you’re unlucky for right now. This whole area is usually in the shade. The sun’s finally coming. But it’s just gonna be too hot. If I wait for the sun to actually do this. So I just kind of thought I’d show you guys what we’re working with. If you guys want to come look in here. I just want to show you guys. How massively huge the, um, trunks are. So this isn’t this, so see how he just got. I mean, it’s just enormous, lets. See if we can get a better angle. Okay, so I’m not sure how this is going to work videoing. But, you know, you never know until you try so what I’m going to do. Basically is I’m going to cut off all this lower limbed branches. I’m going to trim these up and just kind of give it a very bonsai Look, so I’m just going to have more. Um, the leaves at the top cut off all this, and we’ll see what we got going on. Alright, let’s see how this goes. See this tree here. But then there’s an extra one that’s growing up right here. So these are actually two completely different plants, so it’s like this one just grew up and we have a whole huge one right here, which I might want to remove, but I think I’m gonna keep going, and then it’s hard to hardly put things back once you take them apart, so lets. Keep pulling stuff out and seeing what we got going on. Okay, so we still have a bunch of little guys back here. These things just grow like it’s ridiculous, but at least they come up very easily. Okay, so we have everything cleaned up. I have basically, this is what I pulled out. These ones are actually in the ground, so I haven’t even started trimming up this guy yet. I still haven’t quite decided if I do want to pull out this one right here because this whole plant right here is lets. See if you can see it. It’s not coming from the mother plant. It’s like an offshoot, and it’s been here forever. Who knows how long so today I’m trying to say? If I want to keep this or not, so I think for now, I might leave it. I’ll start trimming up all of these and just bringing it up to the ends and seeing what I’m liking, but I’m gonna go through start cutting off all of these branches in here and just leaving at the ends. The leaves of the ends like this guy. Up here is very cool, so he’s gonna look fun and the nice thing about this plant. Is that literally? I never water it. It has just done this all on. Its own, so I’m not too concerned about once. I cut something off. It will grow back for the most part I mean. Obviously you can’t the bigger. These bigger trunks aren’t going to, but so let’s just start cutting and seeing how things are starting to look. Okay, so I’m kind of liking how its opener now. More open opener more open here, so I’m going to start working my way this way and then take off here and then just basically cut. Look cut. Look and just see what we like going on. I want to cut all these lower branches because I’m wanting it to show off the trunk from the bottom and then upper branches at the top. so okay, well, so far, I’m actually liking that, so I really like how you can see the branching there. Probably get some more rid of some more of those lower branches over here. I definitely need to prune it down here, but my whole point is. I want to see more of this trunk, and, you know, after a while, that’s going to call us over and look a lot better than it does right now. That’s a problem with pruning. It doesn’t look always great right away And as I said, this is my first attempt, so we will go ahead. Clean up this. I probably will end up getting that rid of that. One extra plan that I don’t want, but we will see, let’s keep going. Okay, so I would say definitely, he’s looking better. Um, I think I’m pretty much gonna get rid of that. Point with a knife. I’m gonna get rid of that. I just don’t like the way that looks at all. Um, I really I kind of. I’m not going to right now. So let me know what you guys think or as this progresses, but I kind of almost want to get rid of this whole and just really open up and just really focus on this, but it’s not so permanent that I don’t want to do that, so I think I’m just going to get rid of that over here and start limbing up some work in the back and kind of blend that up, so it’s more open and we’ll go from there. What I think I’m gonna do now, is I? Do want to go ahead and start cutting off some of the more branching in the back and kind of open that up to show more of the trunk. And then I think I’m going to leave it for a while, and, you know, finish the best rest of the front yard and then kind of go back after I’ve looked at a while and see what I like. Because you know once you cat, you can’t uncut, So let’s go ahead. Kind of open up the back a little bit, and I think we’ll call that good. so do okay. So hopefully. I can finish this before. The trash guy comes back around. Um, but we’re all done here. Um, I think it turned out pretty good. I think I want to kind of wait and see it’s always harder like I said to to stop cutting, so I’m going to stop pruning now and, uh, hold on, we’ll have to pick this up once. The trash guy comes back, so it definitely doesn’t look as great with all these little, but this is going to harden off and look much better over time. And so what we’re going to do is go ahead and wait. I’m probably going to start planting the front yard now, and that way I’ll have some time to sit and roll over some different things. I do want to kind of trim this up more and get. So it’s not quite kind of limit up and have it be a little bit more open. So it’s more bonsai, but for right now. I think this is what we’re going to leave it at, so go ahead. I’m really interested to know what you guys think like. Comment wise. If you would go ahead and leave like this front branch right here. Take some more off the back. Leave it alone! Don’t touch it, so let me know in the comments below. And we’ll see you guys again. Hopefully I’ll be getting my front yard done up. It’s supposed to get really hot by next week like in the 90s and so it’s getting pretty warm to do some stuff. So, okay, trash guys coming. So we’re gonna leave, you guys, and we’ll see you guys again on the next video. Okay, thanks, bye-bye. So do.