Ogre Ears | Ogre Ear Jade Plant Care Guide (for Beginners)

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Ogre Ear Jade Plant Care Guide (for Beginners)


Hey, guys, what’s up? I’m Caitlin from leave me alone plans and today we’re going to be talking about all the things you need to know about taking care of your over ear now. A little disclaimer in the beginning of this video. I’m a hugger tear. I promise I’ve got a bad plant. Mom, my ogre ear is pretty really injure pee, you know? I went on in town for a while, and let’s just say I might have forgotten to water him for boner a month or so so just figuring that back. You know if you know. I guess this is a great video. If your plant is looking really now, you know what’s wrong? It is a need of water, but don’t worry. These guys do bounce back super easily so with that disclaimer out of the way, but let’s get into the rest of the video. So if you are a fan of the movie. Shrek, then you can probably very easily See where the inspiration for the name of this plant comes from over here because it literally looks exactly like the ears on a shark’s head. Now there are actually two varieties of over ears of theirs. The Hobbit variety. And then there is the gala variety. I believe that this one’s a gala variety. I need to tend to have a really hard time picking them apart. Actually, I believe the Hobbit variety is a little less of like a trumpet shape and I’m just like a little more straight up. So either way, the care for them is going to be about, essentially. You know, pretty much, okay, exactly the same, but you know if you have an ogre ear and your friend has an over here and they both look a little different. You’re not wrong. They are different plants. Just, you know of the same of the same family of plants now, like I said for watering requirements. A great sign to know if your plant is in need of water is if it starts to look like the regularly old man or a little recently. This honey is right now, but like. I said really, it’s you know nothing to stress about. These guys are drought tolerant, so if it starts to look like this just, you know, give them a good good little drink of water, and they’ll suck that right up and they won’t pop it back to normal now in terms of Sun. When you know when I first started getting into plants, I wasn’t into succulents for a long time, and I think part of the problem was when I heard succulent, my instant thought was, oh, just put it in the sunniest sunniest spot as possible now. I guess you could probably get away with that in most parts of the country, but here in Arizona with our Sun being is so strong while you do want to give this really great light and a lot of Sun, you don’t want to give it direct Sun because these guys can still get sunburned, so you’ll kind of start to notice that instead of being this, you know, nice like green and red blend. It’ll kind of just turn like almost like brown or red all together. Now, on the flip side of that If your plant is not getting enough light, you’ll kind of see it lose that red tip on the top, and it might just be completely green or even kind of, like, a little, dull and faded, which is a great rule of thumb for all your plants. If you notice that, your planet seems to be losing color, just looks dull, and it’s, you know, not as bright and vibrant as it used to try giving it more. Sun, that very likely could be the problem. It’s just not getting enough energy to produce all those beautiful colors that we love to see in our house plants now. Interestingly enough he doesn’t know These guys are succulents, and, you know, they can tolerate that a lot of Sun, and you typically might think of them as being like a warmer water plant. These guys to a degree are actually frost tolerant. Hey, no back when I lived in Buffalo, New York. Were you know in these cold conditions far beyond what I would consider just like a little frost for months on end, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for somewhere like that, but you know, maybe if you live in like Virginia’s or a PC or you know, just somewhere where you get a little frost, but it’s not anything crazy that you might be able to get away with leaving this guy outside, and he’ll be totally okay. I can already feel in the comments section. At least one person probably see is gonna be like, actually. It gets really cold there, so I’m sorry if you live in DC, I get it. I’m sure it’s really cold there. Now, in terms of how big these guys can get, they can see, is small is like one foot tall. Which is you know about where this guys at and I’m sure he’ll get a lot bigger than he already is because these guys can actually grow up to like, five feet tall again. That’s you know, pretty common, if you. CG plants in general education. I don’t think I’ve said yep, of this is part of the gene plant family. But, you know, if you see like those traditional G plants that people grow, they do get pretty big. So this guy is no exception. You can get big like that too, and we trying to do the same angle that you’ll be able to see. You can see. He kind of has like this tree stock right here. They had this guy. You know. It’ll just grow straight up and all kind of branch out and literally just look like a little ornery tree. So, you know, stay on my swamp and yeah, now if you love this guy so much, you want your truck to have a little. Fiona and little over babies running around. Then there’s a couple ways that you can propagate this guy, so you can either just snip off. One of these leaves completely. That’s of course to me the longer way to do it and just wait for that leaf to, you know, move up, of course, let! Kalin, stop first. So that you’re not letting bacteria or anything crazy, get in there, but that’s one way you can do it. You can also do some cutting where you just cut right here and same thing, let it develop a callus and then just fruit it from there in water or soil or, however, ya like to propagate your dang plants or another option that you can do, which is really great a lot of times and see these sold for a kind of like ground coverage for people and scaping and they’ll be sold in these like big pots that are super shallow and what you can actually do. Is you keep going with a friend or a couple friends and get one of those little trees of them and I just like, divide them up from there. They tend to be a lot of separate plants so you can get them by Division -, and then, of course, that’s, you know, the easiest way to get more plants and like. I always say I’m not a greedy propagator. So I like division. Alright, you guys, so that is all. I have today about taking care of your own career. Jade plants. If you have questions and we’re hoping, we’re going to be discussed in this video that I didn’t talk about, of course, Drop a comment down below, and I will be happy to answer your questions to the best of my plants and knowledge ability. And if you like this video. I thought that was helpful. Don’t forget to give this video a like, and if you would love to see more videos like this in the future or our plans, just other farm family videos and, of course, subscribe to this channel. We’re still pretty new here, so we would love to have your support along the way. Thanks so much for checking this one out, and we hope to see you in the next one.