Octopus Succulent | Beheading Korean Aeonium Succulent | Cắt Đỉnh Sen Hàn Aeonium | 다육식물 | 多肉植物 | Suculentas

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Beheading Korean Aeonium Succulent | Cắt Đỉnh Sen Hàn Aeonium | 다육식물 | 多肉植物 | Suculentas


Here’s what I know about today’s beer. I just feel that this tree is as sunny as Nha big. The new state will be beautiful. Always have one child here. Two trees two children will be cut it and leave some leaves below for it to have one. Yeah, yeah, . Ok, OK, OK, OK. After touching your head, you have to leave it in the cool. I will turn on the Leaf. Hey, can I raise it up? 99.99 tattoos are no up shack up. This kid has no success to pop. Go over there. You guys use the love leaf. You lost it. It was beaten to stay. In the cool part later, I’ll be husband. Ah, yeah, OK, OK. Let me try to breed. Bien, jackfruit leaves? But I don’t know if it will come up, I love it, But it’s very difficult to have one. Yes, I decide to change it or it’s important mirror. Ah, U60 but these meat eaters are big and round. Ok, OK, OK. OK, love but Big. Bang knows Mandy’s hair is so cute, but cut it! What’s going on in the head? You’re very, very well done. Here’s the head. Is the ship still fine when the child is grown? And this is love for you. Know how crazy big bang is today? Then you guys yeah, yeah. This i10 is a love that will drop. Its leaves like you guys. And it is very normal to lose the original leaves. I often say that because I go to bed, I use the original leaves a lot. Do you think the water will shrink and drop leaves and shrink and go to sleep? Yeah, yeah, this you can see is the top. Hey, it gets smaller here. Let it get smaller and these slow it down. It will all be damaged, it will fall off. It will dry out. It’s normal like me, don’t. Nothing to worry about here is love. Midu discovered it’s so beautiful. You go home but today. I’ll cut off her head, you two. I’ll cut the leaves for her easily. How often do we know how to beat? Both of them. Stay in the cool. Give you your head. Yeah, yeah. OK, OK. ! Yeah, yeah. Oh, I can go all the way, but I can’t, so we started, but poor, it cried. It got another country. I cry Friends. A and you are all a drop of water. Is there still water crying? Poor women! Ok, OK, OK, OK. Eh, yeah, yeah, . Hey, after cutting off the head, you can add three more heads for one tree. When you get 3 big heads, you get 3 more heads. Yeah, yeah, ah. I’ve cut my two heads off. Are you okay now? I’m in charge of my skin. You’re so pretty. At the moment, I still put it under the net to water. My friends under the water, but But the soil is moldy and now love it. It’s starting to sleep and Ill water. It less like you can be every 10 days. You guys don’t need a lot of water. Anymore, you know, interesting and interesting. Sex movie mixed with fruit. If you don’t have your head cut off, let it be repotted. Then turn Ms. Tru Vuong. In a net like There’s another kid on the ground. You bought this land back? This is another way of singing. People, and that day I didn’t mix anything. Listen to it and leave it like that. Then they also open Rocks down here. You guys the ones! I just put in there. Yeah, yeah, ah. OK, OK. Eh, . Yeah, yeah. Hello, friends. I really like this square husband. After replacing my sister grow up really fast, baby. I’m big and big, but Medusa is perfect. Falling asleep. These are 2 big pots with you. There are a lot of children. Ah, ah, yeah, .