Notocactus | Unboxing Cactus And Succulent From Portugal | 7 Gymnocalycium, Notocactus And Haworthia | Apr24

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Unboxing Cactus And Succulent From Portugal | 7 Gymnocalycium, Notocactus And Haworthia | Apr24


Okay, guys, now. I’m gonna unbox the one from my favorite seller, and it arrived today on my birthday. So I’m very, very happy, so I wanna share to you. What I’ve got in here? So, yeah, let’s open so guys. I decided I’ll just do my unboxing here inside the greenhouse because it’s so windy outside and I already opened the box just to make it fast, so I’ll put out what I’ve got in here now. Oh, this one is free! She gave me an astro asteria’s. Oh, thank you so much, isabel. I didn’t bought this one. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, thank you so much. Uh, thank you for your birthday gift. I love it! Oh, my oh, my God the oh my! Oh, my my baby hooked me. Oh, wait, guys! I just removed this. Oh, my god, I guess it’s just moving. After the other hook, the other hook. We go! Oh, my god, oh, look, guys so. This is a hook spine as well. So we have to be careful. I don’t want to be hooked. Pair of cactus like earlier, guys. When I was in the garden center, I was so afraid to touch the pero cactus. Because it’s gonna hook me. Oh, this is lovely. Don’t hurt me! Please, okay, look, guys, And it has flower buds. Rio hense, gimnor, unc, and it’s so lovely. Look, guys, that’s a flower bud there, but I don’t know. I think it’s gonna open tomorrow. If it’s really hot if I put this now and there’s loads of flower buds already. Oh, look, guys, ill! Show them to you closer again later. Guys clearer. I forget. Yeah, I reck! I asked for a no tokato so it’s here now, but I thought it gonna. Oh yeah, so. This is not free! I only got the asterias for free and this notto cactus. I bought this as well. Oh, I didn’t expect it to come today. You see, guys compared to the Noto cocktails that I bought from the Garden Center? The ones from her is very, very pretty see the one from her as well so pretty. It doesn’t have any spines. Look, guys another. Try a phantom guys. And, um, this one got flower buds. Oh, look, guys, so I’ve got two. This is the other one, okay, this one. Um, she just know. This is a game. No, but she doesn’t know the exact. I’d, so if you know, guys, the exact I’d just comment down below, but I don’t know even me. I don’t know, I don’t have any idea, But it does look like a Gmail game. No, because it has 18 so yeah, it’s a game. Look, look at the roots guys. Lovely, it’s so pretty. Ah, this is pretty pretty pretty. So this is another gymno with a pool of flower buds. So this is a game, no battery. I don’t know how to pronounce it. Brebby spinus. Let’s put the name on the screen guys and look at that. Ah, I’ll show you that my other version of this, My single spine. See guys my favorite gymno, Of course, it’s Pegasini. Yay, Woohoo! I’ve got how many speakeasies magazine I’ve got 16 Oh, I’ve got 16 spagazini guys plus this. But I think I’m gonna give one to a friend, but I don’t know yet. Ow, oh, first time I’ve been beaten by this pagasini and I can’t. Oh, okay, look, guys, see you guys ask me now. Why I love Spagasini. Look at that, you can answer yourself Why I love this pegasini. Look, look, look, okay, who love this one, love it love it, love it, of course, guys. I should have more spaghetti. Oh, so pretty, I love it. Thank you so much, Isabel. For always finding us. Pegasini for me. Oh, my God, it has a flower. Look, guys, very pretty look at that. So the name of this guy’s? I don’t know, I’m gonna pronounce it right but yeah. This is a Hawartia, CB Tonigra, or the cross between Tortusa ex Soto Tortusa Negra tonigra. Oh, so pretty look, guys. guys look, look, look how pretty with babies so many babies babies at the bottom babies in the middle and then flower stock there, so many babies how many babies one two three on the bottom four and then one two, three four in the middle as well. So many babies. Oh, so who wants babies, guys? Oh, I love this. It does look like the negra, like a triangle shaped triangular, You know, growth of the leaves. And yeah, so yeah, guys. These are my new babies for today. 11 new babies from Portugal, And then I got these two Noto cactus today as well from the Garden Center, A spiky no to cactus. So yeah, I’ve got here. This very beautiful innermiss motocactus. Look at that very, very pretty. And then she gave me this one asteria’s. Thank you so much, Isabel, and then this beautiful Pharaoh Cactus. I don’t have that one yet, and then Yohan say, and then very pretty full of flower buds, and then I have this one. No, I’d, so if anyone knows what game no, this one is. I don’t know, I don’t have any idea. It doesn’t look like any of my gymnasts here, but yeah, I will see the flower, and then we can tell then, and then I have this Brevis pinots type of battery, lovely, short spines and then guys, my first love of all the gymnos. Look at that spagazini. Ah, look at how pretty it is, my god. I got 16 so 17 18 No, I’ve got 18’s magazine. But I might give, um, a frow a friend hurting me, right, guys, and then the final one. This is very nice, so this is a cross between Tortusa. And I’ll show you guys my negra. Okay, I’ll take this there ill. Uh, show this to her siblings. Hiya, babies! I have your new sibling in here. This is a Tonigra tortusa. And she’s very happy to meet you all look at that. They’re all smiling, I’m crazy, so yeah, um, that’s my park Siana. So that’s see guys. That’s my negra berry negra. So pretty. Yeah, so this is if you cross that to a tortusa, so you’ll get this tonight. Oh, the beautiful donut. There guys see that doughnuts. They love that. I want your doughnut. Okay, thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to like my Facebook page, purple and thorns follow my instagram account, purple and thorns and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Thank you for watching guys. Thank you for all your greetings, and I hope you also get new plans bye.