My Cactus Is Turning Brown | Why Your Succulents Are Dying || Symptoms & Examples


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Why Your Succulents Are Dying || Symptoms & Examples


Hey, guys, welcome back to my Youtube channel today. I wanted to talk to you about succulents. I wanted to talk about Succulents today because some people think that they’re one of the easier plants to keep alive because they’re so small and they take up very little space in your home, but they can actually be really tricky and really temperamental. I wanted to share with you guys. Some of the symptoms you might see with your succulents and what those symptoms mean. I don’t want to go into any specific types of succulents. I just want to do more of a general. If you see these things, it probably means this, But at the same time because succulents are very temperamental. I have some examples that I get to actually show you of what those symptoms really look like. The nice thing is if you catch them early. They’ll balance back really quick, so that’s why. I’m not too worried about some of my. Yeah, so I have five sometimes to share with you to help you. Keep your dear old succulents alive. So symptom number one is if your succulent is leaning towards light. You can see here with my cactus. It’s a very happy cactus, But he’s definitely a leaner for sure, and I think the only way to really remediate. This is if you have light coming from multiple directions in a room because your succulents most likely will always be leaning towards the window or the light source so to fix this. I just make sure I’m continuously turning them so that they can like even themselves out as they grow. Some time number two is rotting or dewy leaves. This one is probably one of the more common symptoms and that is because it is from over watering succulents. Do not eat a lot of water the way they work. Is you water them thoroughly? And then you leave them alone until they’re completely dried out. If you struggle with over-watering your succulents, I would suggest putting them in pots with holes in the bottom for drainage. Because if you don’t do that and you’re putting too much water in in your plant, the water will just sit in the bottom of the pot and rock route and that affects the top of the plant where I’ll start going, dewy and rotting and falling off What you don’t like. I don’t have a lot of plant pots that have holes in them because it’s so hard to find cute pot plants with the holes of them. So only if you have to do it kind of thing. In my opinion, another option is putting rocks in the bottom of your pie and not just like a few large rocks, but like a good variety of sizes and a good, depending on the size, your pot looked good inch of rocks in the bottom and that so that the roots will stay above those rocks and any extra water will sit in the bottom of the pot and not kill your plant, the example. I have of this is my Gerald Aloe plant. The over watering that leads to rotting leaves is really hard to bounce back. From in my opinion, once it starts, it really can get carried away. My hello plant was doing so well, and then I starved it of sunlight, and then I gave it sunlight, but then I over watered it and it’s just like not in. It’s best place right now. Yeah, so that’s that one gooey, rotting leaves. Symptom number three is the opposite, and that is shriveled leaves, and as you can probably guess. The shriveled leaves is from under watering your plant. This is a pretty easy one to fix. If you catch it early enough, it’s pretty self-explanatory leave. Just look dry and just shriveled up. They might discolor a little bit. Yeah, and that’s under watering and my example of this. Is this little succulent? I have here you can see at the bottom. He has these purpley dry leaves. I know this guy in particular, does not have a very solid root base just from transplanting him. I know that, so I think that’s why he’s underwater. It is because his roots can’t reach them. A lot of the water. I’m giving him number Four. Is white fungus on your succulent This one I showed in my plant tour and one of you actually come to down below and let me know what that problem was and that white fungus is from too much humidity in the room where your plant is living. I had this jade plant in my bathroom, which is a very humid environment and basically. I wasn’t really thinking like I was just like. Oh yeah. I have tropical plants in my house. Tropical plants like humidity they can live in their not true. I have tropical and desert plants in my house. Desert plants don’t like the humidity. Tropical plants do like the humidity, so something like a pothos or rubber plant or a ferns. They’ll appreciate that humidity, But I had a string of pearls and a jade in the bathroom and they both got that white fungus because they do not like humidity. I’m hoping that the white fungus will go away. I think it’s going down a bit, But it’s all getting worse, which is good and the sixth symptom. I want to share with you. Guys is yellowing leaves. This one is another symptom of under watering, so the leaves will look a bit dry, just like I said with the other symptom, but specifically, yellow leaves can mean as long as they’re not gooey yellow leaves, right. We talked about gooey, but dry yellow leaves mean that it’s being under water. You can see on this huge, succulent diet here. I don’t remember the name of this one. Yeah, he’s pretty big for the size of potties in, so I think he’s not getting quite as much water as he would like as you can see per the yellow leaves, Lastly. I want to just tell you what a healthy succulent is like. A healthy, succulent will have minimal dry drying leaves in the base. It still often will happen because it doesn’t get a lot of. Sun likes it’s covered. It will be standing straight up, nice and tall and true. And the biggest indicator is it’ll have new growth in the center, not just new growth. That’s sitting there, but that’s like, actually growing. Yeah, so this one is a quick and easy. Those are just my few little tips on keeping succulents alive because they can be so difficult. So hopefully you guys can take something from this video and it’ll help. Keep your little baby plants alive. So thanks guys for stopping by. If you like this video, please like this video. If you really liked it pretty, please subscribe down below, and I’ll catch you in the next one. Bye !