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Simple Terrarium With Moss And Echeveria - Wholesale Flowers Direct


Hello, everybody, thank you for joining us. Today and welcome, we’re going to create a terrarium today of Echeverrias and Moss, so it’s a small collection, really of decorative plants growing in an enclosed environment, the best part of a DIY terrarium. Is you get to create your own style and it’s one-of-a-kind they look great amongst other house plants within your house or on their own. They really create a lovely feature, so my ingredients for today is a glass vessel. Imagine using a giant fish bowl here. There are plenty of other unique containers that you could use bowls, jam jars, etc, loads of items. I’ve got small stones and if a little tiny bit of putting compost at the bottom just to act as a drainage for the plants that have roots that ensures that the excess water doesn’t stay in the soil and then rot the plants off. I’ve got potting compost quite important for a terrarium. If you’ve got planted items, I’ve got Moss, so I’ve got two varieties of Moss that I’m using today. I’ve got Peat Moss and I’ve got bunless. They’re really good for absorbing the water, And then I’ve obviously got my plants, so I’ve got echeverrias here, but you could also use air plants or succulents. Anything that you think actually will fit quite happily into a terrarium, okay. I hope you enjoy so top tips? If you’d like to replicate, this is number one select plants that are the correct size for your container, obviously as you can appreciate choosing a large plant for such a small environment, it’s not going to work. Make sure the plants a kuvira or whatever you use are actually not cramped, so I’ve got room to grow number two, storing it, keep it in a domestic environment, not too hot, not too cold and definitely frost free and like bright light, but not direct sunlight and then number three. Make sure you look after your terrarium and keep it hydrated Once the soil starts to look like it’s drying out water it lightly, Okay, you could even use a water. Mister, that’s probably slightly less damaging than a jug of water, okay. I hope you’ve enjoyed today. Please do give us a look again. For more inspirational ideas, especially including loss. We look forward to welcome you back again very soon and don’t forget to subscribe to our. You Tube channel bye for now.