Moon Silver Succulent | Succulent Potting Video / Moon Silver And Blue Pearl Succulents 04/20/2020

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Succulent Potting Video / Moon Silver And Blue Pearl Succulents 04/20/2020


Welcome to the succulent home! I’m going to pot up a couple of succulents that I have that. I need to make sure I put in a pot So they can multiply it and they can grow bigger. I have these two terra cotta pots. This one. They already have drainage holes. I have this one. I had another succulent that I took out of here to put in a an arrangement in the front yard and so. I think that this might do good in here and this will do good in here. What do you guys think, okay. Let’s start with the little one right now. And I’ll put the other one to the side. I’m excited! I already have at the bottom of this. I have already like a little screen, so I have to worry about that, but before I put any new soil in there. No me guys, because I always have issue. If you hear me mixing something, it’s my. It’s my bug repellant stuff. If you’re wondering, what kind of use? I’ve been using this one, and I haven’t noticed anything more. So I think staying on top of this. I’ve been listening to certain tips that you guys have been giving me, and I think the best thing I can do is just try to stay on top of it so that these Millie bugs and fungus and all these other types of loves come to make it harder for us and don’t come so or keep them at bay. You know, II mean, so that’s what I’m doing. I’ve been really diligent about it. I’ve actually been doing it Quite often probably every week, especially in the front yard. So I’m excited about being able to pop something up and start adding again to my collection now. A lot of the millie buds, the infestation that I had caused a lot of problems for me and it and it was just well. You know what, let me take some of this out? I think I put too much. It was irritating Because I lost my BRAC black prints. There was no saving it and I have another. I think it’s a not a Lola, but forget the name of it. Another echeverria that I am lost or I’m losing because I’m I’m being aggressive with it, but I’m losing it losing. So I have this watered already. This is the moon silver. This is a patchy pie. Tong moon, silver, succulent, its drought tolerant when established needs while draining soil. We know that already. And it says, protect from frost to prevent possible scarring and so it’s probably one of those that are does good in climates Where it’s not snowing. She’s gonna break it up a little bit on top. But do you see the bloom already right here? How pretty is that so? I’m just going to put her just like that. I’m gonna set her high -. Oh, and then now. I have to go to Dollar Tree to get some essential. And when I was there, I went by the you know the kitchen supplies and I picked one of these up, Emily. She actually uses one and she suggested to go to the Dollar Tree to us on one of her videos. It was a while ago, But it gives a good scooper, But while I was there, I also picked up one of these, because since I’m doing such a smaller arrangement, I don’t have to lug the big ol bag of soil around. I just filled this little thing up, and I’m able to be all in one section. So that’s that’s a good thing, Yes, so like. I said I have to build my collection. All of your guyss collections are really stunning and first. I got really disappointed in the beginning when I started losing some because of this whole Millie bug thing. But you know what I’m not gonna quit. I’m not gonna let that keep me down because that’s how I’m learning I can’t. You know, encourage you to do that in the mean. I do the same, you know, so what I tell you? I’m telling myself guys, okay. I don’t have any turpis and I don’t want to put any rocks on here. I know it doesn’t look as pretty. You probably really would like me to do that, but honestly, like at this point. I really don’t have anything else that would help. It be with the drainage. I’m actually gonna keep this right here because this is it for, like a display like in the front yard or anything, but this will help me remember what it is and it’ll. Help me remember the name. So when I look at it, I’ll be able to be like. Oh, yeah, that’s the moon silver. I need to get better at the names of them again, too. Because because I stopped, you know, challenging myself to learn, I don’t want to touch it too much because it has that natural sunblock. I do want to treat the top of this soil. It’s the top of the soil just in case any. Milly bugs come from around this area. That’s what I’m going to do. Okay, So that one looks good, so one down the next one we’re gonna do. Is these repto variable? Ooh, pearl and I don’t have these. I did. And then you know, you know what happened. I think in order for them to grow bigger. I should put it in here because I was thinking about putting them in this one, but I think I’ll have to trim. We transplant them pretty soon. What do you guys think, smaller or put them in something bigger? It’s kind of a hard decision. Put him in something bigger and see what what happens, no? I’m just gonna put them in here. This has already some soil in it and I’m gonna use it. I’m gonna spray it. This does have some rocks Because I did top dress it with whatever was in there before. I haven’t been using this lazy Susan and I’m glad that I have started. You know, clearing and cleaning out my succulent workshop because it has really helped with with finding and utilizing all the things that helped make this so much more fun when you are paddling, It’s always nice when you have everything on hand that you need, you know again. I’m just treating the soil. It’s gonna try to be very careful. I already have it watered. I feel like when you water your succulents before you’re about to transplant them. It helps keep them together. You know, and like not so fragile, cuz. I don’t want them too far down. So you go ahead and treat this. I’m like if it’s gonna grow and I met her, I need to replant them. Sometimes you ever get things and then like you. Just put them off to the side and they’re like. I forgot about those. I’ve got to do those. I’ve been so caught up in the front yard. That it’s easy to do that. Then you’ve got bigger projects going on. I’m gonna get to this. What are you gonna get to it? Oh, I don’t know tomorrow tomorrow. You keep on putting off it for tomorrow. Yeah, snapped one off thatll. Be good for propagation, then trying to get right up close. Okay, looks so cute. You guys save these? I think I’m going to save them and do a little propagation on the inside. What do you guys think about that or should? I just toss it . I’m gonna do the same thing with this. I’m not going to add a top dressing. I really want to be careful to make sure. I put some kind of top dressing that helps with drainage as well and I haven’t been able to come across any kind of surface and the Turkish that’s online. It’s kind of pricey, so I don’t know when I’m gonna get it, but I’ll get it just not yet trying to pack it in there while making sure all the other soil that it was in is covered in pretty good and the mix that’s in here. That was already pretty slim. Here was mixed with pumice A pearl light, are you? I use a lot of pearl light in a lot of my arrangements, which never has been a problem the only time. I’ve seen problems is when I do too much top dressing and it’s just regular rocks. That’s the only time where it has been. It hasn’t really served me a purpose as far as anything. Good, okay. Yes, girly. Yes, you are beautiful. Oh, yes, look at. How beautiful are those? So there’s room back here, so maybe? I should just put these in here and have them propagate on here. Why not, yep, and I’m going to just treat it Just like I did the other one. The soil on top. I’m gonna put these under the shade. Yeah, it’s just. I get irritated because when I spray this like this had all the powdery stuff on it. And because it has the solution, it takes the powdery out Oh. I gotta be careful, so I’m gonna try to take this one. I am going to put it with. I think, yeah, I don’t have any of these other ones. So yeah, good the other. The other like Blue Pearl. It’s not a blue pearl. It’s a blue elf is what I have. This is not, it’s too different, okay, well. I hope you guys enjoyed this really quick pot with me video. I had fun. It’s been a little while since I’ve been able just to do this kind of a small project, not too big, but, you know, let me know if once I sprayed it and you see how like some of the there’s like little spots. Okay, do you see that is the powder gonna come back or did? I just kind of ruin it anyways. Let me know until the next video. God bless guys!