Monkey’s Tail Cactus | All About The Cleistocactus Colademononis ‘the Monkey’s Tail Cactus’ And How To Care For It

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All About The Cleistocactus Colademononis 'the Monkey's Tail Cactus' And How To Care For It


Hi guys, it’s! Lynne, here. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day. So today, guys, and we’ll be talking to you A little bit about my clyster cactus ecology, Montes cactus plants. I have here in a hanging basket and a few people have asked me about this plant Because I made a video when I did the some of my plants that I mean bird video a few couple of weeks ago and people say wow. I love these characters. You know, talking little bit more about it now. This is a they clyster cactus, commonly known a Kleiser cactus ecology mansi’s, commonly known as the monkey’s tail cactus, because obviously has lovely, lovely white hair that resembles a monkey’s tail, gorgeous, gorgeous cactus, and I first got this cactus about four years ago, now at a show in Dublin at the Blum show from a guy called Michael Harrington, who, from having Tnuk Zot –ax, So this was an absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous cactus and it has grown so much and I’ve repotted it into a hanging basket couple years ago, and it’s thriving as you can see. Now the twice The cacti is a Janis of many different types of cacti. They’re normally sort of columnar in shape, but these ones are sort of hanging hanging ones and you can see. This is another one closer cactus. I’ve got here also known as the monkey’s tail, but this is more known as the golden rat’s tail or the golden monkey’s tail, and this one is quite a cactus wintery eye and it was formerly. Maybe he’ll do interior wind, Teri. I gorgeous, and as I say more, they golden rat’s, tail cactus, absolutely gorgeous here, and I need name this one gold finger for the obvious reasons and as lovely. Birds on it, so happy to see in flower bird and here as well. Lots of birds too, and gorgeous, gorgeous white hair and I did want to do a little bit more a little bit of a video on this because he is gorgeous, and this is not necessarily a how to care for video but could cover a few care tips about these very unusual cacti now. I have these out here on the hanging basket. Stand in our yard for the spring summer and fall autumn months. I bring these plants in probably late October early November before the Frost starts. I actually put the men into the polytunnel that I’ve got here to overwinter. Now They’re like a minimum winter temperature five Celsius, but she’s about 41 degrees Fahrenheit, and that’s what we keep our polytunnel at and I keep these plants are dry and cool over the winter and that does help to promote flowering and flowers as you can see. They’re here this plant. Norma does flower for me More. So in the summer mid summer, but this year has been pretty bad here with the weather. We’ve had a lot of rain and it’s only recently. We’ve had a lot of good weather her and he’s promoted the flower buds to to form as you can see. They’re gorgeous and give these plants a call, dry winter rest period and plenty of plenty of sunshine. During the summer months. They will flower for you, but these plants probably do not like to have scorching sunshine. They like a little bit more shade than some of the desert cacti. Do now the reason. I have these here out in the open in a south-facing position here on the plant stand is because we are in islands in Northern Islands that you know, we don’t get tons of really bright sunshine every single day most of time he’s pretty much like that sort of double sunshine haha, a bit of Sun and cloud, and that’s why they do absolutely fantastic out here, but if you’re in a climate waits extremely sunny like ours owner and you had these outside all through the summer. It could be little bit too much for them, or do you like to have a little bit of shade? But a bright spot is wonderful, but again it depends where you’re leaving in the world as I say, we hear it in Ireland, so AM northern hemisphere. We don’t get tons of sunshine even in the summer months, so they do very well out here on my plant. Stand to get as much. Sun, as we possibly can, and I keep them well watered over the summer, the spring summer and the autumn and four months because they are quite thirsty plants and they will die back. If you don’t water them and you leave them dry. Through the summer months, they’ll die back and form sort of like, dry tips there. Sometimes when you start to reward them again, they will send out new shoots, but it is good. They do like to have a little bit of water now. If you’re overwintering, overwintering these plants indoors because you have no other option, then possibly best. Give them a little bit of water, Probably once a month. If you’re keeping them at room temperature room temperature. I mean, about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, All sort of 20 degrees 20 degrees Celsius, obviously, but they do prefer to have be kept cold. If you can do that dosn’t does encourage flowering. They make lovely hanging baskets as well as you can see here. And when these this this particular cactus clyster cactus ecology mansi’s. Well, it is young, it does form It’s very similar to the Christ That’s in the hill doing Tirek Leister Cactus. When Terry, I with the short spines and then as it gets older, it does form these lovely white hair, absolutely beautiful, and as I say, this flower buds so stay tuned for future videos when these two beauties are in blooming beauty, and I’ve made quite a few videos when both of these two have been flowering before for me in the past, so I’m going to put the links of above to them videos now. If you want to see what the clyster cactus went area, looks like in flower. Do check the video out. Now links up a birth. And if you want to see what my clyster, cactus and ecology. Mon sees monkeys. Tell looks like in flower to check the video site now. The last time you lose flowering last year, I pollinated the flowers, and I’m happy to say that the certain the pollination was a success and I’m going to show you the harvesting video as well also on on here, links up above when I harvested the seed and also I sowed the seed and this is a result of the scene and I show the little seedlings from this gorgeous cactus. Now these are the seedlings guys. This is, as I said, pollinated the flowers on my clothes, cactus ecology, Mansis and it was a success formed a fruit part. I harvested the seed and this is the result. I sowed the seed now. Polly sowed quite a few seeds, but only about five germinated for me and three of them died back of see, sometimes damping off doesn’t matter. How careful you are, buddy. When you’re growing from seed, it does happen, but these two have been a success and look at them. Big, gorgeous little babies, little baby monkey’s, tail pack, tie so cute, and if you want to know how to grow cactus from seed? Do check out a video. I made on how to grow cactus on seed links up above. So there you go, guys. I hope you enjoyed this little video little bit of a a video about my twice the cacti here on the stand. Because when I did a video talking about the birds, people said wow, I’d love to see some more more video of these amazing plants here. They’re gorgeous and this clyster cactus ecology monsters. He’s not easy to find in cultivation. Unfortunately, as I say, I was very lucky to get this on my friend. Michael Harrington from Harrington Exotics here in EE When he was at the Bloom show. But I do know he’s not able to get anymore, and he’s a hard one to get Probably online will be the best bet, but it’s a beautiful cactus to grow if you can get hold of it. Absolutely beautiful. And what is amazing. I think a cactus can actually produce white hair Like what I told you touch this. He actually just feel like hair. It’s incredible guys beautiful, and I have to say if I had to choose my favorite favorite cactus in my collection and I have a lot. It’s possibly this one here, because I just think it’s absolutely beautiful and the flowers are gorgeous, too, and as I say, check out the flowers on this beautiful cactus. If you haven’t done already by watching the video links up above and also at the end at the end, annotations on this video too, and guys stay tuned for future videos when this beauty does flower, this flower buds there and also whose flower buds somewhere else. I noticed earlier. -, yep, there, – and here, so guys want to send you loads of love and happiness and thank you so much for watching, and if you want to know a little bit more about how to grow cacti and succulents. If you’re new to the Hobby, please do check out my website desert plants of Avalon calm and hover your mouse over the growing tips and the drop down bar in different sections and our stay tuned for lots of future blogs and be putting on there on how to care for different individual cacti and succulents. What is it you loads of? Love heaps are happiness and tons and tons of cactus power from across the Emerald Isle and until the next video bye .