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Succulent Update & Monkey's Tail Cactus - Legendas Em Português


Juice UPDATE for JUICY and MONKEY ASS. Hello, friends. I hope you are all well and thank you all for joining me today. The main objective of this video started with updating my monkey tail that is in bloom. But we can take the time to take a look at this part of my garden. We haven’t been here in a while, and it turns out that my Santolina is also beautiful in bloom at this time of year. So let’s take a look here starting with this old wheelbarrow where I planted a rosemary. I am starting this species again, which is pending and different from all the other rosemary. I have in the garden. It is growing rapidly and in a short time, it will cover the entire cart with its hanging rods. In one of the next videos, I will show my other rosemary in another part of the garden. This plant was a seedling of a very large bush that I had in another part of the garden and that I had to pull out to make a succulent bed. It’s all in a video. If you have not watched the video, you can now click on the symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. In this place, I created a flower bed where I initially planted some plants, but this is a difficult place. It has a lot of wind and weeds colonized the space. Finally, it was the succulents that helped me a lot, allowing me to have a more or less presentable bed without much maintenance. I have a somewhat anarchic Mix of succulents here. Some Aloe arborescens, Portulacaria, afra, blue, sedum, and here an Opuntia that my friend Teresa brought me from Texas. This was yet another victim of snails during the winter, but new shovels are growing now. I hope it grows a lot by the end of this growing season. However, the shovel that came as a seedling, thickened a lot and lost all its thorns. I’m curious to see how the new shovels will grow because the plant is looking funny. On this side, several jade plants. Crassula ovata. They are different parts of the same plant that I bought about 20 years ago and that in the meantime, I had to remove from the place where I was. Observe the thickness of the trunk on the main plant and see only the number of shoots that are emerging from it. And finally, my Santolina. This plant is a perennial herbacea native to the Mediterranean region and therefore drought-tolerant suitable for hot, dry summers and full sun. It has a very scalloped gray foliage, and these leaves have a very pungent aroma, a mixture of camphor and pine resin. The smell is intense, but I like it. The flowers are grouped in inflorescents that look like pompoms, which are particularly pleasant for bees. I like to dry them with the leaves because they make bouquets of fragrant flowers very pleasant and long lasting. Let’s go back to the other side of the pool. Now we are passing by the lake. This will be our next and difficult task as well. The lake is losing water and so we need to replace the liner. We will have to remove the fish, the bottom sand and all the stones inside the lake and outside it and put everything back in place after replacing the new canvas covering. Can not wait :((? And now we are getting to the place where my monkey tail lives hanging practically in the sun most of the day. It is a very attractive cactus. The common name monkey’s tail refers to the appearance of the hairy stems, which are, in fact soft. The spines are indeed soft, but only if you touch them from top to bottom. This cactus is endemic to Bolivia in South America and in its natural habitat is commonly seen growing, hanging from steep rocks above a jungle on a lower level. It can be a very beautiful sight. The flowers are quite beautiful, but the buds do not all bloom at the same time. They also do not last long, but some are followed by others, thus achieving a very reasonable flowering time. And that’s it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it. Special thanks to everyone who attended. Take care and protect yourself enjoying your plants. I will be back soon.