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Diy Planter - Modern Succulent Planters | Woodworking


About a week ago, I put up a video where I made these little modular puzzle piece planner things. If you haven’t already watched that video, go check it out after this one. But the basic idea was to make something that had one specific way to go together where it looked intentional, but that you could also stack in other ways for fun or because it looked cooler so in working on that design, it became increasingly obvious that digital fabrication was the way to go. But while I was building it, I kept having other ideas in my head for how you could make one of these with more traditional tools, a different version, But you know the same idea, so that’s what we’re gonna build today. Come for us, so right off the bat in coming up with ideas for this one. I knew that I wanted it to be one Repetitive shape as opposed to random shapes like the CNC version was the one that popped into my head first and that I thought of as being easy to produce and really versatile with respect to all the shapes that it can combine to make was an equilateral triangle. So that’s what we’re gonna go with one of the really cool. Things about these planners is that they take hardly any material to make. And once you’ve set up your cut, you can really knock out a bunch of pieces really quickly now for the purposes of this video. I only made four planners, but you could definitely make considerably more really quickly and make a lot more of a dramatic design. Okay, let’s start cutting someone. I started by measuring out and cross-cutting a few pieces of four quarter. Cherry, which is a little bit over three quarters of an inch thick. My finished pieces only need to be about a quarter of an inch thick, but we’ll deal with that in a minute next to determine the depth or maybe you’d call it the height in any case, how far off the ground or the table the planners would come. I referenced the chunk of wood that I see in seed in the other video that way all the pieces would be the same thick, and I could use them interchangeably. If I wanted then with my fence lock down on my table side, ripped everything to the finish width somehow in my head. I got mixed up when I was figuring out. How much wood I was gonna use in the beginning, so I ended up with enough material to make way more than four of these things like I said. In the beginning, you can make a bunch with a really small amount of wood and honestly, it’s probably only a couple cents worth of material for each planner Next on the band side. Cut my pieces in half thickness wise so now. I’m left with pieces that are about 3/8 of an inch thick. You could skip this step altogether if you just started with material that was thinner, but I was just using what I already had on hand, and if you did start with the thinner material, another step you could skip is planing the material down to the final thickness, which in my case is a quarter of an inch. But you know what you shouldn’t skip on close that not only look good, but are super comfortable too, AKA. Mac Weldon. So Mac Wheldon’s mission is simple. Make sure all your basics are smartly designed and shopping for them is easy and convenient. That’s literally their mission statement. I’m just reading it because there’s no way I could say it better myself personally. I’ve been wearing Mac Weldon, underwear, socks, sweats and t-shirts for a few months now, and it’s seriously super comfortable Like right now, you think? I’m just saying that, and I am saying it, but I really mean it. You can honestly feel the difference the very first time that you put them on of everything that. I’ve tried so far. My favorite is the peanut t-shirt’s. They fit me awesome And it’s hard to think of an adjective that doesn’t justice, but they’re just smooth feeling for lack of a better word. It’s like wearing a stick of butter only less messy. Don’t believe me, try it out for yourself. Go to Mack Weldon, calm and get 20% off your order when you use promo code for eyes, you’d be happy you did and save your butter for your toast. Yeah, thanks. Mack Weldon, back at the table saw I could start cutting my pieces close to their finished length here. I’m making sure to cut them all the same length, but when I cut the bevels, that’ll bring them down to their finish lengths. Speaking of the Bevels. That’s what I did next here. I have the blade tilted to 30 degrees, and since I’m running the piece of vertically that results in a 60 degree, bevel put three of those pups together and well, you got yourself a triangle, but don’t glue them up too soon because first you got to cut a rabbet to accept the bottom panel or at least that’s what I did after that, I could go ahead and start gluing. It actually never used rubber bands as clamps before, But this seemed like a good time to try it, and I was honestly amazed at how well it works. I got perfectly even pressure and absolutely no slipping at all well. Those were drying to cut some bottoms out of a sheet of quarter-inch plywood over at the bandsaw and then include those in after. I had removed the rubber bands for whatever reason, any time you put out a project utilizing a CNC? You undoubtedly get comments from people saying things like well. Yeah, but I’d like to see you do it without a CNC knowing in in preparation for that, I suppose was the impetus for this project, but I’m gonna stop that right here because that could lead down a really bad rabbit hole. I mean, what’s next? Somebody says you’re buho, but you make it with only tools that you can get at the Big-box store. And then what only hand tools before you know what? I’m cutting all of my wood exclusively with karate chops and conveying them to you via smoke signals instead of Youtube And honestly, that’s just bad for business. Thanks for watching. And if this is your first time in my channel, go ahead and hit that subscribe button. And if this is your second time to my channel, hit that notification, Bell. And if it’s your third time hit. I don’t know the road. I guess see you next time.