Marble Planters | How To Use The Marble Technique To Create Marbleized Flower Pots

Rosalynn Daniels

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How To Use The Marble Technique To Create Marbleized Flower Pots


So my name is Rosalind Daniels, and I’m with Rozlyn Daniels calm and I am a contributor for crack box girls. And today I’m here to celebrate national DIY day with you by making marble flowerpots, so as you can see, I have the flower pot set around, and it’s something that you can enjoy for spring. It’s easy to make, and they look lovely. Everyone loves everything marbled. So this is something that you’ll love, and you can actually use now. If you guys haven’t already done, so please don’t forget to sign up for or to apply for the giveaway. There’s a hundred and fifty dollars worth of items that you can win sponsored by Michaels. All you have to do is just comment like, and if you want to increase your channel, your chances of winning, just go ahead and tag a friend. Alright, so can some of the people let me know where they’re coming from today. Hey, Chan, hey, Melanie. From East Tennessee. Ooh, okay, anxious doctor from Nashville. I love Nashville. I like the emelius flower trucks. I don’t know if you guys are familiar, but I love that flower truck. Okay, alright, so we’re gonna go ahead and get started. I did, um, I just kind of set up everything, so you can just easily see how you do this. So you guys know you can do this without gloves, but I when I made these. I didn’t without gloves and I had messed my nose up so bad that I was just like you know what? Tell everybody to use gloves, so that’s what. I’m gonna be doing now so to get this project started. All you need to do is to start with a pair of gloves. Has anybody done anything marvel before? Oh, here we go open sharing from Virginia. Hey, sherry! I’m sorry, I’m on a delay. I’m from Virginia, Virginia Beach. I don’t know where you’re from, but to be day. Okay, so you want to get started with your gloves and you want to put down some paper or newspapers to have two sewed? You can have a space where you can just mess up and just toss it away when I make these. I usually am in the garage or outside, but for you guys today. I’m in my kitchen and I don’t want to mess with the countertops. So we’re going to use some craft paper. I have too many ones that I already did. There we go all right, so we have our paper down for our area and you just want to start off with a terra cotta pot. You can use a plain pot. Don’t use the plastic ones because the paint doesn’t stick to it as well when you’re going with the marbling. And so I just used an acrylic of matte acrylic paint. You can get this from your local craft store. Michael’s possibly. And you’re just going to use this to paint your terracotta prongs so since we have a lot of pots. I bought a big one and with this paint. You can just probably paint about 20 minutes before you before you start the marbling process because it dries really fast now. Has anyone been doing anything to celebrate national? DIY date today. And you guys don’t forget to comment that I enter you in for the hundred dollars to Michaels. Hi, Adam, lets. See, okay, so all you’re gonna do is just paint your pot, and when you’re done, your pot will look like this. Now when I first did this crap. I was looking around all on the web to try to find a way to do this craft without nail polish because that’s. What you’re going to need to do this as you can see there here? And the reason they are here is because I tried it with a whole bunch of different paints, and honestly, it just did not come out, right, and so I broke down and did nail polish, and I’m the only one who just I don’t know. It feels weird about using nail polish to do crafts. I just feel like I could be putting this on my nails, not on a craft, but hey, it worked and it comes out beautiful, so just do it. So you’re gonna have You’re gonna use nail polish? You can use old nail polish or you can go get some it doesn’t matter. What brand. I just got some cheap dollar nail polish. It does the trick. Okay, lets. See anybody else here with me with the nail polish? Okay, so you have your pots ready and what you’re gonna do next? You want to get a large bin that you don’t mind messing up? You can get a large plastic bin for about a dollar dollar fifty, and you want to fill it with water now? I apologize, but I’m gonna have to be right back because I have to get you some water. Okay, so you want to put water inside of your container? You don’t have to fill it up. You can do about a third of fourth of water a quarter a quarter. And now let me tell you you can just put the milk college in there and then do what we need to do to. Marble lives of hot. But you’re not going to get the look that you really want so what I did? If you’re using white pots, you want to put a little bit of white paint inside of your work. Okay, so I would say about a tablespoon of white paint, and then all I did get up so then when you dip your pots into the water in any of the paint comes off because I did find a little little. The paint came off. It just kind of just covers that up. So you want you to notice that the paint is a little bit so okay, now you have your and what it’ll look like. And then you want to get some of your favorite colors of your nail polish to start making your designs for your marble. Look, okay, so how’s? Everybody doin. Do we have anyone who’s done this before? Ooh, someone’s meeting Elderly . Oh, oh, these kitchen when, okay, Phil, let’s get back to the project. Alright, so you have your milky water and all you’re gonna do, you guys. This is so easy, You’re going to take your favorite paint color. And I think actually I’m going to do. I want to do almost almost a navy blue and a hot pink because who doesn’t like blue great. And that’s almost kind of what I did for this one. This is more of a turquoise and a orange, a pink, but all you’re gonna do is just take your nail polish, and you’re going to drizzle. Drizzle it into the milky water and you can do like a zigzag design. You can do little circles, but just remember that it will spread a little bit, but it makes this film where it kind of get. It stiffens up and it stays in place. So once you put the nail polish in there, there’s not much that you can do with it afterwards. So kind of zigzag it where you want it to be and just watch the magic happen so. I’m going to do this nail polish in a going this way, and then I’m gonna take the pink and I’m gonna this zigzag at the opposite way to create a natural design. Now, when doing my research on this, I saw a lot of people who would use sticks to kind of, like, move the pain and make their own design, and I’m here to tell you that that really does not work. Okay, when you do that, it’s like the paint gets stuck around the stick, and you’ll be from so frustrated with it that I’m telling you just don’t even waste your time doing it, okay, so what if so, you can see this? You see how the paint how the paint is just kind of forming or seeing it to true to its form as I’m tilting it over, that shows you that it’s not really going anywhere, but that’s the design that you’re gonna have on your time and it’s even sticking to the container. So all you’re going to do is just take your white pot and you’re just want to dip it into the to the mixture and roll it. Okay, and I like to put my finger in the little Bowl to just get that grip tool. Alright, so we’re going to start from one side. Look, you guys! I’m sorry, but I’m still excited every time I see this because I think it’s so awesome, okay, so this is one side. There wasn’t enough to go on the other side till all. I’m gonna do put my putt to the side. I’m gonna add a little bit more paint, and and we’re just going to get the other side done, so we just started here. We’re going to put this down and just spin. Do it this way so we can make sure we get the whole time down. Okay, and there you go, you have your marble look, so let’s do a few more colors and see how. I want it to do black, and I wanted to see how that turned out, so I’m just gonna go ahead and pour this out, so give me a second. I’ll be right back and you don’t have to pour it every single time that you’re doing. A new pot is just since I want to use a different color. I just went ahead and start it with a fresh new thing of water and it still has some of the white paint in it, but I’m just gonna add just a teeny bit more. So what did you guys think of the blue and pink? Are there any other colors you want to see? I feel like this. Black is gonna give a real like marbled. Look like it’s gonna start looking like grey in play. Let’s see, ooh, purple and green, let’s see. I apologize, I’m up in 8 Kathryn Hyde Olympias. Let’s see super cute and easy. We can add color to your clarify. Yeah, you’re so right about that. Okay, so we’re gonna go ahead and do a black one and let’s see how this one turns out, so I’m just gonna do black as you can see the other ones that I’ve done. I always add a second color, but I just want to give this one a try and let see how it turns out, so lets. Do our zigzag lets. See, okay, you guys. I’m so anxious for this, but I have my coat. Let’s see we can fit this a little bit, so I know it’s gonna take me a few times to do it, but let’s just go for it. You guys think it looks like it’s a little cow? Eat with me, little spot. I don’t know if that gives the marbled look that I’m really looking for, but we can try it a little bit more on the other side. Maybe let’s try a different motion of laying it down, so let’s maybe do a circle motion. Okay, let’s see how this turns out. Oh, you guys! I think we’re onto something okay. What do you think about this? I really like this one. Who do you guys think? Okay, so we have our marble pots away and you can also do it with the little plates that go into. I mean, that go under the box, so let’s just do a quick run real quick. That has a little bit of the block in it, and I’m just gonna put a little bit of this light. Blue, lets. See what happens? We have the color on the outside, not as much on the inside. But if I date the water a little deeper, I’m sure we could just dip it right in there and get the look that we’re going for a little bit more. Okay, so now that we have our price done. I’m anxious to see. What did you guys think of the black one? I thought it was beautiful. Yeah, I was naive. Oh, yeah, a marble small pot would look really cute for a pink storage. So like if you did one of those just another. I believe is great, so okay, so after you do your pots, you want to let them dry overnight? And then once they dry overnight, you just want to spray them. With clear acrylic, a sealer and just let them dry for about another thirty minutes. And you’re good to go. You can use them immediately after that. I put it tulips in my pot. I have I need for my pots for my Clementine honor. And so you guys, I’m so happy that you guys joining me today. Happy National DIY day to you guys. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway. Remember all these people that commented, you’re getting extra extra entries. So kudos to you. You can tag them people and leave more comments. Thank you guys for joining me and. I hope you have a wonderful day. I’m Rosalind Daniels.