Mammillaria Poselgeri | Unboxing Cactus And Succulent From Portugal | 7 Gymnocalycium And More! | May11

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Unboxing Cactus And Succulent From Portugal | 7 Gymnocalycium And More! | May11


I have here a box from my favorite seller, of course, delicious succulents and cacti of Portugal. So I received this yesterday, but I was so busy and only now I’ve got time before I unbox these guys, I want to show you what’s in bloom for today, but most of them already closed. So yeah, I’m too late to do this, but yeah, first off this. Um, echeveria there. So they’re still in bloom and here. I have that big one actually, as well with these beautiful flowers there. Oh, lovely, okay, and then there at the back so as you can see this Mammillaria blooming again. So I’ve shown this before on may shorts video. So now it’s blooming again, so it was open earlier, but I went out so yeah, I wasn’t able to show this when it was fully open and then that one as well. Oh, hey, God, and then I don’t know when I gonna see them again because it’s gonna be raining all day now and I’m at work. I’m gonna be at work so yeah, I don’t know when I’m gonna see them again and can show them to you again and this one more flowers as well so was open more earlier. I have a photo ill. Put there on the screen there on the side when it was open and then guys my gymnocolysium, of course, so my bloochie eye is still in bloom and this one a bit late opening, So I’ve got here 12 flowers. Oh, lovely, so there’s 12 flowers in here. The other ones starting to close now And then the other Ruchi, there they’re still like this one still open. They’re still open there at the back. There’s they’re starting to close now there, and yeah, so this one with 15 flowers last time with the butterfly landed on it. Uh, that one. I know this one with 19 flowers this one. Now it’s like that now, so I pollinated them, But it didn’t take effect because as you can see, it’s so kinking so yeah, and then the other gimbal in bloom today, this one, so I have a photo as well because I took Koto before I went out this morning, not really morning. Um, before lunch, so it’s closing now, but I’ve got a photo there on the screen, right, and this one. Only now I’ve seen this. This wasn’t open this morning and this is a tricostatum guys. So this is a this is a treyarch, and it’s quite looking weird. This one see half of the petals. Um, distorted something. Yeah, three huntum. And then this one. So it was fully open, but I didn’t have any photo of this one as well right and then yay! I know this mijano here. I think this is just starting to open. So, yeah, it’s so wrinkled. I don’t know why it’s not slumping up back. And then this one three years old under my care. I bought this from Pesco before when I was new here in the UK. And this is my first gymno, and as you can see, guys Diddy, there’s two flowers and the other one gonna open up soon. Oh, this is lovely, right, And then the other gymno there, um, it’s closing now. It was open earlier. So, okay, that’s for the gymno and then for the mommy. Oh, no, another gym. No guys, this one. Oh, my god, this is so pretty guys. If you remember my video last time, I’ll put the link on the description down below. This is the one I repotted. This is the big baldeanum. It looks smaller now. It shrunk, but yeah, it’s so pretty guys don’t know if you can see that the holder of the petal is very, very lovely. Look at that, it’s like two tone there, red and pink see, guys, it’s very unusual color. I hope the other flower of this one will be like this as well because there’s loads of flower buds there as you can see. So yeah, it’s nice to see it all open up and this color, right and then Mommy Laria’s okay, Of course, that was open earlier like that one and the baby’s here was open as well earlier. This, um, Salman. Yana, my cutie little owl. Look at that, No cutie looking at us. Oh, and so many flower buds. So yeah, and then these so close now I’ll put there on the side when it was open earlier. And, yeah, this already closed, but there’s another one gonna open soon, and then this ow! This is on my shorts video as well, guys. If you haven’t watched that and on my previous video as well until now, it’s blooming. So yeah, all right, so that’s all the blooms for today. So now we’ll go to my unboxing. Yay, look at that guys! There’s a flower guys. I have 14 in here. I only bought 13 but I have 14 here. So yeah, Isabel, thank you so much. You gave me another three again. So, yeah, that’s very nice. I just put it out first just to tell you how many I’ve got in here, so I’ve got 14 and, yeah, now we’ll start opening it one by one. Okay, So this one guy’s all right, look at that guys, It’s so pretty pretty, pretty, pretty lovely. Lovely, lovely. Okay, okay, guys, so this one. This is my third purchase of this from her. I don’t know, I just love this one. See, that’s why I keep on buying, but I’m not really sure on the bottom part. See the roots guys, it’s healthy tuberous, um, roots, but I’m not sure about the stem in here. Yeah, I think it’s already, like, uh, wood now. That’s all right. Oh, and so that one guys and my other one is this, And then this is the second one I bought. So this is my third one and my first one, guys they. They were three and only one left. So, yeah, all right, so now. I have another baby. Oh, lovely haworthia. Look at that guys. Oh, my god, so pretty look at the root system. Guy’s, lovely roots. Oh, my god, lovely, lovely, lovely. Oh, so this is a Haworthia Tortusa X. So they call it Haworthia sibirito, right, I’ll show you my other one of this. This is my other tonigra, which is starting to have flower spike. Look, guys, so pretty, pretty pretty. I can’t see my screen, so I don’t know if I’m showing it right. So this is a gymno asterium. Oh, lovely, see, guys, it’s so beautiful. I don’t know if you can see that. I don’t know so dark because I’m outside. So my phone automatic, um, dimming it. Oh, this is nice. Whoo-hoo Jim, No again, guys. And this is a prokas, keanu. Uh, I wish I can see what I’m showing on the screen. Oh, look at the roots, guys. Oh, my god, it’s so fat. Look at the top root. Oh, so fat. Oh, lovely, I’ll show you my other Proka’s Kian, okay. This is my other one guys. And they really tend to be like that like flat, but as you can see, guys, there’s new since I watered it. It’s coming out of the stones now because it was really sunk in on the stones, and now it’s starting to go up and there’s new spines and flower, bud. Yay, there’s two flower buds in here. So, yeah, I have two. Oh, and this, my new project on them guys look at that. It’s single spine. Oh, my god, that’s that’s exciting. Single spine, Squiano! Oh, I love it, new favorite. Beautiful Mamillaria guys new. Mama Lauria added to my collection, A white one pretty pretty pretty. So this is a mommy. Lauria, i’ll put the name on the screen guys. I don’t know if I’m showing it right. I’ll just show them to you one by one again guys later, because I don’t know if I’m putting it near the screen. If I’m really showing it because I can’t see what I’m showing. Look at these guys, It’s Pegazini! Oh, my god, and this is a, um. Oh, what happened to the roots on this one? Look, guys, it’s so weird, Looking. Monstrous type. See, see, guys? Oh, this is lovely cutie, okay. Oh, I think this is free. I didn’t buy a Parodia. See guys. Parodia hasselbergie. I don’t know, yeah, but but that okay. Oh, no, it’s not a deadly spines. I can hold it, see, guys. Ah, free! Thank you, isabel. Thank you so much! Oh, I always love the free plan. They’re giving me and I always don’t have yet what you give to me. So, yeah, that’s a nice addition to my collection. Mommy Laria again. Another white mommy Lauria. So this is a mommy? Lauria there. Okay, so that’s. How pretty it is another battery guys look at that, so I’ve got a few a single spine with many spines with longer spines than this. So I’ve got two of this type now. Spines like this because my other battery longer spines than this, okay. I’ve got an alien. Yay, so I’ve seen an alien from other cellar, but I can’t afford, But this one is only four pounds, a poor euros. Oh, this is nice. Are you a hybrid one monster? So oh, my God, it’s really a monster. It’s really an alien guys and lovely color on it. This is really really nice and only four euros. Oh, I love it. I love it! I love it, Spagaszini. So another is Pegasini. Guys, okay, look at that big spaghetti. Lovely, lovely, lovely Look at that guys. Another is Pegasini. Oh, my God, so how many Spakacini I have here now? I got three here now. All right, so later, we’re gonna count. How many Spagacini I’ve got in total today? It’s Pegasini again. It’s Pegasini galore! Oh, and this one’s a bit bigger. Ah, look at that guys. It’s swollen up now. Look at that guy’s, lovely roots and look at the body so nice. I love it big, big big, all right, okay, So I’ve got Forest magazine in here, one monstrous type and three like this and yeah, I’ve got 19 already and plus this four, so I’ve got twenty three figures in the Yeah. I’ve got 23 I want more okay, so ill. Show them to you closer now. Guys, right, guys, so here’s my 14 new babies from delicious succulents and cacti. I’m really, really happy I’ve got, um, seven gymno here and then Tumamilaria’s three whites there, and then I really love this one. Oh, my god! I really want to have this for a long, long time. Look at that guy’s so pretty. It’s a monster alien. See the teeth of the alien? Oh, beautiful alien! I love this one so much. Oh, my god, lovely. I got this again. So this is my third one. The other one there and then this to Tortusa hybrid. You know, so pretty with flower spike there. Okay, lovely, and then I’ve got this free palludia here. See, guys, very beautiful, and it’s nice to touch. It’s not deadly, okay, and then that beautiful mamillaria there, the two one they look the same, but they’re different guys. Oh, so pretty lovely. This one is so cute! Look at that, it’s like a little ball. Oh, I love this. Oh, so new family of my white ones there. See, because this is white as we’ll like that. Mommy Laria there. See, right, so two mommy beautiful mamillarias. And then I’ve got this one. This looks pretty as well guys, see? Ah, look at that. Look at the aerials guys. Lovely, beautiful okay now. My gymnos! I’ve got seven gymnasts here, so I’ve got Forest Vegasini as you can see beautiful, this pagasini so this tree here looks the same. This is very big. Look at that and heavy, and this one is the monster type monsters type. It’s by Cassini as well, but yeah, looks nice, so lovely, lovely, lovely, okay, so pretty spagy, okay, and then I got this battery here, and then I have this asterium here very beautiful spines, lovely and then last, but not the least this one I love this one because it’s single spines, and if you’ve seen my other one, it’s super duper pretty, the texture, the body, the color. Everything’s pretty on this one. Oh, there’s a flower but there. love this one single spines. Oh, love it, okay, so that’s it. Thank you for watching. Guys, don’t forget to like my Facebook page, purple and thorns follow me. Instagram, account, purple and thorns and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Thank you for watching guys. And I hope you get so many blooms and many new plants as well bye.