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Mammillaria Plumosa In Fragrant Flower (cactus Flower)


Hello, everybody, welcome to cactus caffeine. My name is Anna. Today is just a short in quick video. Um, showing you one of my cactus in flower today so this morning. I stepped into my greenhouse, and I smell this lovely fragrance that I usually smell if I have an economic in flower, but I know this time. I don’t have any economists that is blooming, so I was wondering where that scent is coming from, but I am definitely sure it is a scent of a flower, so I only have these guys flowering right now because it is fall and almost in the fall and winter is coming. So these are the only ones that are left in flower, and I stuck my nose in each one of them trying to see or to find out where that lovely scent is coming from and I found out it. Is this mammal area, Plumas? Yes, so this has been in bud for about two weeks now and this day. Three of them bloomed The first time that one of the flowers bloomed. I did not notice the scent because maybe because it was only one flower, but not that there’s three flowers. The fragrance is more is stronger, so yeah. This is a mammal re-apply mosa. So it has a very like a feathery, fluffy feathery spines. I don’t know if these are this Pines, but yeah, you can touch it. I love this cactus. In fact, every time I go to my greenhouse. I always like, give this cactus a little tap or squeeze because it doesn’t hurt your fingers and it feels so soft and fluffy. If only this cactus can talk, it probably would say, stop touching me. Yeah, but I like it so much. This is, um, the first time that this has flowered for me well. I only bought this cactus Earlier this year and for spring and summer, it wasn’t doing much. I guess it is more of cold temperature, blooming cactus or growing cactus, because as soon as fall started, it started developing all those buds, so some of them already opened, but there’s more on the way, so I guess this cactus likes a little cooler temperature and vibe, and by that. Sorry, I mean that our night Temperatures right now are in the 50s or low 50s and morning temperature is set at the 70 70 degrees Fahrenheit 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so that triggered the blooming of this cactus. And yeah, I am so excited. If only you can smell it, that’s something. I did not know about these cactus. I did not know that it has such a lovely fragrance. My husband said it smells like soap. Yeah, because that’s what. I when I walked in, That’s what I smelled. There’s something fresh. Something smells fresh and yeah, my husband said it correctly. He said it smells like fresh. Clean soap scent. So I love it, so I just want to share that with you guys today. So it is fall and what? I am doing or some last-minute repotting as you can see. I have that those Trico series cutting that I still have to repot. I did put up a lot of from plants lately. And some of my cactus are even forming buds and that’s. Because the last two weeks we’ve had a warmer than usual fall, and it’s, uh, it’s been a crazy up-and-down temperature here in Las Vegas for when I moved all these cactus inside my greenhouse greenhouse. I was such in such a hurry because we had a rather cold spell for about two weeks when the temperatures dropped to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. But after that we went up again in the 70s and that triggered a lot of my cactus to form buds. Although tomorrow we’re expecting to have some rain finally after so many weeks of no rain. I think in the summer we only had if I remember it. Right like, two days that rained in the summer and it wasn’t even a long rain. It was like five or ten-minute rate, and that’s it so tomorrow we’re expecting some rain and by that. I know cool, very cool. Temperatures are coming, and I think up in the mountains on Mount Charleston. Snowing snowing to fall. So yeah, so I have my little space heater here, ready for the cold spell, but for now, let us just appreciate and look at all these last-minute flowers nest flowers for this season and one last look at the mammal area. Blue Mosa now! I am not sure how Hardy this is for the winter because this is the first time this is some overwintering or the first time that I will be having this in winter. So I’m not sure how Cold Hardy It is, but I just hope it won’t be that cold that it’ll start. Start dropping some of its buds. I still want all those buds to bloom, so I can smell the lovely fragrance, All right, so that is it guys. Thank you so much and until my next video, bye and Cheers !