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Re Potting My Mammillaria Formosa Cactus Plant


Hi guys, it’s! Lynne, here. I hope you’re having an amazing day. Now today, guys, in this video, we party my man malaria. Formosa cactus plant. And it’s one of up. We didn’t let it be parties lately. Getting a load of plants litter. There needs to be repotted done over the past few days, and this amazing cactus here is a one of the mad malaria group as you can see. They very top-heavy very desperate to be repotted, gorgeous, gorgeous man, malaria, lovely sort of woolly sort of all around this as well gorgeous, gorgeous plant and have already made a video on how to repot a cactus. So this isn’t a repotting video. This is just showing you a bit of a video blogger. Be repotted this particular type of cactus and before any further big. Thank you to my wonderful fiancĂ©e. Hansie, who is behind the camera filming me today. So thank you monthly and even not familiar with this is Amazing Channel. Do go and subscribe family of cactus. II and other beauties links up above. And this is me be part in this beauty and her home now when it comes to be positive. Cactus, I explain more in the how to repot a cactus video, but you always make sure you go to the next size up in the pot. II don’t want to go for big, massive pot because fast to me, pop this plant into a much bigger part. It’s going to be seeking a lot of ups, extra soil, which you don’t want and always use a well draining cactus and succulents, all mix now. I prefer to make my own cactus and succulent soil mix of three equal parts of a low base, soil horticultural Sun and also extra grit or paralyze and three equal parts and the made in video reading arm and cactus. A circular saw mix that I like to use myself and make myself so leaks. Other buff to that video also. And it is how to make your own cactus. A circular saw in three easy steps and nothing would be using in this soil mix, but the most important is they use a well draining soil. So that when you you transplant your cactus or succulent, The soul dries out very quick in between waterings, and it doesn’t stay in wet soil because that is a killer for cacti and succulents. Now, first of all as I say, I’ve got the next size up clean pots. Always the center of it. Use a very clean pot and not one. This dirty see makes me sterilized in between pots and then people do as I said, this is some that have made myself three equal parts of loan based soil horticultural sound and greets as you can see here. We just want to put it in the bottom there and then gently. Now you might wonder why. I’m not using any gloves or anything like that, But this type of cactus is not very spine ease. It’s not heavily spine. If I was using a very heavily spine cactus, I would actually use more cardboard and gloves, their beauty work with cacti. I find the spines go straight through Cata. Straight to gloves. So I’ve not really used cardboard, but this plant is pretty safe as you can see. I’m touching it now with no problem. So in this case, I prefer to use my my bare hands, but if it’s very sharp, you need to use cardboard. I explained more in the video on how to repot a cactus. So do check that out If you’ve never, we potted a cactus before now when it comes to obviously taking it out. Squeeze the pot This case here that’s great and what you want to do is wait every time you read. Potter plants, cacti and succulents. You want to make sure that the root system is healthy and there’s no signs of any rude, mealy bugs or vine weevils, or any other pests that often do attack the roots. As in this case here, it’s got a great, healthy root system loads of space with with the roots in between the soil. Now, if the roots were very, very compacted, then I would recommend probably teasing out the roots very gently before Repoter means the new pot, so it can acclimatize to the new soil much better, but in this case, there’s loads of root space here and personally myself the less you disturb the roots the better, so I’m not going to disturb these roots. I’m quite quite happy that there’s no signs of bugs or anything like that and loads of space with the roots, so they gently then place this this some Emil area very gently into the new pot like so, and then what I could be doing now Is we put it all the soil around around the base. I’m looking up, Got my sort of my Thomas braving this because I got Hansie to fill. I wouldn’t be able to do this with one hand, putting it all around around the edges. Yeah, and as I say, If the root system was very compacted, I would have to tease the roots out gently before putting into a new weeds in his new pot because otherwise it could stay in the shape of the old pot. I had a team, but this boosts my supreme. Here’s our no problem, their problem here, and I like these are very well draining, Just some succulent soil mix here. This plant was a so much despot to be be potted as in growing out of his pot, but it was, it was one of their very top heavy ones. Haha, that he’s really growing top-heavy and just jumping out to the pot and it was desperate to be done. Is in that side in that way. They’re not necessarily growing out to the pot, and if you want to know when it’s time to repot a cactus and succulents, then do check out a video. I made on how to know when it’s time to repot a cactus succulent plants and it’s not always about when the roots are coming through the bottom. The pot it can do. You can be other things as well there. We go now a my top dress this as well over the next day or so pretty so paper now, and you want to don’t press too hard down when you big party because you don’t want to damage any roots, you want to make sure this air in the roots as well in the soil, luscious a deadly tap because that will help to push any. Sahgal down into the sides of the pot. So there’s no air pockets. Stick the label on a malaria Formosa. There we go now what I do in my cacti surplus? This is just something I personally like to do. I don’t like to water straightaway and the reason for that is because when you do, we part of plan a cactus and succulent, it doesn’t matter. How careful you are and as you can see. I’m very very careful, there’s always going to be some slight root damage, And I just feel better if I leave it for about a week to ten days before we introduce water again. Obviously, this does also depend on the time of your saamana and late summer, so no problem with them, leaving these about a week or two, and then we introduce in a bit of water because it’s still the growing season for this, But if I was, we put in a plant in the winter, obviously I would water at all until the following spring. So just bear that in mind, but I just prefer to below the roof. It’s the new pots for we call to be point, reduce watering again and just water a little bit slowly. I hope you enjoyed the video and if you want to know a little bit more about how to grow Cactus circlings then do check out my website Gods. The great desert plants about Montcalm. Come onto the growing tips, hover your mouse over the the growing tips bar and there’s a drop down bar There different sections on how you can grow cacti circle and so do check it out, guys, and hopefully if you’re new to the Hobby, you’ll learn a thing or two. I hope you enjoyed the video and as I say, I’ve made. If you want to know more about how to repot cacti do check my BT Rags and I’ve made many many playlists as well many videos on my place on how to be pocket on solar, so do check that as well. A big thumbs up to honty for filming. Panettone so guys. I want to thank you so much for watching. I want to send you low to love heaps, our happiness and tons and tons of cactus from across the Emerald Isle and until the next video bye. Thank you for being potty me !