Mammillaria Chionocephala | Mammillaria Hahniana / Cactus

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Mammillaria Hahniana / Cactus


Hello, hello. How are you good this time? I present you, mommy. LARIA, Jan Jan. At this inflation presents some very pretty flowers that are dark pink in color with a bloom called a crown shape so that they can appreciate. I told them or the good in the channel. You know, and I am a fan of families in particular, this is because he liked it Quite also. My mom her when we saw her once some time ago that we had seen it Last year this year, we had the possibility of acquiring one. That is this one that is here. You did not see it in the video of when we said the tour of my acts and succulent. Because at that time, I had not bought it. I bought it later in a nursery That is in in a route. In fact, that is the route jumps Güemes in the middle. That is a town that is called is like a little town, little one that, in fact, there was no one we entered a little. There was no one call this cobos and before the entrance of cobos like 500 600 meters. There is a nursery in the middle of the route and well. It is a nursery that specializes in cacti and succulents. And there was the miliaria. Jan Jan Ake was for sale. It is a very beautiful specimen. It is a spectacular specimen with us. It we bought, they had the buds. They did not have the flowers still open. I’m going to tell you a little about this plant, In fact, as I was looking at Internet because I had not looked for the plant file, although I knew the name he had seen. It says that it is of this cactus is this endemic of Mexico of Guanajuato, Querétaro, Tamaulipas in Mexico and its habitat is a desert habitat and something. What caught my attention? Is that according to Internet data, they say that. This cactus grows approximately 910 centimeters tall When in I’ve actually seen it the size of a soccer ball and a soccer ball football. Do not leave me, boss. Or 10 centimeters. Tall, must be taller. No, like 20 I have seen it in the same nursery where I bought it. In fact, this this specimen is son of those specimens because these cacti say that these cacti do not give children do not give children to children who come out children on the return. Do not form cologne or anything like that. Simply that these changes have to sow them by seeds. Then of this cactus is the seed of the cactus. In fact, they were several. They don’t have three or four. I think they were spectacular. That we’re an amazing thing you saw it. They had it, they have seen and they were left with their mouths open. With how cute these were cactus that were at the end of the video and then the person who was this owner of the nursery. I think it is not and well. He was talking to us and he was telling us about this cactus than in fact, the cactus that was the size of a ball of. I said soccer said that I had it planted on the ground, not in a flowerbed that had. I had put it together. It was all very nice with pebbles of water with a rustic as the appearance as if it were that the cactus was in its good natural habitat. The cactus in question that. I told them that I had the pela the size of the football number because they are, they were round and he said that the cartridge was the objects that he had there. They were three years old that is. It took them three years to be that size when the Internet data say that this cactus is no more than nine or ten centimeters in height. I do not know it seems to me that there is a bit of a small error there because the cactus. I saw it and that cardboard did not measure nine or ten centimeters is much more large is very beautiful. Has that flowering is in form of crown? As I have commented? Be it Blooms around well and has a very nice name. Not only has this man commented that this cactus to reach that size had than being grown in potted soil growth was slower, but the growth has accelerated. If we put it on the ground, this cactus blooms, the flowers open with the sun. They close again when the sun sets. So if not all of us have it in a place where it receives works for certain works of the sun. Only these hours will have with the flowers open, and then the flowers close until the next day these flowers have been open for three days. That is between those that open and close. They are completely open because they open. The sun is washed in the sun. It hides the flowers are closed again, and then the next morning they are reopened. It is quite interesting. It is a very nice specimen. It is a fact that I would like that. I liked this. I would like to have shared with you. What I just mentioned? Since the data of They say, the internet doesn’t grow very big. When, in fact, I’ve seen it, The giant did not know him. He presented them to him because there is the hand Jana family, which is a very beautiful specimen that is good. According to data Internet is typical of the desert areas of Mexico. Very beautiful is a beauty is very, very cute. I hope you liked it. Remember that we have a crazy Facebook group and lover by plants bar? The corner of crooked are two very welcome to share your pictures to join. And if you liked it, give like, share it and see you in a next video.